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Fast, reliable, easy to learn, concise, and readable, Go is a high-performance compiled programming language that has gained notoriety for its built-in concurrency, which has made it one of the go-to languages for cloud development. 

Join the thousands of companies that are adopting cloud computing for their projects. Take advantage of a nearly infinite amount of processing power to develop scalable software that can dynamically adapt to your vision and scope.

With a team of Go experts backing your project you can harness the full advantage of working in the cloud, make changes, adapt, and grow as needed in record time using one of the most modern and advanced languages on the market.

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What is Go?

Go, or Golang is an open-source programming language released in 2009 and developed by Google’s Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson. It’s a statically-typed and compiled language that traces its root to the venerable C, sharing many aspects of its syntax.

The story goes that the team designed Go as a thought exercise while waiting for other programs to compile. It’s a well-known fact that one of the motivations for creating the language was a shared dislike of C. The end result is a tech resource that is capable of massive multithreading, concurrency, and performance under pressure.

The main reason for developing Go was to combine the best features of other programming languages, including:

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    The static typing and run-time efficiency of C and C++
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    The readability and ease of use of interpreted languages like Python or Java Script
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    The high-performance in network environments and the multi-core processing.

Additionally, with memory safety and garbage collecting in place, Go is a great tool for developers, helping prevent potential bugs such as dangling pointers, double-free errors, and several types of memory leaks that usually occur in manually managed memory.

Although Go is still a relatively young programming language, it has been well received by both the developer community and businesses all across the globe. Leading giants like Netflix, Uber, and Google have incorporated Go in their projects, and its popularity has been on an uptrend for most of its run.

Go Development Services

As an all-purpose programming language, Go can be used in any kind of project, and more tools are being developed to help Go developers tackle new areas with each passing year. As an example, Go can be compiled to JavaScript by way of GopherJS for front-end development.

Having said that, Go is best suited for backend projects, especially those involving multiple processors or networking, such as:

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    Utilities and stand-alone tools
    Go programs compile to binaries with minimal external dependencies and in almost any kind of machine. The programs also tend to be quite lightweight, which makes it ideal for creating resource-conscious utilities that rely on speed.
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    Cloud-native development
    Go’s concurrency, networking features, and high degree of portability make it well-suited for building cloud-native apps from the ground up.
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    Replacements for existing infrastructure
    Much of the current Internet infrastructure is becoming obsolete, not to mention that its exploits are well known and pose a security risk. It should come as no surprise, then, that a language built with networking in mind by Google is finding ample use in rebuilding these technologies.
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    Distributed networked services
    Like Cloud-based apps, network applications rely on concurrency. Go currency features –goroutines and channels for example– are perfect for this kind of work.

The Benefits of Building an App with Go

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    Go, like C or C++, is a compiled language, which means that it’s directly translated into machine code instead of getting interpreted during runtime. This means faster applications in contrast to interpreted languages like Python or JavaScript.
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    Easy to learn
    New developers will find a welcoming yet powerful language in Go, while developers already familiarized with C or Java will find the syntax similar enough to get used to the language in no time.
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    Open-source development tools
    The Go community has taken the open-source philosophy to heart. There are dozens of IDEs and plugins readily available to help software developers with their projects.
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    Easy to document
    The Go team takes documentation seriously. The language uses godoc, a documentation tool that automatically parses the project source code and creates comprehensible documentation in HTML or plain-text format.
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    Executables created with the Go toolchain don’t need default external dependencies. Run your programs anywhere with very little hassle.

The Best and Most Used Go-based projects

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    It makes sense that a language with so much market presence in network and cloud-based technology would be the foundation of one the most well-known software containerization technologies. Docker is hard evidence of Go’s suitability for large-scale distributed projects.
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    If the Docker team found that Go was the perfect tool for their project, then it would stand to reason that Google’s own container orchestration project would be built on the language as well.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Go’s strengths makes it the perfect language to build distributed apps. This database technology, named by its resiliency, is a distributed solution designed to survive even the worst catastrophes, while still working flawlessly with classic SQL calls.
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    It seemed like dynamic web pages were the future of the internet, but it turns out that static sites are making a comeback, and generators are the new kid on the block. As a static page generator, Hugo relies on many Go features to render HTML in record times.
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    NTP is one of the oldest network protocols still in use, but a devoted team of developers has been working with Go since 2015 to deliver a more secure protocol as a compatible replacement.

What a Go Development Company Can Do For You

There are many situations where outsourcing your Go project is the best option available:

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    Starting from scratch:
    Building a team is a complex and time-consuming process that can turn into a roadblock. We can help you start your project right away and deliver in record time.
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    Diversity of ideas:
    The best Go developers are spread across the globe. With an international outsourcing solution not only are you getting the best candidates from all that global talent pool, but you are also getting a multicultural team with creative solutions.
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    Complex projects:
    Go might be an easy language to develop in, but big-scope projects will require a talented team that can rise to the challenge and find the best solutions for the project.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Consulting and retaking a project:
    Outsourced teams can be a great asset to help with projects that have hit a roadblock, or that were abandoned for whatever reason.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Fast delivery
    With amazing talent comes amazing results, if you are working with a tight deadline our Top 1% Tier Talent will give their 100% to deliver on time.

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