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The Business Case for Customized Software

Off-the-shelf solutions aren’t tailor-made for individual businesses, but customized software is unique to their particular needs — no matter what they are.

Paul Azorin

By Paul Azorin

Chief Marketing Officer Paul Azorin defines BairesDev's vision while leading company modernization and fostering a customer-centric culture.

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Businesses of all types and sizes depend on software to innovate, grow, and earn a profit. Today, there are numerous off-the-shelf solutions for practically every niche and function. For some organizations, this technology is enough for meeting their needs. But others can benefit from a powerful alternative — customized software.

What Is Customized Software?

While off-the-shelf software is standardized for organizations of different types, niches, and sizes, customized software is tailored to a business’s unique needs. This means that organizations must build this software in-house or outsource development to third-party technology firms and providers. 

Custom development is specifically designed for individual businesses. Once it’s created, it can be modified or amended to fit their changing demands. It isn’t made available to a wider audience outside of that particular audience unless the business chooses to make it so.

The Benefits of Customized Software

1. Tailoring to Your Specific Needs

The very purpose of customized software is that it is tailored to a business’s individual needs. Meanwhile, off-the-shelf solutions have limits and can’t be extensively modified to fit the business, given that they must appeal to many different types of companies. But that means a business won’t necessarily have all the right pieces in a single software. 

With a custom-built alternative, an organization can ensure that all the tools it requires are in one place.

2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Because customized software provides multiple tools and solutions in one place, the employees who need to use it won’t have to go hunting through various systems to find what they’re looking for. Plus, the software itself will often have the capacity to perform operations automatically and in a more streamlined manner. That translates to more time employees can spend on completing their work and, ultimately, greater efficiency and productivity. 

3. Compatibility with Your Current Systems and Software

Unlike readymade software, custom software is built with your current systems in mind. That means stronger compatibility and better integration. In turn, that will lead to cost reduction — you won’t have to pay to make new software fit into your existing infrastructure, because it will be tailor-designed to do just that with no additional finagling. 

In fact, it can even make your existing tools and technologies more useful, augmenting their capabilities and functionalities.

4. Scalability

Chances are you want and expect your business to grow. And, as it does, you’ll need tools that scale with you. Static, off-the-shelf software can’t always do that, but when you work with in-house developers or an outsourced team, they will understand your objectives and need for flexible solutions that can change with your business. 

Because scalability is the need of many businesses, especially newer ones like startups, providers will usually devise plans to make your software growth-friendly, even if you don’t specifically establish this as a requirement. 

5. Reliability and Support

One of the big advantages of choosing custom software over static solutions is that you’ll also get a team of dedicated support specialists along with it. While you can’t expect off-the-shelf software companies to provide you with tailored customer service, a partner team of providers will be focused on helping you with your specific, individual needs.

That’s not to say a software development company that builds non-customized products won’t offer any customer service, but usually, it won’t be as thorough or specific to you as you might like, giving that they’re usually serving customers all across the world, not just you.

6. Security

Cybersecurity has long been a pivotal concern for every business in every sector, particularly those that handle sensitive, private consumer and client data like finance, healthcare, and others. After all, if you suffer a cyberattack, such as a data breach, you could lose hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars and irreparable damage to your reputation.

When you build custom software or work with a provider to do it on your behalf, you’re often creating tools that are more secure than your typical, off-the-shelf products. For one, it’s impossible for hackers to attack software they aren’t aware of. Mainstream software is a better target for them. Additionally, developers who are building solutions just for you will be aware of your current systems and vulnerabilities and strive to address them.

7. The Ability to Meet Your Budgetary Constraints

Custom software is often more cost-effective than out-of-the-box tools. Your software development team will work with you to ensure that they are creating something that not only meets and supports your needs but also fits into your budgetary constraints and continues to serve you well into the future.

Remember, too, that while customized software solutions can sometimes be more expensive at first, they will usually save you money in the long run because you’ll retain the license and won’t have to pay to replace it as your needs change.

8. Better Profits

Ultimately, you can simply do more with custom-built software. And because your work and operations will function more smoothly and effectively, you’ll also improve your business and turn a better profit.

In addition, if your in-house team or external team builds you great products and demonstrates your business’s knack for software development, you’ll prove to the general public that you’re a quality business that creates quality products — and you can make money off of them!

True, there are plenty of existing products that work well for certain businesses and individuals. But often, organizations need software that is specific to them to support their needs. That’s where customized software comes into the picture. This technology offers a number of business advantages to companies of all types and sizes, from greater productivity to turn better profits.

Paul Azorin

By Paul Azorin

Chief Marketing Officer Paul Azorin outlines BairesDev's vision and mission while leading company-wide modernization initiatives and fostering a customer-centric culture globally. Paul spearheads core business strategies and the overall brand experience.

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