MERN Stack Developer Hiring Guide

In a world where mobile applications remain center stage, creating quick apps for any brand or service is the best way to promote and reach users. Those who are highly experienced in the digital field also know that the correct way to build any application is through the MEAN stack’s subtype MERN Stack! Many companies are already in the process of hiring the top MERN Stack developers.

MERN Stack Developer Hiring Guide 4

Why Hire a MERN Stack Developer?

The MERN Stack paves the way to a proper architectural design to help build a smooth and interactive interface for developing web and mobile apps. MERN stands for the 4 main levels that build up the interface for the MERN framework. MERN Stack technologies include:

  • MongoDB database management system
  • Express.js 
  • React.js for Artificial intelligence 
  • Node.js 

MERN Stack turns any basic application into a highly responsive, informative, and helpful asset that helps attract more users and reach optimum client satisfaction. MERN Stack developers use the functions of these 4 technologies and insert them into one coding pattern condensable to single-page app development. This tech stack takes a minimum amount of time for MERN developers while providing maximum results for any business. It also makes MERN Stack developers are highly sought after across different industry verticals.

How Do You Hire MERN Stack Developers?

Even though there are multiple benefits of using MERN Stack, it’s also important to hire the top MERN Stack developers to get the work done. If not done properly, MERN Stack results in a lot of bugs and handling problems for the end users. Before trying to hire a MERN Stack developer, companies should educate themselves as much as possible. A few examples of hiring strategies include:

  • Outsourcing
    Choosing to work with an outsourcing team is a great way for companies to gain the skills and experience of seasoned MERN Stack developer services without the costs, extended timelines, and general hassle of trying to find an in-house employee.

An outsourcing provider of cost-effective, skilled developers, such as BairesDev, helps connect companies with the MERN Stack experts they require for simple fees instead of monthly salaries, insurance payments, cost of equipment, and so on throughout the development process. Since there’s currently a global shortage of technical expertise for the tech industry as well, outsourcing helps reduce the time it takes to hire MERN Stack developers while gaining access to the latest technologies.

  • Employee Referrals
    Running an employee referral program can help companies with hiring MERN Stack experts for a development team. Companies may ask their employees to refer their contacts who have the technical expertise for the business to help them hire developers. Many companies offer an incentive in return for their efforts depending on business requirements.
  • Staff Augmentation

This is a great way for companies to access the best MERN Stack developers without hiring a whole team or hiring in-house. Staff augmentation allows companies to hire MERN Stack developers or a project manager as needed to act as part of their own development team without the hassle and costs for e-commerce development, CMS development, and so on.

Job Description for MERN Stack Developers

An example of a job description for MERN Stack developers is as follows:

We are looking to hire MERN Stack developers to join our growing company. The right candidate will have the ability to work independently and on a team successfully with good communication skills. They must also have the ability to write, maintain, and test reusable, efficient code for projects of all sizes.

Additional responsibilities for dedicated MERN Stack developers include:

  • Translate wireframes and designs into functional and secure web applications and mobile applications
  • Create and edit frontend web design and architecture 
  • Have excellent knowledge of JavaScript object models, RESTful services with Node.js, REST apis, and other relevant technologies
  • Design interfaces that are user-friendly for client support and can gain and store a client database 
  • Work with a backend development team to resolve issues and provide web applications solutions for the application’s smooth functioning  
  • Test runs to ensure safety and control of web applications

Generally, it’s a good idea for MERN Stack developers to have a degree in computer science or an equal amount of hands-on experience, especially when dealing with custom application development.

How To Find the Correct MERN Stack Development Services Candidate

Sometimes, especially during the global talent shortage, it’s difficult to hire MERN Stack developers for e-commerce development and CMS development. The following items are good ways to test if potential candidates are the right MERN Stack experts and project managers.

  • Experience
    Considering the qualifications rather than their personal experiences in the field is a common mistake made in the process of hiring MERN Stack developers. Sometimes a person may not have the qualifications on paper but might have worked on several different projects in the past with cutting-edge technologies, which still makes them a better choice than the ones with only qualifications and no prior experience in MERN Stack development services.
  • Test Project
    Test projects are the best way to go when the shortlist for MERN Stack development services has a few candidates and hiring managers remain unsure about which candidate is the best fit. They may ask the shortlisted candidates to submit a small test project to help the assessment process and showcase the skills of a dedicated MERN Stack developer.
  • Skills Check
    It’s necessary to make sure that applicants are properly skilled in all the front- and backend languages that are necessary to hire developers for MERN Stack development. Conducting a panel interview is often the best way to accomplish this so that everyone involved in hiring has the ability to assess the candidates per their knowledge, and ultimately help in selecting the best MERN Stack developers.

MERN Stack Developer Interview Questions

The following questions are just a few examples of insightful skills questions for hiring managers to ask potential employees or developers filling necessary roles for MERN Stack developers.

It’s just a view library and not a full framework. It’s difficult for new developers and the code only increases in complexity with inline templating and JSX. Integrating React.js into other frameworks sometimes requires additional configurations. There are many smaller components that sometimes cause problems such as over-engineering when developing web applications.

In MongoDB, sharding is a method for distributing data across multiple machines to support deployments with large datasets and high throughput operations. Through sharding, MongoDB supports horizontal scaling throughout the development process and shards data at the collection level by developers. This distributes the collection data across the shards in a cluster.

  1. Faster code execution
  2. Asynchronous event-driven input/output with concurrent request handling
  3. Highly scalable and single-threaded
  4. Uses JavaScript for Node.js library
  5. No buffering for faster business needs
  6. Active online community for support, success stories, and business productivity

Hire Dedicated Mern Stack Developers

Hiring the right dedicated MERN Stack developer for the job is often the biggest issue for many companies. By working with an outsourcing provider or staff augmentation provider to hire MERN Stack developers, companies gain access to highly skilled, dedicated MERN Stack developers and MERN Stack programmers without all the headaches that come along with the traditional hiring process, in a more cost-effective and fixed-cost basis for MERN Stack development.

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