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Ever since the Internet took the world by surprise, distributed technology has evolved with unstoppable force. With the advent of web browsers, a never-ending flow of information has become accessible to each home and individual, resulting in a gradual transition from the physical world into its digital equivalent. Now many decades later, online marketing has evolved into a discipline that takes Big Data and Machine Learning to an entirely different level.

Data insights have become more valuable than ever before, helping businesses and customers alike by providing better services and facilitating highly informed decisions. However, as the field has gained complexity, many companies must choose between developing their own marketing platforms or working with packaged solutions.


When Adroll Group decided to rebrand its marketing and data technology company to NextRoll, their main goal was to power growth for companies of all sizes through the use of its data, infrastructure and marketing technology.

With an already established selection of products, NextRoll is now comprised of three business units: RollWorks, an account-based platform for B2B marketing and sales teams, AdRoll, a growth marketing platform for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and NextRoll Platform Services, a marketing-technology-as-a-service offering for brands, agencies, marketplaces, publishers, and marketing platforms that allows companies to innovate on top of NextRoll’s API.


Providing innovative solutions that companies need requires a team of highly skilled engineers that can quickly flex and scale up to increasing demands in order to secure long-term success. That’s why since early 2016, AdRoll has been partnering with BairesDev in its efforts to develop products that make NextRoll an online marketing leader.

“I needed to scale my engineering group quickly. In San Francisco, there’s a lot of competition for good engineers. BairesDev provided me with top engineers in a brief amount of time”, said Patrick Mee, VP of Engineering at AdRoll. “By seamlessly integrating with our internal team, BairesDev helped achieve key objectives by performing to the same expectations as full-time employees.”

Through a strict process that selects only the Top 1% IT Talent, BairesDev’s staffing team worked to quickly select the roles and skillsets required to ensure best practices in code. High responsiveness and reliable deliverance of effective solutions, together with strong onboarding methods, have strengthened the relationship that has grown to over 50 nearshore employees to this day.


As with other digital products, solutions are built incrementally following agile methodologies, prioritizing client needs and constantly evolving with their feedback. All engineers at BairesDev have at least 8-12 years of experience with technologies like Python, React+Redux, Erlang, Golang, Spark, Hadoop, and Java.


The ability to handle challenges and obstacles plays a vital role in employee engagement by fueling passionate commitment to their work. With periodic and dedicated follow-ups, managers can improve how each employee views their own capacity to succeed.

Thoughtful onboarding and accomplishment recognition provides the necessary foundation for a strong employee base that remains engaged and will thrive long term. At BairesDev, we believe that building an environment that embraces growth is the best way to care for our employees. By encouraging our employees to learn new skills, develop their careers, and become the best version of themselves, our attrition rate is one of the lowest in the industry.


BairesDev is able to offer outstanding solutions by staffing high-performance teams at the fastest rates of the industry with the most productive engineers across a myriad of technologies. This allows for a fast ramp-up, produces high-quality solutions and minimizes issues during the development lifecycle. We have proven through experience that hiring senior engineers is a cost-efficient way to improve performance and significantly reduce time to market in a trusting environment where clients can feel at ease working with highly-effective workflows.

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