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Soft Develop Shortage

Inside Today’s Software Developer Shortage

Hot to Hire PM

How to Hire and Retain the Right Kind of Project Manager

BairesDev Data

Pros and Cons of CI/CD Pipelines

Ethical hacking

How Ethical Hacking Can Help Your Business

Pandemic Uncertainty

How to Manage Back-to-Work Policies Amid Pandemic Uncertainty

Speed up Soft Develop

Want to Speed Up Software Development? Try These 9 Strategies


Why Innovation Is Even More Important in 2021

VR tech

Could Virtual Reality Make Working From Home More Office-Like?

Red ocean blue ocean

Revisiting Red Oceans and Blue Oceans in Software Development

Remote workers

The New Talent Challenges Series: How To Prevent Remote Workers From Underperforming

Digital Transformation

The Rewards of Digital Transformation

Tech and knowledge

It’s Time You Adopt a Knowledge Reuse Approach

Diversity and inclusion

Strengthen Your Company by Promoting These Diversity Types


Cloud Trends to Look for in H2 2021


The World Beyond Bootstrap: Alternatives and What They Offer

AI and Robotics

The Hurdles of Implementing AI and Robotics in the Healthcare Industry

College Degree

Do Your Developers Need College Degrees?


The Best Technology Tools for Workforce Training


10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Software Development Team

Project Management BairesDev

Define Your Project Requirements: 11 Steps

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