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How To Keep Track of Clients in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry relies on gathering, analyzing, and interpreting a significant amount of data. Property managers and real estate agents are responsible for handling a large client base, several properties, financing, investing, and many other ventures.

This data provides many challenges but also a lot of opportunities if properly managed. With the proper real estate data management and comprehensive data strategy, these organizations have the ability to fully take advantage of their assets.

Agents with a small-to-medium-sized number of real estate leads are often comfortable managing and keeping track of them manually or even through social media. However, as their base increases, these methods quickly become inefficient, and they start feeling overwhelmed by the data.

That’s why many property managers rely on using centralized software tools that allow them to keep all their customers’ information in one place. These systems are customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

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CRM Software for Real Estate

CRM software for the real estate industry allows agents to manage all aspects of their business from one platform wherever they are. Customization of their real estate data management software for their business needs also helps to ensure maximum efficiency.

Real estate companies often use these technologies to collect personal and financial data from clients, automatically communicate with potential leads, track lead generation campaigns, and more. A few examples of the most popular real estate CRM software on the market today include:

  • Freshsales
  • Pipedrive
  • LionDesk
  • Propertybase
  • Wise Agent

The Most Important Features That Every Real Estate CRM Tool Must Have

Real estate CRM tools must allow property managers and agents access to a wide variety of information with a simple click. Some of the most important features every real estate CRM tool must have include contact management, deal management, and lead attraction functionalities.

  • Simple Communication

    Property managers and agents need to constantly communicate with clients, the office, and their teams. They’re constantly sharing daily reports, collaterals, and several other documents that travel back and forth many times a day. A good CRM tool should provide a simple, safe, and quick way to communicate and share files.

  • Contact Management

    CRM contact management abilities are more than simply listing clients and their information. A good real estate CRM tool allows agents to quickly pull any client’s information, organize their contacts by different categories, and determine which leads are hot or cold and would better react to their next marketing campaign.

  • Email Marketing

    An email will always be a powerful marketing tool as well as the most professional way of communicating. A CRM tool allows users to send automatic emails, manage newsletters, and determine powerful keywords to include in some of the most important emails. This tool also takes care of thank-you messages and any other types of personalized emails.

  • Deal Management

    Managing and closing deals is another big part of real estate businesses, so a proper CRM tool needs to have built-in features that handle deals. It should help agents track a deal’s progress, set up meetings, and easily access necessary documents.

  • Reports and Analytics

    Real estate CRM tools provide weekly or monthly (or both) reports and analytics. Agents then use this type of information to improve the overall business. These reports allow agents to understand what works for their business and what doesn't. This way they can focus on campaigns that will help reach better lead generation and close more deals.

  • Lead Attraction

    A good real estate CRM tool ensures that agents frequently get new leads without effort. Through automated marketing campaigns, data mining, and grouping of similar data, CRM software allows property managers to know what their potential clients are looking for.

Why It’s Important for Your Real Estate Business to Have a CRM

Having a CRM is important for any real estate business because at some point it becomes impossible to successfully manage the entirety of data gathered. A CRM allows agents to manage clients, properties, revenue, and any other venture from a single spot that they can access whenever and wherever.

There is constant communication between every single management system a realtor might need. They can use that same system to perform several different processes, including meeting potential clients, launching management campaigns, and closing deals.

Real estate data management software allows agents to follow their sales pipeline, connect with prospects, and promote their services all at once. At the same time, they’re constantly receiving feedback and insights that allow them to analyze their business performance.

To find the right real estate data management software, real estate organizations should start by figuring out their needs. From there, finding a good CRM tool to help them improve their business should be an easy task—and BairesDev offers many solutions for real estate companies.

However, even if using CRM software takes some work off their hands, real estate agents still have a lot on their plate as it is. It might be a good idea to consider outsourcing this type of work, particularly when it comes to real estate marketing campaigns.

Both small and large companies can benefit from this. It is a way to allow property managers and agents to focus on their areas of expertise, executing their tasks faster and more efficiently. They also have more time to be creative with their work and might experiment with fresh new ideas.

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Start Creating the CRM That Your Real Estate Company Needs

A good CRM tool helps real estate companies succeed by organizing their company’s data into helpful, insightful information applicable to real life. To get started on your own custom CRM, reach out to BairesDev today.

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