Managed Application Services

What Are Managed Application Services?

One of the most challenging tasks of owning a critical infrastructure of business applications is ensuring that those solutions are always available, secure, upgraded, and properly supported. Doing that implies staying abreast of potential issues, necessary updates, and possible expansions, which, in turn, means you’ll have to keep a close eye on the performance of your entire digital environment.

Yet, not all companies have the staff and the resources to offer the required level of support. That’s what managed application services are all about. Through these services, you’ll rest assured that all your essential applications are always up and running. A managed application services company can provide you with the necessary resources for ongoing support, maintenance, upgrades, and customization so you can focus on your core business tasks.

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What Do Managed Application Services Do?

Professionals in charge of managed application services ensure that critical applications are always available and up to date. That means that when you hire a managed application services provider, you’ll get a team that will monitor your digital infrastructure seeking potential issues and improvement opportunities.

Some of the most common tasks of managed application services include:

  • Updating existing applications to integrate new technologies
  • Adjusting processes to boost performance
  • Anticipating problems and offering solutions to ensure availability
  • Identifying and solving bugs
  • Creating application management policies
  • Generating reports to better understand application performance

Why Should You Consider BairesDev’s Managed Application Services?

BairesDev offers you best-in-class Managed Application Services that can help you closely monitor your digital environment and maintain its availability at all times. Our seasoned team of engineers focus on different areas to make sure that your applications don’t suffer any disruptions, including:

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    We manage your essential applications, ensuring service availability, capacity, and security as well as proper maintenance and optimization.
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    We help you integrate new technologies and solutions into your infrastructure, guaranteeing high availability and performance throughout the process.
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    We analyze your digital environment and identify improvement opportunities in an ongoing cycle to be sure that your apps are always up to date.
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    We help you upgrade and update your legacy applications to keep the potential impact on the overall infrastructure to a minimum.

Benefits of Managed Application Services

There are multiple reasons why many companies are now relying on managed application services. Some of them include:

  • Reducing costs

    An experienced managed application services provider can streamline your application infrastructure and help you sort out bottlenecks and issues affecting your performance. Thus, you can improve your productivity, reduce the costs associated with inefficient software, and relieve your team to focus on value-generating tasks.

  • Improving application performance and security

    When you have a dedicated managed application services team, you can rest assured that you’ll always get the applications and technologies you need in top shape. That means that your infrastructure will perform at its highest level while also providing you with the robust defense that the latest upgrades can offer your business.

  • Enhancing your change management strategy

    All applications are in constant evolution. That means that your digital infrastructure has to keep up with those changes to ensure that you’re using the latest and most modern technologies out there. A managed application services provider can relieve you from having to deal with that, adding years of experience to your change management strategy.

  • Speeding up your cloud adoption

    Using cloud-based solutions is a must in today’s landscape. That’s because those tools provide enough flexibility for companies to face the challenges of the highly dynamic nature of today’s business environment. Thankfully, a great managed application services provider can help you migrate to the cloud, seamlessly integrating your existing solutions with cloud software and potentiating your digital infrastructure all around.

  • Getting access to senior talent

    Partnering with a managed application services provider will allow you to quickly add senior professionals to your team who are capable of dealing with the complex tasks associated with managing multiple applications. The best part is that you don’t have to invest considerable time or money to find these qualified experts who can really make a difference in your operations.

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BairesDev has the know-how and experience to take care of your application infrastructure and add value to your operations from the get-go. Our engineering teams are highly skilled in dealing with complex environments and can quickly detect potential issues, identify improvement opportunities, and offer expert advice that can boost the productivity of your applications. 

Want to start enjoying the benefits of managed application services offered by a reputable provider?

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