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In today’s world, communication is everything, especially for business. Having the right infrastructure can provide you with noticeable advantages in a lot of aspects: streamlining your workflow, allowing remote work through desktop and mobile devices, reaching out to customers and leads more quickly, and providing better support and service, among others. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

At BairesDev we know for a fact that coming up with specialized tools can be a challenge. That’s why we offer our telecom software development expertise for your company’s benefit. We have the experience in IT outsourcing services to tackle your issues and come up with innovative solutions, from implementing several protocols to forming an environment with multiple moving parts on the cloud. And we have the talent to take your digital telecommunications to the next level.

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Custom Services to Power your Communications

Working with the Top 1% of Tech Talent allows us to provide you with the services you need to scale up your company’s communications. We have proven experience in all kinds of telecom applications, from the implementation of cloud-based technologies to the creation of a tailor-made application for enterprise clients. Our developers have the skills needed to accommodate your business needs and provide you high results, no matter the solution you’re looking for.

Some of the solutions for telecommunications we’ve worked on include:

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    Operation Support Systems (OSS)
    OSS are the other major component of your infrastructure since they help you manage your networks. These systems provide you with management functions that cover network inventory and configuration, service provisioning, and fault management, among others.

    The BairesDev team has the expertise to create tailor-made telecom solutions to support your OSS. We have your back in two main areas. First, we can aid you in developing VoIP-based services to diversify and sophisticate your communications. Thus, we can come up with server-side applications for soft switches and personalized SIP clients for smooth end-to-end connections over the web.

    Additionally, we can design customized tools with which you can manage multiple key operations more efficiently, including performance and fault management, trouble ticketing automation, fraud protection, and network resources inventory, among others.

    Both of these systems are key to a successful strategy. That’s why we put careful attention to their building, deployment, and maintenance, as we look forward to the integration of all communication platforms into your digital infrastructure.
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    Business Support Systems (BSS) and Data Application
    BSS provide support for 4 essential processes in your company: product, order, revenue, and customer management. Thus, these systems take care of some of the most important procedures in your daily activities, from pricing and customer self-servicing to billing and order handling.

    BairesDev can develop tailor-made platforms, tools, applications, and systems that can make all the difference in those operations. For instance, our software development teams can create a mobile charging and billing application that will let your clients have instant access to their plans.

    We can also build a CRM platform that will provide your customers with the possibility to check their purchase history, access loyalty programs, and enjoy a better service overall. In the meantime, you can use the integrated analytics application to predict future behaviors and increase your client retention rate through technology.

    Want more? BairesDev developers can design a customer self-service portal on the cloud. You can personalize it in any way you want and integrate it with company systems, data analysis tools, and even social media. We can also work on a mobile corporate portal as well, which will help you with workflow automation, data management, and employee management.

    Finally, our team of engineers can improve the performance of your business process by providing you rich data-related technologies. For instance, we can create an application that aggregates data from multiple sources into a single database. From that database, you can use analytics to evaluate different parameters and get valuable insights to make more informed decisions.
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    Custom Telecom Software Development Solutions
    Customize Value Added Services are everything that isn’t covered by BSS and OSS but that can bring an additional level to your communications ecosystem. This means that we can tackle any project you might have in mind when it comes to telecom solutions, from an IPTV platform to a mobile virtual call center.

    We have enough knowledge about the latest tools for building and testing anything that can benefit your company. We have worked with multiple businesses across several industries and helped with developing cutting-edge solutions that met their unique needs, objectives, service, and particular vision.

Why Choose BairesDev for Telecom

The 3 custom services described above cover everything you need related to telecommunications. All applications you might think of can be tackled by our team of developers, who has the necessary experience in the industry thanks to years of working as a partner for various companies, startups, enterprises, and clients from all over the globe.

We can develop all kinds of solutions for both on-site and cloud-based IT infrastructures. We can devise any back-end telecommunication architecture to ensure your network management, maintenance, and provisioning. We can even work with all of the major protocols and technologies in the field, including Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, Direct Outward Dialing (DOD), and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

What’s more, we work in compliance with the highest security standards to ensure that all of your data stays safe and private, especially with web-based platforms. Thus, our team can engineer solutions with network security protocols such as the Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security (SSL / TLS), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP, and Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA).

Finally, we aim to provide you with operational excellence and efficiency in any project you trust us with. That’s why we make sure to stay on top of the latest technology, so we can design proper solutions for your field that can give you a competitive advantage.

Thus, we don’t just work with established tech and tools but can also work with emerging trends like IoT, blockchain, progressive mobile apps, and artificial intelligence. We can work on the integration of those technologies with your existing resources to provide you with the ultimate features. Besides, we carry out extensive testing phases to ensure that those features are robust enough for you.

Guaranteed Talent and a Model for Every Need

Our wide array of custom services for the telecommunications industry should be enough for you to consider us as your partner for your next idea. But in case you still aren’t convinced, then you’ll be glad to learn that we can provide you with the highest quality products in the market. That’s because we work with the Top 1% of Tech Talent that ensures that we always have the most skilled developers on cue and ready to work on your brand’s transformation.

To make sure that we only work with the best engineers in the market, we’ve developed a strict tech-driven selection process. Thanks to the help of our proprietary algorithms, we can sift through more than 240,000 candidates a year to pick only those that have the most potential. After that initial process is done, we put them through rigorous analysis using the highest standards and tests available.

That leads with an elite Top 1% team that combines expertise, experience, and soft skills that add value with their work. That focus on talent is combined with our Agile approach to development in a way that you’ll surely find BairesDev can meet your requirements, whatever they are. In fact, you can pick any of the 3 models we offer to be sure that it fits what you’re looking for.

A Better Communication Awaits You

Custom Telecom Software Development is a must for any company, enterprise, or startup, regardless of their industries. That’s why more and more businesses are hiring software development companies to design telecommunication apps that perfectly align with their practices, strategies, and corporate objectives. Today, doing so is essential.

So, if you truly want to stand out among your competitors, bring superior tools to your customers, and ensure the best workflow for your employees, then you need to sophisticate your digital environment. For that, there’s no better partner than BairesDev’s experts.

We can create the product you want from scratch, help you in a particular stage of development, provide you with the analysis of a specific challenge, guide you through testing, and even aid you with implementation, maintenance, and support. We even offer consulting sessions!

We can do that thanks to our Agile-based mentality, our compliance with modern regulations and standards, our security procedures to safeguard your data, and our innovative ideas that leverage the power of the latest technologies from the IoT to the blockchain. All of that is combined with the enterprise-level IT experts that can provide high quality and value through and through, regardless of the product or architecture you’re imagining.

Contact us today and let us know what we can do to improve your business communications. We can surely introduce your company to a better way of communicating.

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