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Thanks to the high cost of doing business in California, companies are turning to other states for their services and solutions. One such state that is enjoying a significant influx of custom software development work is Texas – and particularly, Houston

With this shift, you might think it would be a challenge to locate a reliable software development business in Houston to satisfy your company’s needs. Fortunately, BairesDev is here to ease those concerns.


Does Your Business Need Outsourced Software Development?

The first question you must ask yourself is, “Does my business need to employ outsourced custom software and/or website development and design?”

Questions and Answers

To answer that question, ask yourself these follow-up questions:

  • Does your company in Houston currently have the experience to design and code custom Business-to-Business systems and solutions for seamless integration with other workflows?
  • Do your in-house developers have the skills to code a modern approach to systems, workflow, pipelines, and web apps?
  • Can your development teams handle systems automation and CI/CD without extra help with the code? 
  • Do your in-house developers have what it takes to develop the perfect e-commerce, mobile, or web app for your company?


BairesDev is Your Answer

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, chances are good you need to look toward one of the top custom software development companies in Houston. That company is BairesDev. We are busy helping companies across the globe with programming solutions and technologies.


BairesDev Development Services and Solutions 

BairesDev specializes in helping to deliver solid end-to-end, tailor-made custom software, services, systems, solutions, and web development, designed by a software development team ranked in the top 1% across the globe. 

Dedicated Software Teams for Houston

BairesDev custom software development teams can be spun up quickly and are autonomously managed to implement and execute the agreed-upon plan. By making BairesDev your mobile app development, software development, custom code, or web development company in Houston, you’ll free up internal key resources, while our teams focus on helping to create your unique software development solution.

Your dedicated BairesDev engineers also help you avoid code, programming, project, team, and applications management issues. Our applications development company takes the lead on the project and manages the mobile app development team from beginning to end. From smart customization of pre-development platforms to full-cycle custom software development to mobile and web app design, BairesDev is ready to bring your software development solutions to life.


Software Development and IT Staff Augmentation

If you’re looking to scale up your custom enterprise software development staff or IT staff to support your current developers in Houston, BairesDev has you covered. We can make the project of your dreams come true, be it containerized or web and mobile.

Software Development Outsourcing

BairesDev end-to-end software development outsourcing solutions can provide expert software applications engineers, app developers, and mobile app development specialists that boast a large range of skills, including numerous code languages, database, cloud computing, UX design, web development, mobile app design, and custom software development. Our app development engineers are ready to exceed your needs.

Why go with the BairesDev custom software development company for your professional Houston software development outsourcing? With us, you can:

  • Access and work with the top talented software engineers in the industry.
  • Improve your project’s productivity, thereby providing better reliability and higher performance.
  • Enjoy working with a flexible custom software development company on a reasonable budget.
  • Reduce inherent risks in your projects and applications.
  • Boost your product’s security and support.
  • Start your server, client, mobile, or web project immediately.


IT Staff Augmentation Solutions

If you’re looking for extra talent to boost your business projects and applications, look no further than the support offered by the BairesDev custom software development company. Having the right-sized app development staff is critical to any successful project, so when your software development, Houston-based business is already overextending its IT staff support for app development or web development, why not turn to one of the most trusted providers across all industries?

We work tirelessly at delivering the perfect end result for your project.

Available for Any Type of Software and Development Projects

BairesDev consulting is available for any type of Houston-based business IT project, such as:

  • Applications prototyping
  • Database design
  • Full-scale development of desktop, mobile, or web applications
  • System testing and management
  • Social media
  • Custom code

Fast Integration

The BairesDev technology support engineers and software developers will quickly integrate themselves with your internal Houston business’ employees and processes and report directly to the in-house management while participating in daily meetings and progress reports.

Once assigned to your Houston-based project, BairesDev app development engineers are not allocated to other projects or accounts, so your in-house staff will get the full attention, expertise, and services of our dedicated engineers until the project is complete. We provide the team to meet your needs and get the job completed.

Save Time

With the aid provided by the BairesDev developers and engineers your Houston-based, in-house IT staff will save considerable time with any project build. Our development company engineers comply with your deadlines and put our round the clock recruitment process to work for your build team. And you can be sure all BairesDev engineers have been rigorously tested for logic/mathematical reasons skills, technical ability, mobile, database, and web app design training, and even soft skills. Only the engineers who have scored the highest marks across all areas are presented for your Houston projects.


Mobile Projects

If your Houston TX-based development business is looking for a partner to help build web apps or a mobile app, and you don’t have the skills in-house to provide for such a task, you can be sure our software development engineers are more than capable of creating a unique, custom tool to help your customers get the most from your business.

Mobile and Web Dev Services

The BairesDev team of software engineers specialize in the following technology areas:

  • iOS development – iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps.
  • Android development – from Android 2.x apps all the way to the latest release.
  • Responsive Web – dynamic viewing experiences for easy reading and navigation.
  • Wearables – Smart glasses, watches, and fitness bands.
  • IoT – Office whiteboards, refrigerators, thermostats, even plants.


Our Clients

As a software development company, BairesDev has worked on a wide range of projects for a large number of clients. Some of our biggest clients include:

  • Rolls Royce
  • Xtensifi
  • Kapsch
  • Iqvia
  • ViacomCBS
  • Groupon
  • Acument
  • Univision
  • Swordpoint
  • Limeade


Contact Us

If BairesDev sounds like the perfect software, mobile, or web app development company for your Houston TX-based business, reach out to us via our website Contact page. If you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, please email us at [email protected].

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