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BairesDev supports Limeade with the development of its platform.

Developing a Next-Gen Integrated HR Platform

Limeade is an employee experience software company that helps build great places to work. The Limeade employee engagement platform is designed to leverage business workplaces. It focuses on improving wellbeing and strengthening workplace culture, encouraging employee engagement to boost productivity and lower turnover.

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Our team of expert engineers worked on web app development, legacy software support, and business intelligence

Their needs

Limeade needed software engineering support to further develop its platform Limeade ONE, which combines three HR solutions into one integrated platform that’s easy to manage and gives employees a consistent, comprehensive experience. They also needed help implementing machine learning algorithms as part of its core functionalities.

Our Expert Solutions

Our team of expert engineers worked on web app development, legacy software support, and business intelligence, especially focusing on the migration of the Limeade Classic software to the new platform, Limeade ONE, including the app’s migration to microservices.

Limeade ONE brings together employee well-being, engagement and inclusion in a mobile-first experience. It enables companies to create an intentional employee experience that demonstrates care by reaching every employee, listening to them and offering activities, resources and programs.

Technologies Involved in this Project

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