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BairesDev is a Nearshore Software Development firm offering full-cycle and custom software development services for Seattle businesses. We focus on designing tailored-fit technology solutions for the specific needs of your business. Whether it comes to customizing an existing application,  running business intelligence operations for an online startup, or augmenting in-house staff with Seattle software developers, we have a dedicated team ready to get you running from Day 1. 

No matter the project, our goal is always to drive meaningful change with a strategic vision for the future. Our Top 1% IT talent allows us to rapidly bring products to market for our clients.


Nearshore Custom Software Development for Seattle Companies

We deliver various customized solutions for Seattle WA organizations of every size, from startups to large enterprises. If you are looking for a professional IT consulting firm or a software company in the city with the required expertise to execute high-quality projects, you are in the right place. Whether it comes to web development, e-commerce websites, or complex IT operations, we are prepared to help you.


  • Custom Software Development: We offer world-class Custom Software Development Services, designed specifically for your business and ready to satisfy your exclusive needs and make your systems and workflows more efficient, which may be delivered at a fixed cost or on a time-and-materials basis.
  • Software Testing & QA: We deliver stand-alone and integrated testing services, providing top-of-the-line quality assurance through a deep understanding of your business goals, operations, and applications.
  • Cloud Computing: Our cloud computing services improve organizations’ drive for innovation and power their best digital transformation by leveraging business intelligence, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.
  • App & Web Development: Achieving success in the modern world of website and mobile app development requires strategy, design, and advanced technology crafting skills. Our app development team drives outcomes that improve brand experiences and engage millions of consumers. We will develop amazing website and mobile apps for your firm.  
  • IT Support and MaintenanceWe offer 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services in Washington, including effective issue remediation and dedicated maintenance staff for all your IT Support needs. We provide three tiers of expertly handled, scalable managed services to complement or supplement your internal web ops teams: monitoring, remediation, and management.
  • Data Science: Our Data Science group is focused on solving problems by building custom business intelligence technology solutions. We create innovative algorithms and processes that find hidden patterns in structured and unstructured data, using distributed and massively parallel Big Data and Stream processing solutions, as well as high-performance GPU-accelerated computing concepts.
  • Blockchain Consulting: We offer extensive Blockchain Consulting to help you work in a smarter way, reducing risks and improving traceability and security. Our Software Engineers have deep knowledge and expertise in providing Blockchain services and are able to build customized blockchain solutions from scratch.
  • IoT Technologies: Our Internet of Things Division is focused on the creation and implementation of large-scale IoT public and commercial projects, including smart cities, smart buildings, industrial monitoring, telemetrics, sensors, parking & traffic solutions.
  • UI/UX Design: Our UX/UI designers provide detail-oriented solutions focused on exceeding client expectations by creating beautiful, user-friendly designs of enterprise systems, website applications, mobile applications, and any kind of online technology. We design front-end strategies that delight users and make your company look great.
  • Minimum Viable Products: Following a Proof of Concept Design, our team will quickly turn your ideas into a Minimum Viable Product using just the necessary software features and functionalities needed to test and validate them. This will help you make the best decisions regarding your value proposition and business model.


Choosing between Software Development Companies in Seattle

If you are looking to transform your ideas from a scratch app design into an actual digital product, nearshore software companies are the right choice for your Seattle firm. At BairesDev, we provide on-demand talent and technology consulting solutions with guaranteed satisfaction, performance, and reliability. We are committed to creating innovation opportunities and experiences for our clients.


Work with Dedicated Teams of Top Software Developers

Working with a Dedicated Team of Seattle developers will help you free up internal resources and develop key growth drivers. Our multiple-location distributed approach allows us to tap into various pools of global and regional talent. We select the most skilled professionals and match them with our clients’ project integration requirements.

Every team of developers in Seattle is led by a senior software developer with 10+ years of field knowledge and hands-on experience. This way, you can leverage the skills of our people and focus on their core business, rather than spending a lot of time and resources on other endeavors.


Augment Your Team with On-Demand Talent

BairesDev’s Extended Team model is designed to grow in-house staff with the extra talent needed to boost our clients’ IT strategies. This way, we provide the speed, technical acumen, and service flexibility needed to scale quickly and build high-quality products on time. This model is ideal for a rapid build-up of conveniently located, highly qualified, creative, and experienced teams right in Seattle.


Access Tailored-Fit Software Outsourcing Solutions

We offer end-to-end software outsourcing powered by our wide range of digital expertise and technology expertise. We are experts in managing, consulting, and scaling outsourced software strategies and full-cycle custom software solutions.


Work with the Top 1% IT Talent

We stand out among other technology organizations in Seattle by hiring only the Top 1% Software Engineers. This way, our customers can leverage their expertise, skills, and knowledge in all software technologies to guarantee the best results.

BairesDev has the largest applicants reach in the region, receiving more than 240,000 applications per year. After several strict interviewing and evaluation processes, less than 1% of these candidates are hired— these are the very best who become BairesDev employees. Working with the most talented people in the industry means executing your projects faster, better, and more cost-efficiently. 

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