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The Benefits of Outsourcing Telemedicine Software Development

To outsource telemedicine software development, all you need to do is find the right match for your project and for your company.

Damian Scalerandi

By Damian Scalerandi

SVP of Professional Services Damian Scalerandi leads every step of IT project delivery with multi-cutural teams to help accomplish client goals.

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Telemedicine Software Development

2020 marked the beginning of a new decade with a whole new set of challenges for the Healthcare industry. Amidst the pandemic, physicians of practically every field are finding it more and more difficult to provide a level of care similar to the one before the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, healthcare providers are making an accelerated switch towards digital solutions and telemedicine software development. 


Getting Control Over an Accelerated Transition

One thing is clear: telemedicine is here to stay. Both the public and private sectors have recognized the value that digital solutions can add to their services. However, most companies are not going over the smooth and seamless transition anyone would like to have. The pandemic has put businesses in a very tight spot. Pulling through will require a solid balance of operations and innovation. 

That’s why we are seeing what I like to call “accelerated digital transformations” on a worldwide scale. And for healthcare organizations, making sense of this process is perhaps more critical than for any other industry. After all, they are the ones who are literally leading the way to a new global normalcy. 

To get control over this accelerated transition, healthcare companies are reaching out to telemedicine software development companies who can help them access the most scarce resource in the tech industry: IT Talent. And, at the same time, outsourcing allows them to keep their focus on what matters most: saving the lives of today and tomorrow. 


The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services for Healthcare Companies

For those unfamiliar with the matter, IT Outsourcing is a service provided by Software Development Companies through which any business anywhere in the world can access state-of-the-art IT solutions. Most commonly, these solutions include services like Dedicated Teams, IT Staff Augmentation, and full-cycle Software Outsourcing.

Today, healthcare companies look for the following benefits in telemedicine software development:

  • IT Talent: If you have an in-house IT team or have ever tried to start one from scratch, you’re probably aware of how hard it is to find the right fit for what you’re trying to achieve. An IT Outsourcing Company can help you bypass this struggle, not only by giving you immediate access to the best developers in the region but also by building custom development teams that perfectly match your needs.

  • Workload Transfer: Developing telemedicine projects requires a lot of horsepower and attention to project management. Most of the time, healthcare providers aren’t able to allocate the proper human resources for this purpose, mainly because there are always higher health-related priorities. Outsourcing telemedicine software development takes that weight off their shoulders while maximizing the quality of their software project. 

  • Tech Know-How: If the software technology and healthcare industries have one thing in common, it’s how incredibly complex they are. There is an uncountable number of rabbit holes to go into before developing high-quality software. The tech industry know-how that IT Outsourcing companies bring to the table gives healthcare providers a quick shortcut to successful telemedicine applications. 

  • Risk Reduction: Telemedicine software development is an operation full of risks for healthcare organizations. From finding the right talent to start projects to carrying out QA & Software Testing on the final product, it’s very easy (and very common) for companies to run into development speed bumps that ultimately increase costs and reduce the quality of the final product. 

  • Time-to-Market: A globally accelerated transition to digital solutions means that every healthcare organization is on a race to satisfy the needs of the millions of people looking for high-value telemedicine solutions. Getting to them at the right time could be the difference between success and failure. 



How Can Healthcare Companies Outsource Telemedicine Software Development?

To outsource telemedicine software development, all you need to do is find the right match for your project and for your company. It’s a good idea to begin by asking yourself these questions:


What skills do you need?

Each company has a unique context, goals, and needs. These are the base in which the telemedicine project requirements and characteristics will develop. Think about which tech expertise or technologies will be needed to move the project forward. 


Which service model would work best?

Dedicated Teams, IT Staff Augmentation, and full-cycle Software Outsourcing are the most requested services due to their ability to cover the grand majority, if not all, of the IT solutions available. Similarly, there are various work methodologies that a telemedicine software development team can follow in each project. 


How complex is the project?

Larger projects, projects with ambitious goals, and the ones with tight deadlines often require a specialized workflow to reach objectives on-time and on-budget. Also, take into account the scalability factor. You’ll probably want your telemedicine solution to quickly grow over time. 


Can you and your IT partner match workflows?

Time zones, cultural differences, and language barriers all come into play when matching workflows. Communicating effectively with the IT Outsourcing company of your choice is the key to achieving great results.


Going Forward with Telemedicine

No one can deny that telemedicine is revolutionizing the way healthcare works. And it’s doing it for good. In fact, a study by the American Hospital Association revealed that Telemedicine has already expanded access to healthcare and significantly reduced its costs. If there was ever a time to start investing in telemedicine software development, that time is now. 

Damian Scalerandi

By Damian Scalerandi

Damian Scalerandi is SVP of Professional Services at BairesDev. Damian leads every step of IT projects from design through project delivery. His 10+ years of experience in the tech field helps him lead globally diverse teams on large-scale tech projects.

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