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Giveback Program: Committed to Help Create a More Diverse Tech Industry by Narrowing the Gender Equity Gap

The collective efforts of BairesDev and its client-partners in this new edition aim to support the representation of women and minorities in tech by providing with meaningful career advancement opportunities
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Together with our clients we help create opportunities for those underrepresented in our industry, recognizing talent can come from anywhere, we’re making a difference for talent everywhere, and this time have directed our efforts to support women representation in tech, selecting organizations dedicated to achieving gender equity and helping create a more diverse tech industry. 

At BairesDev we believe that diversity is a core driver of business growth. A diverse tech industry paves the way to a broader range of perspectives and approach problem-solving more effectively, making this area of focus critical for the future of tech. 

Making a difference for talent everywhere

Women play a critical role in building this future, but they only represent a total of 14% of the software engineering industry.  The selection of NPO’s in this edition of the program will help women and girls, providing the necessary technology and education resources that may not have been accessible otherwise. 

Skills, talent and problem-solving capacity are a result of extensive learning and work experience, not gender. Women bring new perspectives, are generally more perceptive and see things differently than men, based on their points of view, roles, experiences

and many other factors. Sparking synergy in the work environment, by pro-actively incorporating all of these elements, helps overcome obstacles more dynamically in software development and engineering. 

We must invest in their talent.

Committed to directing our collective efforts to attain this, we suggested to our clients the following NPO´s to direct donations on their behalf:

Long-lasting impact in career advancement for software engineering 

Giveback Program originally started as and continues to be, an ongoing initiative with the goal of creating long-lasting impact in the advancement of software engineering. Given that we strongly believe positive change will only happen if we all do our part to provide adequate education and resources to narrow the gaps that prevent equitable professional advancement in the technology industry. In this case, helping develop the next generation of talent by supporting organizations focused on career advancement for women and minorities in software engineering.

With the launch of the new edition approaching, make sure to stay tuned for updates on all of these initiatives that are helping create a meaningful and long-lasting impact on talent everywhere! 

Learn more about our previous editions and the continued efforts of our Giveback Program here.

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