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Machine Learning: What Can We Build?

Machine learning is a new and exciting technology already in use on many websites and programs. What can the world expect from it in the coming year, and what kind of projects could beginners get started with?

Nate Dow

By Nate Dow

Solutions Architect Nate Dow helps BairesDev teams provide the highest quality of software delivery and products with creative business solutions.

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Machine learning uses artificial intelligence to enable computer programs to forecast outcomes more accurately without the explicit programming to do so. Instead, machine learning algorithms forecast new output values using historical data as their input.

Machine learning is significant because it helps developers build new products and provides businesses with a view of trends in consumer behavior and operational business patterns. Moreover, a significant portion of the operations of many of today’s top businesses, including Facebook, Google, and Uber, revolve around machine learning. Machine learning has emerged as a key source of competitive advantage for many businesses.

How Do You Start a Machine Learning Project?

There’s a set of fairly standardized steps required for individuals starting a new machine learning project. They must first gather the data for any project in accordance with their operational requirements.

The devs must then clean the data, which includes removing values, handling outliers, handling unbalanced datasets, and changing categorical variables to numerical values. Dev teams commonly choose to work with machine learning frameworks to get their projects rolling as well.

The next step is to evaluate the model using various metrics, such as recall, f1 score, and accuracy via the utilization of different machine learning and deep learning algorithms after training a model. Finally, teams then move the project to a cloud-based model deployment and model retraining. 

  1. Understanding the Problem – In this step, teams align the problem with potential data sources considered for the solution. Again, data scientists and other specialists with in-depth knowledge of the issue must typically assist with this step.
  2. Data Preparation and Acquisition – Teams then gather information, format it, and label it if necessary. Data scientists typically take the lead in this step with assistance from data wranglers.
  3. Modeling and Selecting Algorithms – They then select the algorithms to use and evaluate their performance. Data scientists typically handle this step themselves.
  4. Evaluation and Result – In this step, teams continue to adjust outputs until they’re accurate enough and truly usable. This step is typically completed by data scientists with input from subject matter experts who thoroughly understand the issue.

Top 10 Machine Learning Project Ideas for 2023

Machine learning project ideas are nearly infinite and are already a common practice in the world of cybersecurity. Below are the top 10 best machine learning project ideas for the year 2023.

1. Combat Applications of Machine Learning 

Due to the commoditization of AI tools, many nations and arms producers compete to place the most powerful AI chip inside weapons systems. These include, among other things, combat drones, military-grade land, sea, and air vehicles, surveillance systems, robots, and missiles. Previously used only to guide business processes, algorithms now also aid in defining best-in-class destroyers.

2. Chatbots  

Chatbots are the future of online marketing and sales—and are already in action on many websites. Data scientists can create their chatbot from scratch using neural networks and the well-known Python NLP library NLTK.

This library walks users through various NLP techniques like Lemmatization, Parts-of-Speech Tagging (POS Tagging), Tokenization, and the Bag-of-Words model. This type of project is one of the easiest machine learning projects in NLP.

3. Creating Deep Fake Images and Video Models 

In the future, data scientists will use machine learning to make deep fake software that allows for face swapping on images and in videos. These videos already exist on the internet as of now but will only grow in use cases. Also, these models will eventually have face recognition and person tracing throughout the world using cameras.

4. Price Predictions for Stocks 

Unlike sales forecasting, stock price forecasts use historical data from prices, volatility indices, and fundamental indicators. With a project like this, beginners can start slowly and use stock market datasets to make predictions for the coming few months powered by machine learning. Additionally, it’s an excellent way for teams to practice making predictions using large datasets or downloading a stock market dataset from Quantopian or Quandl to get started.

5. Using Smartphones to Recognize Human Activity 

Many modern mobile devices have the capability to automatically recognize when people are performing a particular activity, like cycling or running. Machine learning is at work here. In the future, machine learning engineers will use a dataset with fitness activity records (the more, the better) gathered through mobile devices equipped with inertial sensors to practice with this type of project.

6. Predicting Wine Quality 

A rather odd application upon initial review—finding the best wines from wine shopping can be difficult and machine learning could help with this. Unless someone is a specialist who considers various factors like age and price, there isn’t a surefire way to determine whether a wine is of high quality.

The Wine Quality Data Set contains these specifics to assist in predicting quality, making it a fun machine learning project. This is a great starter project for machine learning newcomers to practice data exploration, data visualization, regression modeling, and R programming.

7. Prediction of Breast Cancer 

This machine learning project makes use of a dataset that can predict whether a breast tumor is likely to be malignant or benign. The thickness of the lump, the proportion of bare nuclei, and mitosis are among the variables considered by the program. R programming training is a great way for new machine learning professionals to get started in this field.

8. Using Movielens Dataset to Recommend Movies 

Nowadays, almost everyone streams movies and TV shows via the internet. While deciding what to watch next can be difficult, programs and software frequently provide suggestions based on a viewer’s past viewing habits and personal preferences. Machine learning helps accomplish this using data from the Movielens Dataset and either the Python or R programming languages, making it a simple and enjoyable project for beginners. 

9. Sorting Particular Tweets on Twitter 

Most people would love the ability to sort tweets containing particular words and information more quickly. Fortunately, even beginners have the ability to create a machine learning project that enables programmers to develop an algorithm for this. It then uses scraped tweets processed by a natural language processor to identify which are more likely to match particular themes, discuss certain people, and so on.

10. E-commerce Platforms Sales Forecasting 

In 2023, businesses like Walmart and Amazon need machine learning models to predict their sales. For example, developers can access data on weekly Walmart sales by location and departments for 98 products across 45 stores. Thus, making better data-driven decisions for channel optimization and inventory planning is the aim of a project of this scale.

These projects are only the beginning of applications for machine learning. As this tech improves further and data scientists identify even more use cases, it will undoubtedly become a part of everyday life for many people in the near future.


Nate Dow

By Nate Dow

As a Solutions Architect, Nate Dow helps BairesDev provide the highest quality software delivery and products by overcoming technical challenges and defining internal teams. His creative approaches help solve clients' business problems with technology.

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