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The best way to keep customers close to you is by establishing meaningful relationships with them — and, with the right technology by your side, success is just a matter of time. Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software development services are designed to provide any business with the right knowledge, tools, and talent necessary to achieve their goals.

Our focus is simple: we work with the Top 1% IT Talent to offer fully customizable applications that optimize and power innovation for business-level CRM systems. Our Microsoft Dynamics certified CRM consultants will seamlessly guide you from where you are right now to where you want to be. By defining, developing, and implementing the best CRM solution for your business, we will help you take customer relationships to the next level. 

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Enterprise-level CRM Solutions

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    Custom CRM Development
    We don’t just take care of CRM selection for you—our consulting team analyzes your situation, resources, and objectives to create the best solution for your business. Having access to the Top 1% developers also means we can help you customize an existing platform or create unique software from the ground up. Read more here.
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    By thoroughly analyzing your business needs and goals, our team will devise an ideal CRM strategy that keeps your project on time and on budget. We prioritize factors like usability, system performance, maintainability, and data quality to maximize system optimization, all of which has a significant impact on your sales and marketing efforts.
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    CRM selection is just the start. Get your systems working together and start capitalizing on connectivity with our CRM integration services. A proper integration of different legacy systems, applications, platforms and other types of software results in highly efficient work and better quality data.
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    Skyrocket your CRM performance by migrating from legacy systems to new, cost-efficient, and powerful platforms. Our engineers will take care of the whole process for you and safely move your data from one platform to the other using only proven methodologies and the best data migration tools. We can also conduct new-platform training for your in-house if necessary. Read more here.
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    If you are not using CRM technology to augment the work of people, you are doing it wrong. Our automation solutions are designed to help your sales and marketing departments get as much value as possible from their work by getting mundane tasks out of their way. With the right algorithm, you will be able to track key data that reveals valuable insights.
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    We offer 24/7 support, monitoring, and maintenance for CRM platforms. We will assign a Dedicated Team to your project to complement or supplement your company’s operations. Our engineers provide continuous risk analysis, threat support, and protection against hacking to keep all information secure at all times.

Get the Best CRM Consulting Services with the Top 1% Talent

BairesDev stands out among other CRM consulting companies by hiring only the Top 1% Software Engineers. With the largest applicants reach in the region, we receive more than 240,000 applications per year. After several strict interviewing and evaluation instances, less than 1% of these candidates are hired— these are the very best who become BairesDev employees. Working with the most talented people in the industry means our clients can execute their projects faster, better, and more cost-efficiently. 

Our CRM consulting services cover all CRM processes: from implementation to training to execution. No matter the size of your organization or your industry, we can help you use data to build meaningful relationships with your customers. Contact a BairesDev CRM consultant today and jumpstart the implementation of your project. 

Our Customer-Focused Implementation Process

Project Assessment

We start our implementation process by assigning dedicated CRM consultants to your project. This team will properly assess and analyze your CRM system requirements, processes, resources, and goals. We will also determine the right technology stack for you and offer consulting services to implement cutting-edge solutions, such as cloud, IoT, and AI.



Once we determine a roadmap you are happy with, we will rapidly assemble a development team that will build the best CRM system for your business. By working with the Top 1% IT talent, your project is guaranteed to avoid inherent risks, become more cost-efficient, and reduce overall work time for your CRM software.


Data Protocol

A huge part of CRM consulting services is making sure your salesforce has easy access to all the crucial data they need to make the most of their work. Once your development is finished, our engineers will make sure all data from your customers is efficiently directed to your brand new CRM. We will implement a powerful data gathering protocol that lets you achieve your customer service potential.


Hands-on Training

Tools are only valuable when people know how to use them. Our CRM consulting services include hands-on training for your in-house team. This way, once the platform is up and running, you will still be able to manage it and use it to its full potential on the day-to-day. Your team will be able to see things from the eyes of industry experts and get the most out of your CRM platform. 


Expert Support

When you partner with BairesDev, you partner with top IT experts. If your organization requires it, we will provide ongoing support for your CRM platform. An elite team of CRM consulting engineers will be just within hands reach, so you can leverage their expertise and continue scaling your customer service strategy.


What do you need?

Develop a New CRM from Scratch

Venture into the world of customer relationship management with custom-built CRM software. We will take care of platform selection, solution design, and application development—all while keeping the needs of your customers in mind. Our team of Top 1% engineers will guide you the whole way through.

Improve Your Current CRM Platform

Take your current CRM solution to the next level with our CRM consulting services. No matter the size or complexity of your current solution, we have a dedicated team ready to help. We will conduct audits, optimization processes, upgrades, data migrations, and general CRM administration for you.

Why Build a Custom CRM Solution?

When it comes to customer relationship management, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. By developing your own custom CRM software, you unlock the door to the full potential of this technology. Here’s a quick rundown of what CRM consulting can do for you. 

  • Create a unique CRM strategy designed to achieve your business goals and backed up by a team of expert industry professionals. 
  • Benefit from custom processes and features that make your CRM system the ideal tool for your sales and marketing team. 
  • Get on-demand consulting and support services from expert staff to help you throughout and after implementation.
  • Seamlessly integrate or upscale current software solutions that failed to meet your expectations or grow as fast as your business.
  • Gather your customers’ data safely and efficiently by streamlining information directly to your CRM platform. 

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