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Modern businesses have a lot of challenges in front of them. It doesn’t matter whether they are small startups or large enterprises – the current landscape has all kinds of obstacles for everyone. That’s why you need to have the best technologies by your side, one that can bring your customers and your business together through a powerful combination of CRM and ERP applications. In short, that’s why you need Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your enterprise.

Microsoft Dynamics is an integrated collection of applications covering ERP, CRM, field services, and marketing among others, all hosted in the cloud. This is the perfect solution for your business services since it can be aligned with your strategy and your planning. Of course, to get the best out of Microsoft Dynamics, you need to go through a successful integration process that makes the right components work for your needs. 

Don’t know how to connect your business and technology? That’s when BairesDev comes in. Partner with our Microsoft Dynamics consulting for the migration of your current CRM and ERP solutions to Dynamics. Our IT Outsource engineers are Dynamics experts that can guide you in a step-by-step procedure that will lead you to a custom integration for a seamless digital transformation.

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Our Microsoft Dynamics 365
and CRM Consulting Services

Forget about the CRM solutions of the past. With Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 and the help of our Dynamics consulting services, you’ll reshape your customer lifecycle experience for good. Take your CRM platform to the cloud and take advantage of the artificial intelligence capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics.

As your partner, we can help you make the most out of Dynamics and use the information you have about your customers to predict their needs and offer a more personalized experience that generates more engagement and increases your profits. Your digital transformation won’t be complete without the integration of Dynamics features that will redefine how you serve your customers. Some of the areas in which you can use Dynamics 365 include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Resources
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

While Microsoft Dynamics has all the things you might need for your business’ digital transformation right out of the gate, getting all those modules and apps to work right can be tricky. That’s why BairesDev’s MS Dynamics consultants are for – to help you with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics in a way that can fit your business goals and strategy perfectly.

Our implementation can help you with your customer acquisition and retention while boosting your customer lifecycle management. Our Microsoft Dynamics consultants have enough experience and expertise with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help you with the integration across sales, marketing, operations, accounting, HR, and more. That’s more than clear in our wide range of Dynamics services, which include:

  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Migration and Integration Consulting
    Leave behind your old customer service systems and replace them with a personalized Microsoft Dynamics solution with the help of our Dynamics consultants. Our team will ensure that all your data is protected and secure during the whole migration process. Additionally, our experts will make sure that the new CRM system is seamlessly integrated with your application environment.

    BairesDev has the necessary expertise to guarantee a smooth transition from your old CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365. We take care of all the details and prepare a thorough plan that focuses on your needs to make the change as easily as possible. That ensures you don’t lose productivity during the migration process. After all the transition processes are done, you’ll enjoy more efficiency and a higher level of user adoption.
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    Implementation and Customization
    Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services can also help you take a step further with Dynamics. How? By extending Microsoft Dynamics 364 capabilities with customized features for your specific business needs. This implies not just a boost to Dynamics’ core features but also the implementation of features from your application ecosystem.

    The possibilities you can take advantage of when using Microsoft Dynamics 365 are countless. From including highly personalized reports and customizing plugins for the CRM to the integration of ERP systems and the enhancement of your core activities through artificial intelligence, our Dynamics consultants are ready to lend you a hand with your project.
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    Managed Services and Support
    Given how complex your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment can get, it’s understandable if you need some assistance and support from time to time. That’s why BairesDev’s consultants are available to help you with in-depth assistance and managed services across all your Dynamics and CRM-related requirements. We can keep refining your application integration and automating your workflow well after your Dynamics solution is in place.

    We can create a periodic plan to help you resolve any issues that might arise, integrate new applications you might need, develop new features according to new requirements that might appear down the road, and answer your users and customers questions at all times. Thus, we can keep providing value to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering on a constant basis.
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    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Our services go beyond the consultancy and into the development of CRM systems that can integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics platform and with other non-Microsoft technologies and applications such as Salesforce. Our essential goal is to help you manage all your customers, partners and their related data in the most effective way and according to your specific business processes.

    For that, we can work on a CRM solution on-premise and in the cloud. We can develop everything your project calls for to meet your needs, from creating add-ons for your systems to implementing business intelligence features and upgrading CRM solutions with new modules. By building on top of your existing infrastructure, we can help your business processes be more flexible and functional.

BairesDev, The Perfect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Our comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 services cover everything you might need regarding Dynamics. Our Dynamics experts have the necessary expertise and experience to work on your project, regardless if it’s a CRM upgrade, the integration of an ERP, or the addition of a new feature into an existing ecosystem.

BairesDev provides you with the Top 1% IT talent in the market to better suit your needs. We offer you 3 working models to fit your requirements and budget. We can provide you with a dedicated team, augment your staff with the talent you’re lacking, or take care of the entire solution for you. Regardless of the model you pick, you can rest assured that you’ll get a Dynamics platform in no time and in the most cost and time-efficient way.

We are the Microsoft partner that can boost your CRM needs and increase your business productivity. Contact us today and tell us about your project and strategy. Our experts are eager to see how they can help your business grow!

Why You Need Microsoft Dynamics for your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 covers a wide scope of areas in your enterprise and allows you to offer a more comprehensive and sophisticated experience throughout your customer lifecycle. With its features and BairesDev as a partner, you can take your lead generation, sales, and customer service processes to a whole new level. The best thing about it all is that you can tie the data to your KPIs to easily manage your enterprise’s performance and make more informed decisions.

Some of the goals you can achieve with our Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP services include:

Solutions for Custom Monitoring and Reporting

Put the most relevant data right in front of you and leverage the power of MS Dynamics 365 AI-based algorithms through custom dashboards and reports. Create customized enterprise panels for each of your users and get thorough information about all the tasks in your customer lifecycle.


Dynamics for Marketing

Automate your entire marketing plan from a centralized platform or use integration to bring different applications into the Dynamics environment. You can manage all your marketing tasks from Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365, including email marketing campaigns from third-party platforms and social media activities to control your brand throughout social platforms.


Tailored Workflow Services

Create unique workflows to access a highly personalized CRM experience for your enterprise. Automate tasks that are specific to your enterprise and market and manage everything from Microsoft Dynamics environment.


Course Correction of CRM Technologies

Solve issues brought by a failed CRM implementation with the help of Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365. Replace components and integrate out-of-the-box to sophisticate your current CRM platform and correct your CRM workflow.


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