Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Services

Revamp your business processes on the back of talent and cutting-edge technology. BairesDev hires the best BI experts in the industry to drive cost savings, improve performance, and take your decision-making process to the next level.

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Tech, Insights, and Talent: The Winning Combo for Faster, Better Business Decisions

Running a business today is significantly different than what it used to be a few years ago. Now, most business experts would agree on one thing: data has become the key driver behind success. That’s great news because we are living in the age of data, and any company in the world can easily set up its own business intelligence strategy. However, there are three factors separating good BI from market-leading BI: tech, high-quality insights, and talent. 

At BairesDev, we work with the Top 1% of IT Talent in the region to help our clients harness the true potential of cutting-edge BI technologies. This way, we are able to set up innovative and reliable BI solutions that consistently extract high-quality insights from the largest and most complex data sets. We integrate seamlessly with your team to make business intelligence an inherent part of your business processes.

Our Process: The Roadmap of Value for Your Custom BI Solution

Where are you now?

The first step of every business intelligence process is to map out the specific needs and requirements of your company. We will assign a dedicated team of experts in your industry who will identify, define, and layout key concepts in a detailed roadmap. This includes approaches, problems, possible solutions, deadlines, tech stacks, and BI tools.


Define the Project Scope

Once we know where you are standing, we can begin defining the project scope, which will compile all knowledge of the situation and guide future action. Most of the time, the project scope fits within three categories: modernizing current business processes, implementing and integrating a ready-made product, or developing a custom BI solution.


Create a Data Warehouse

After all of that is done, we can get started with the fun part of business intelligence: gathering, parsing, and cleaning all relevant data for your project. The resulting set of information will be stored in your own Data Warehouse. We will take care of the entire software side of things to make sure it is secure, automatic, and easily accessible to your team.


BI Software Development

With data on our side, we can begin to focus on the technical aspects of your BI implementation. Based on your project scope and goals, we will design, develop, and implement your custom business intelligence solution using a tailored-fit set of data mining techniques and BI tools.


Integration Testing

At BairesDev, we believe that custom solutions go beyond developing software. That’s why we put a huge emphasis on the integration and testing of the products and services we deliver. Our goal is to guarantee that your custom BI solution integrates seamlessly with your current business operations and that it always performs as you expect.


Final Product

And there you go—that’s a quick snapshot of the roadmap we follow to deliver the highest-quality business intelligence services in the market. With all of that, you will be well on your way to manage business data in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our business intelligence services are designed to deliver everything you need from start to finish.


Our BI Services

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    BI Consulting and Advisory Solutions
    Having doubts about the efficiency of your current BI implementation? We offer BI Consulting by top experts in your industry who will help you assess all aspects related to business intelligence. This includes maturity assessment, data strategy, software development, architecture design, data modeling, tech stack analysis, data governance, and more.
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    Data Warehousing & ETL
    Manage your data like the greatest companies in the world with a custom-built data warehouse and a tailored-fit extraction-transform-load (ETL) process to go with it. We deliver integrated data model designs that allow you to manage data in multiple dimensions while facilitating data mapping, Master Data Management (MDM), and Metadata Management.
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    Data Visualization & Reporting
    Create rich and easy-to-follow business intelligence dashboards with our Data Visualization and Reporting services. Our goal is to help you facilitate information accessibility for KPIs within and outside your organization. Standard reports, executive dashboards, KPI management, self-service dashboards, collaborative reporting, and mobile versions are all part of this service.
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    Migration & Modernization
    Is your current BI implementation not fulfilling the needs of your business? Then you might be due for an update. Having the right tech stack and BI tools at your disposal can bring unparalleled benefits to your company. We provide key services like tech stack upgrading, database platform modernization, data migration, and custom database upgrades.
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    Third-Party Integration
    Got an eye on a specific BI technology? We will help you understand the benefits and best use cases of all the most popular BI tools available today and recommend the best alternative for your company. Beyond that, we will assign a team of experts to carry out the seamless integration of the tool with your business operations.
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    Mobile BI Solutions
    In the era of hyperconnectivity, there’s no reason to keep your BI solutions clamped down to your office’s computers. Our custom software development team will design, develop, and implement mobile applications that allow your team to securely access your database from remote locations.

Most-Used BI Tools In The Market

These are some of the most popular BI tools that take part in our projects.

Power BI

Perhaps the most popular tool in business intelligence, Power BI is used by companies of all sizes to generate real-time dashboards and real-time insights.


Tableau is an end-to-end analytics platform that offers top-notch cybersecurity while delivering a fully-featured set of powerful and flexible BI tools.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a fast-growing BI tool that leverages the power of Google Cloud and other Google applications to deliver real-time insights on web apps.

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight uses machine learning algorithms to provide cutting-edge data visualization solutions, simplifying the entire decision-making process for businesses.


QlikView is a data analytics and data integration platform that runs on an in-memory Associative Model that is especially useful in IT contexts.

...or Develop Your Own

Custom BI tools are the next step to business intelligence management. We have a team ready to help you create your own custom dashboards and data visualization systems.

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