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When you’re looking to hire tech developers, there are many specialties and tools to consider. One technology that should be on your radar is NodeJS. 

Why does your company need to focus on Node.js developers? First off, given how popular JavaScript is — thanks to the widespread deployment of web apps — extending that language beyond the web browser makes it possible for your company to take advantage of a very large pool of outstanding developers. Of course, there are many other benefits to explore as well.

So, let’s take a look at how and where to find the best Node JS developers.

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How to Hire a Node JS Developer? Considerations, Skills & Questions

  • Before You Hire a Node JS Development Team

    Node JS is a scalable, cross-platform, open-source runtime environment for server-side application development. You will not be looking solely for a Node JS developer, per se, but a strong developer who has experience leveraging the tool in their projects.

    As with any development project, begin by taking stock of your needs and the qualities the professional should have in order to fit in with your team. This will give you a starting point for hiring a Node JS developer.
  • Skills to Look For in a Node JS Developer

#1 Experienced with Git and GitHub.

Git is a version control system (VCS) that allows developers to manage and keep track of previous versions of their code, while GitHub is a repository hosting service that enables developers to host, share, and collaborate on projects. Both are useful tools for all developers to understand since they will likely be relying on them in their work.

#2 Understands most popular front-end technologies

While Node JS supports back-end or server-side development, developers using the technology should still have knowledge of front-end development and how the two aspects of the project work together. So, it’s important for a Node developer to understand frontend technologies in addition to those that are applied to the backend.

#3 Has the ability to write tests

Node JS developers will need to be able to test their code and perform bug fixes during the development process. They must also document their entire process, including the testing and maintenance phases. 

While the developers themselves are not responsible for conducting comprehensive testing — this is typically the job of the quality assurance (QA) team — they will need to run various tests during the development phase, such as unit testing. This involves isolating small chunks of code and testing them to ensure that they function and behave correctly on their own and within the context of the larger project.

#4 Knows Agile methodologies and DevOps

Agile and DevOps are philosophies/methodologies most developers will encounter. Your organization more than likely relies on these principles. So, any Node JS developer should know the ins and outs of them in order to complete their work successfully. 

The practices of Agile and DevOps themselves are better suited to different environments and types of projects, but chances are good that your developers will have encountered both of them at some point, probably quite frequently. If they haven’t, that’s a problem. 

#5 Experienced in your niche

Of course, you will need a Node JS developer who has plenty of experience using the technology and related ones, such as JavaScript. But you should also look for a professional with experience working with Node and other tools specifically in your niche. This will better equip them with the ability to predict and navigate challenges that may occur, as well as see opportunities to improve your products.

#6 Understanding of TypeScript/CoffeeScript

TypeScript and CoffeeScript are respectively a superset and an enhanced version of JavaScript. They are capable of running within the system without a browser, but that requires a JavaScript runtime — like Node JS. That’s why it is useful for a Node developer to have knowledge of these two programming languages. 

#7 Knowledge of databases

Node JS is capable of being integrated with databases and related tools like MongoDB, NoSQL, and PL/SQL. Therefore, you should look for a developer who understands how to manage, modify, and build databases.

#8 Has a variety of soft skills

Too often, we focus on the technical side of things when hiring developers of any type. While these abilities are certainly important, soft skills matter, too. These are the qualities that can set tech talent apart and give you insight into not only what the developer will do but how they will do it, their work ethic and style, and how they will fit in with your company and team.

For example, the Node JS developer should be a problem solver — someone who is capable of coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems while thinking quickly on their feet. They should also be a strong communicator and collaborator who works well with team members and can voice their ideas and opinions clearly, as well as accept feedback from others graciously.

Because Node.js will depend on other moving parts, you should also be looking for developers who can collaborate with a team, without ego getting in the way.

Top Interview Questions to Hire Node JS Developers

How does Node.js work?

Node.js is a virtual machine that uses JavaScript as a scripting language to run code in the V8 JavaScript engine. This event-driven architecture makes it possible to run I/O asynchronously.


How do you deal with package management in Node.js?

Node.js includes a built-in package manager, called npm, that makes it easy to install third-party applications and libraries to extend the functionality.


What are the Control Flow steps for controlling function calls?

  1. Control the order of execution
  2. Collect data
  3. Limit concurrency
  4. Call the following step in the program

How is a fork used in Node.js?

A fork is used in Node.js to create a new instance of the V8 engine to run multiple workers for the execution of code.


What are the two types of API functions found in Node.js?

  • Asynchronous: non-blocking functions for I/O operations that can fork out of the main loop.
  • Synchronous: blocking functions for operating on processes running in the main loop.

Define Node.js streams.

Streams are instances of EventEmitter that can be used to work with streaming data and can handle and manipulate the streaming of larger files.

A buffer is a temporary chunk of data used by a stream to hold data until it is consumed.

For more tips on hiring Node JS developers and tech talent in general, refer to our list of tech interview questions and answers.


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Thanks to the popularity of JavaScript and the widespread need for multiplatform applications, Node.js has become incredibly important for businesses. That translates to an easy win for any company looking to hire Node.js developers.

Remember how many websites there are, and the percentage of sites that use JavaScript? Although Node.js is only used by 1.3% of websites, there are 1.86 billion websites, so which means that there are over 2.4 million websites using Node.js. That’s not a number to sneeze at. With those numbers at your back, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a Node.js developer who is more than qualified for the job.

Node.js is also very fast, lightweight, scalable, and efficient. It’s also one of the world’s largest ecosystems of open-source libraries.

But why would you need to run JavaScript outside of the web browser? Simply put, when JavaScript is limited to running inside a web browser, it’s seriously limited. When you break the execution free from the constraints of the web browser, you open the language up to so much more. Unlike JavaScript, Node.js can:

  • Generate dynamic page content.
  • Create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on a server.
  • Collect form data.
  • Add, delete, and modify data in your database.

And with Node.js, you’re not just limited to building a single type of application. You can also build hybrid apps, REST APIs, and desktop applications. So Node.js is incredibly flexible. Unlike JavaScript, which is limited to running within a web browser, Node.js can take that JavaScript code and run it just about anywhere.

When crafting a Node JS developer or any tech developer job description, first, think about your objectives for the role. These should be outlined clearly, along with the most important skills and qualifications. It’s important to keep an eye on inclusivity when you’re writing a job description, too — even certain words or phrases that seem innocuous can exclude certain groups or deter them from applying.

At BairesDev, we use a comprehensive, rigorous process to evaluate applicants and ensure we hire only the top 1% of tech talent. This includes tests, skills evaluations, an AI-powered tool that vets qualifications, interviews, and more. We also take into account the Node JS developer’s fit with the client to ensure that we find the best match possible. 

A Node JS developer in the United States can expect to earn around $100,000 annually. This figure will vary considerably depending on experience, education, location, freelance vs. full-time status, and numerous other factors. In most countries in Latin America, earnings tend to be somewhat lower. 

BairesDev hires developers and other tech talent across a range of niches. Node JS is just one such specialty — we also have developers specializing in various languages, stacks, and areas of development. Additionally, we offer QA testing, UX design, project management, and much more.

There are many skills and qualifications to look for in a Node JS developer, such as deep expertise in JavaScript and related languages, experience with databases, and knowledge of how to use Git and GitHub. Additionally, the developer should have a variety of soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.

BairesDev is the best source of tech outsourcing talent in a range of specialties and niches, including Node JS and JavaScript. We hire only the top 1% of tech talent and ensure that we find the right fit for your company and team. BairesDev offers Staff Augmentation, Delivery Team, and Software Outsourcing models to meet individual needs and objectives.

Node.js should definitely be on your company’s radar. With this language at play, your developers will be empowered to write more apps for more platforms. That alone is worth the price of admission. You don’t want to limit your company’s online platform to web apps only. Expand your offerings and you’ll grow your customer base and profits.

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