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When your business is choosing a .NET development company to create your next app, website, or other technologies, you must find a team that not only has the expertise to provide you with unique enterprise solutions but also uses tools compatible with your business needs. One commonly used platform is .NET.

BairesDev is a custom software development company based in Argentina that provides .NET solutions to organizations around the world. Our dedicated team will work with you on application development, software maintenance, and much more to make sure your project is successful.

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What Is .NET?

Created by Microsoft, .NET is a platform used for web, mobile, desktop, IoT, and other application development. It incorporates libraries, languages, and other technologies to build products. The framework is open-source and generally runs on Microsoft Windows, although some versions are cross-platform.

Some frameworks extend the services and capabilities of Microsoft’s .NET application development, such as ASP.NET. ASP.NET Core is specifically used for web development.

Among other features, ASP.NET Core offers a multi-faceted authentication system, Razor — a powerful syntax for building dynamic websites in C# — and extensive libraries. ASP.NET Core also integrates with additional frameworks, including JavaScript.

Apps, Website Development, Oracle Databases, and More

.NET developers can build a variety of products using the .NET framework. From web services and applications that run on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Docker to mobile and gaming applications to microservices, the possibilities are endless. 

BairesDev will work with your company to provide solutions that meet your business needs using the .NET framework. No matter where you’re located, we’ll provide seamless integration with your in-house development team, or our .NET developers will work independently to create the technologies you need.

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    Cloud, Mobile, and Desktop Apps
    With the .NET framework, you can facilitate web development and application development across a variety of devices and for many different purposes. Mobile, cloud, web applications are scalable, have fast runtimes, and more when built under the expertise of a dedicated .NET development company like BairesDev.

Why .NET Development?

Why should your business use a .NET development company for consulting, integration with your team, or other purposes? There are many advantages to using .NET to create your next app or webpage.

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    Language Versatility
    The framework is language-independent, which means it can work with multiple languages, including C#, C++, F#, IronPython, IronRuby, and VB.NET. Frameworks like ASP.NET Core offer plenty of language support.
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    Speed of Development
    Using .NET, you can build products quickly. ASP.NET Core applications, for example, are compiled, which means the code is translated into object code before execution. Compiled code is quick and efficient which leads to a high-performance.
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    Cost-Effective Platform
    .NET Core, including tools like ASP.NET Core, is open-source, with a huge community of OSS contributors. It’s often cost-effective, and you and your developers will have plenty of tools and resources to access, including environments and troubleshooting tips.
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    Reusable Code
    The .NET framework provides extensive libraries of reusable code. This means less time spent coding for your developers — in turn leading to lower costs and faster turnaround time for your apps.
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    Finally, because of features like managed runtime — which prevents hackers from altering compiled code —, .NET offers excellent security. Microsoft provides frequent updates and resources to help developers write secure code, too.

What Makes the Best .NET Development Company?

The best .NET development companies are those that hire top professionals who are up-to-date on the latest development methods. Excellent .NET development firms have completed numerous successful projects, resulting in a solid reputation. They provide regular communication during the project and post-project support afterward. And, in addition to solid technical skills, their developers are strong listeners and collaborators.  

When seeking a .NET development company, look for the following characteristics:


The vendor should have a good reputation as evidenced by an authoritative website, positive client reviews, and longevity in the marketplace.


Technical know-how

If a company hires only the best talent, you’ll know it because it will make this factor a top-selling point. The company you contract with should include team members who are well trained and experienced in your specific type of project.


People skills

A developer may be excellent at coding but not so great at communicating. You need people on your team who are both. They should be good at listening to your needs, addressing your concerns, and working with your team.


Cultural fit

No one company is going to be a good fit for every potential client. So, look for a firm that is a match with your geography, working hours, language, and company culture.



The best .NET development vendors offer their support to your people before, during, and after the project, with enough training to ensure you can use the software on your own.


What to Look For

If you need any of these types of projects developed, you may want to hire a .NET development company to help. Here’s what to look for:

  • Credibility

    Before interviewing any potential vendors, do your homework. Determine what you need up front and then perform an online research to find a few companies that look like good candidates. Make sure your search includes finding reviews from past clients. Also, consider things like their online presence (do they have an authoritative blog?) and how long they’ve been in business.

  • Skillset

    Ensure the company you choose has the technical skills needed to complete your project. Ask for samples of projects that are similar in size, scope, and functionality, ideally within your industry.

  • Professionalism

    This item might also be described as “soft skills.” Company representatives should start by listening very carefully to your needs and understanding what you want to accomplish with this project. They should be responsive to questions, on time for meetings, and available to explain their process.

  • Fit

    Because you’ll be working closely with the development team, make sure there is a good fit – not just in technical expertise, but also in language, culture, and physical proximity. For example, if you decide to hire a nearshore development company like BairesDev, you’ll get the benefits of a team that works the same hours as you.

  • Value

    Naturally, cost should be a factor in your decision. But don’t make your choice solely based on how many zeros are included in the pricing estimate. Instead, think about the value you’re getting. For example, how much money will your company save and how much efficiency will it gain by having this project completed?

  • Support

    Make sure the company you choose will provide post-project support, especially if your application is highly complex.

Consider a Latin American Vendor

If your company is located in the U.S., you have the option of choosing a developer there or in virtually any other part of the world. U.S. developers are known for their high level of education and expertise, while those in other countries, such as India are known for low fees. 

Yet, providers in Latin American countries offer the best of all worlds: developers are thoroughly trained, highly proficient, and very professional. Only those who speak English exceptionally well are hired by development companies. Their location puts them in close time zones to those in the U.S. and workers share a common culture with their neighbors to the north. Their services are also cost-effective and often backed up with excellent post-project support.

Brazil is the No. 1 software outsourcing country in the region and 13th in the world, boasting over 475,000 software developers as of 2018. In addition to the benefits already described, the Brazilian government has a program called Start-Up Brazil, which encourages technology development by bringing together tech accelerators and startups.

Likewise, Colombia boasts over 64,000 software developers and is on track to make the country bilingual (with English as a second language) by 2025.

Argentina is another major tech hotspot and is highly ranked as an exporter of computer services generally and for software outsourcing specifically. It invests more in education than almost any other developing country, including free university, and maintains the highest level of English proficiency in Latin America. Outsourcing fees are among the lowest in the region.

BairesDev is just one example of these companies, with technical expertise as well as experience deploying outsourcing teams that know how to get your project done quickly, efficiently, and enjoyably. BairesDev has worked on projects involving .NET for companies like Netgear, Associated Press, Motorola, and Thomson Reuters.

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BairesDev’s .NET Services for Your Next Application

BairesDev is one of the top .NET development companies in the world. Contact us today to learn more about our software solutions and why you should outsource to Latin America!

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