Women in Tech 2022. A BairesDev Report

Many companies are initiating programs to eliminate the gender imbalance. While the industry is still far from true gender equality, BairesDev data shows that we’re taking steps forward.
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The long-standing perception that the tech industry is mostly male might still ring true today but that may change in coming years. That’s one of the key findings of the Women in Tech 2022 Report, BairesDev’s latest report focusing on women’s representation in the tech sector. 

Analyzing a data sample from our applicant pool over a 6-year period (2015-2021), we identified a series of trends that show that women are slowly but steadily joining the technology industry. Initiatives spearheaded by big enterprises are driving up the number of women in tech while the post-pandemic context is pushing more women to apply for tech jobs. What’s more, women from different generations and with diverse skill levels are increasing their presence in the sector.

While the pace at which women are joining the tech industry is still sluggish, these small steps forward are a promising indicator that can inform hiring strategies to help bridge the gender gap even further.

Find out how and learn more about our findings in our Women in Tech 2022 Report. 

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