The Exciting New Web Design Trends Of 2022

What will 2022 bring in terms of fresh new ideas for website designs? What will the most popular trends of sites launched throughout this new year look like? We’ve made our educated guesses here.
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Unlike normal times when it takes quite a while for web design trends to evolve, the global pandemic and resulting lockdowns have accelerated the emergence of new trends. With 2022 just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to predict upcoming trends and prepare for them. Here are the exciting web design trends to expect in 2022.

Story-Driven Design 

One of the criticisms against social media is that it breaks down knowledge and ideas into sound bites that do little to engage the brain. In some worse scenarios, this leads to misinformation and conspiracy theories. However, there are many websites with informative and balanced content on the other side of the spectrum, but people hardly read them. So, what can companies do to get people to read these thoughtful contents?

A new web design trend that will grow in popularity in 2022 is sharing rather than telling, also known as narrative visualization. With this kind of design, visuals draw visitors in with interactions that surprise and engage. The idea is to incorporate fun visual treats into long-form articles to give web pages life and energy.

Considered somewhat similar to or likened to reading a printed magazine, this trend also includes background videos and animations to keep readers engaged. The effects are subtle, but the level of detail that they add to web pages can help increase visual interest and a sense of dynamism. The end goal is to boost engagement rate, decrease the bounce rate, and help visitors engage with the worded messaging.


With many businesses struggling to boost customer engagement on their website comes the realization of the need to rethink their strategy. In today’s age of information overload, brands looking to grow in 2022 will have to embrace simplicity.

Over-cluttered web pages now look outdated and usually turn off most visitors. Simple interface, snappy navigation lists, fewer words, calming colors, vivid imagery, and clear call-to-action (CTA) are just some of the few things users expect in 2022. People want to get straight to the point without wasting time and with minimal effort.

In the previous decade, websites that used elaborate color schemes, tons of textual content, and a variety of components might have appealed to visitors. Still, a lot has changed in recent years. As a result, users who scroll through such sites will likely lose their intrinsic interest in seconds.

Today, users want to visit sites that help them focus on the spaces businesses want them to focus on – a combination of simplicity and functionality. Thus, 2022 will be the year where many businesses will adopt the simple design for faster loads, put up content that is more ‘scannable,’ create simpler web forms and make navigation super-simple.

Safety and Assurance 

The outbreak of the Coronavirus wreaked havoc across the globe, which saw countries impose lockdown restrictions to contain the spread. Even in 2021, the world battled with the drastic changes caused by Covid-19 and its different variants, and all indicators point that the world will still be recovering in 2022.

Having struggled to cope with the severe impact of the outbreak and government safety restrictions for 2 years and counting, people are rather overwhelmed to say the very least. As a result, design trends are evolving to help people adjust to the reality of staying outdoors again. Much like organizations restructuring their office space to coax their staff to resume work on-site, design trends are also emerging to help people feel safe outdoors like they are indoors.

2022 will see businesses utilize designs inspired by home decor on their website and imagery that evoke outdoor spaces. Designs that feel spacious, inviting, and accommodating will become popular so site visitors feel safe and secure.


With more than 4 billion people accessing the internet, it’s crucial that designs in the coming year are accessible, inclusive, and available to everyone. There is a growing need for web design to factor in the needs of people with disabilities. More businesses will have their website adapted to all visitors in 2022, so they can reach a wider audience. Plus, benefits like increased conversion and improved SEO rankings make this trend attractive.

With accessibility in mind, the expectation is that businesses will use new-age technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and more to achieve that goal. There will also be the widespread implementation of theme and font customizations. Having a site that every visitor can navigate and interact with communicates that businesses have their customers in mind.  

As brands have their website designed to have more accessibility and availability features, it will become more apparent that the trend helps both brands and their customers win in the long run.

Positive Mindsets 

A lot has happened in recent years, which has made many people more cynical, skeptical, and exhausted by restrictions. While the gravity of the pandemic continues to weigh on us all, there are a lot of negative mindsets and thoughts powered by information overload, making it harder for many to process and understand their experiences.

In 2022, brands will strive to counter the negative mindsets by leveraging the power of design to create new positive experiences. The world is changing dramatically, and businesses need to keep up to better help their customers generate positive thinking and goodwill.

Themes, imagery, and texts on hope, recovery, and growth will increase popularity. Businesses that use them will reap the benefits of their customers developing a positive relationship with their brands. 

2021 has been a challenging yet incredible year for designers. The above are some of the major web design trends going into 2022, and it’s very likely that they will continue to grow in the years to come. Adhering to these trends will undoubtedly help businesses create or redesign an existing site to attract the most visitors, spike engagement rates, and boost conversions.

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Manish Gupta

Thanks for Such a detailed and well researched post for Exiting new web design trends for 2022
Manish Gupta

Ernesto Fascinetto

That’s a good article to consider on new tasks to come

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