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How Nearshoring Can Help You Achieve Minimum Viable Product Development for B2B

Technology is more accessible than ever. There's no reason not to make the most out of it.

Jeff Moore

By Jeff Moore

Senior Engagement Manager Jeff Moore strives to develop, maintain, and expand relationships across BairesDev while focusing on business development.

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MVP software development

In a constantly innovating and tech-driven world, developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has become a must for both entrepreneurs and large enterprises. Why? Well, because it is the best way to test and validate a business model without putting all of your eggs in a single basket. This applies to any kind of new project—whether they are coming from the efforts of a small team or an international enterprise. 

However, not every company has the resources or talent available to develop an MVP without losing focus on its core business. Luckily, they don’t have to. Nearshore software outsourcing (or nearshoring) has stolen the spotlight in Minimum Viable Product Development for B2B companies because of the many benefits it brings to the table. Let’s take a closer look at how and why nearshoring can be a game-changer for your MVP project. 


What is Nearshoring?

If there’s one universal truth in the software development industry, that has to be that the best software engineers are not located in one single city, nor one single country. This is something that every company in every industry has to deal with, and it is what makes it so hard to find, hire, and retain the best software development talent. 

Nearshoring takes on this essential problem and solves it completely. Nearshore software development takes place when an organization outsources work to an IT company in a region that shares similar time zones as the organization’s headquarters. This happens a lot with USA companies, who commonly outsource development to Latin America, as seen on  this quick roundup  Created by  Blue Coding.

Nearshoring is not to be confused with its two cousins: onshore and offshore software development. As you can imagine, these two service models differ according to the geographical standpoint of the client and its IT partner. Onshore outsourcing occurs when a client decides to hire software developers in their own country or region, while offshore software development unites clients and providers in distant countries or continents.

But what truly sets nearshoring apart is the use of Dev Centers. A Nearshore Development Center is a dedicated technology team that shares a similar time zone or region as your company’s headquarters, operating as a subsidiary, and working from dedicated facilities. Dev centers combine the best traits of Onshore and Offshore Software Development by giving you immediate and cost-efficient access to expert software engineers.

Besides having the skills and experience needed for MVP on-tap, nearshoring can expand dev hours to 24/7.


The Benefits of Nearshoring MVP Development for B2B

There is no doubt that nearshoring can help you achieve the best results in MVP development for B2B. And while partnering with the right software development company opens the door for many opportunities, there are six main benefits that are worth pointing out.

  • Access to Top IT Talent: As we said before, talent is the most scarce and valuable resource in the IT development industry. A nearshore development company will solve this problem by building Dev Centers across multiple countries and give you immediate access to the best developers for your project. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect match for your MVP project. 
  • Optimized Workloads:  A nearshoring company will take care of all the heavy lifting (or all the lifting, if that’s what you need) that comes with developing high-quality MVP software. With this responsibility off your shoulders, your teams can focus on the core business of the company, maximizing the time and resources available.
  • Industry Expertise: Every business leader is aware of the fact that there is no substitute for high-level know-how. An experienced IT partner brings years of software development experience to the table, not only as a company but also in building expert development teams. 
  • Minimal Risks: Starting an MVP project comes with many risks, and minimizing those risks is always a priority. When you hire software developers through a nearshoring partner, the risk of Minimum Viable Product Development is immediately reduced. The nearshore team will apply the best practices to increase efficiency, maximize flexibility, and nullify project downtime. 
  • Faster Launch: Getting your product out in the market at the right time could be the difference between success and failure. The custom solutions offered by nearshore development companies will guarantee your MVP project stays on-budget and on-schedule. 
  • Cost-efficiency: Working with outsourced teams bypasses hours of sourcing, interviewing, and training, not to mention added labor costs like insurance, benefits, or even office supply maintenance. Otherwise, all of this can add up quickly and take a toll on your MVP product. 

When you put all of the previous benefits together, it is really easy to see how nearshoring MVP development produces high-quality products. However, it is critical to partner up with the right IT outsourcing company for your needs. Always check references and past projects!


Is there a Right Time to Outsource MVP Development?

Unlike building an entire in-house development team from scratch, outsourcing MVP development is always an option. That said, there’s no clear answer for a “right time” to outsource MVP development. It will always depend on your needs. As a rule of thumb, think about the talent you have available, what roles your project would need, how complex it is, and how much time you have to launch it. You can always count on our IT Consulting services for any type of guidance. 

Jeff Moore

By Jeff Moore

As Senior Engagement Manager, Jeff Moore helps develop, maintain, and expand relationships with customers, partners, and employees at BairesDev. He focuses on business development, account management, and strategic sales consulting with a proactive approach.

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