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Over the last decade, Software as a Service (SaaS) has become an essential technology for many businesses around the world. That’s because SaaS makes it possible for companies of all sizes to access different applications on-demand in the most cost-effective way. In other words, the SaaS model is what powers the web-based economy by providing platforms to accommodate most business needs.

If you’re interested in taking full advantage of the benefits of a SaaS application, then you’ve come to the right place. BairesDev is the perfect SaaS development company to take care of all your SaaS-related needs. Through our custom SaaS development services, you can see any cloud-based idea you might have come to life. We have a proven track record of successful SaaS solutions that have changed the face of numerous startups, enterprise-level brands, and customers across different industries. 

That has provided us with the SaaS development know-how to tackle any project you might have in mind. You just need to tell us your strategy, vision, and requirements and we’ll start working on your SaaS application right away. 

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Access the Highest-Quality SaaS Application Development Services Designed for You

Our SaaS development team has a smooth and polished procedure to work on your SaaS application and maximize the efficiency of the resulting platform. Thus, our developers can design, build, deploy, maintain, and help with testing your SaaS solutions according to your specific business needs. 

We know that such a comprehensive SaaS software development process can be quite challenging. That’s why we’ve come up with a wide array of services that allows our team to tackle different SaaS applications with the same efficiency. With these SaaS services, we strike the right balance between your available resources and your specific vision. From integrating current applications within your digital environment to updating your legacy SaaS solutions and technology, our developers have the expertise to get you the results you’re looking for.

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    SaaS Software Development
    SaaS applications have become common allies for businesses everywhere, which has increased the number of off-the-shelf alternatives on the market. Thus, you can always search the SaaS application marketplace to find a suitable solution. However, this prevents your company from fully leveraging the power of custom-made applications. If that’s what you’re after, then BairesDev is the way to go.

    Our SaaS developers can create a scalable application that fits your business processes like a glove. In other words, we can work on custom applications that adapt to any requirements while offering you the scalability level you desire, and with the special features, you might want to get superb performance from your SaaS solution.
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    Cloud Migration and Re-Engineering
    Since SaaS applications have been around for quite some time, chances are you already have a platform in place. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from our SaaS software development services. While you might not need to start a project from scratch, you’ll surely need to upgrade your SaaS systems at one point or another. Fortunately, our developers can help you with that, too.

    For instance, our experts aid our customers with their SaaS migration from their existing technology stack to a cloud-based one or to a newer version. We can even migrate your entire environment to a different technology! What’s more, our developers have vast expertise in cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. In that way, we can rework your code to fit new features that leverage the power of the latest technologies, thus improving your overall efficiency.
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    Mobile SaaS Development
    Some of our customers think of web-based solutions for desktop access when thinking about a SaaS application. Yet, it’s impossible to think of a comprehensive SaaS solution without factoring in the mobile aspect of it all. Since most workforces across different verticals are already using mobile applications for their day-to-day activities, the SaaS integration with the mobile environment is something you have to reckon with.

    How can you make use of the cloud when thinking about mobile SaaS solutions? By developing native or hybrid SaaS apps that can further your platform’s reach and capabilities. Thus, you’ll be enabling mobile users with the tools you already have at the center of your business process in a way that’s laser-focused on their mobile experiences.
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    Multi-tenant Architecture Management
    Yous existing SaaS system might be good for you but maybe you need to serve multiple tenants to get the maximum benefit from it while reducing maintenance costs in the long run. That’s when you need a SaaS application development company such as BairesDev to adapt your current systems and achieve your management goals.

    Our SaaS developers can create SaaS software based on a multi-tenant architecture that can offer maximum performance for multiple concurrent users without having to sacrifice features. We can also rework your platform to integrate this capability, thus ensuring you get the most from your SaaS platform for the same costs.
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    Company-Wide Support and Maintenance
    If you have used different platforms and technologies for your business, you already know that you’ll need to keep a tight testing and maintenance schedule to ensure that the system’s performance is in top shape. Naturally, that also applies to any custom SaaS application, which needs to be upgraded and analyzed periodically to guarantee they are working as expected. Thankfully, our maintenance staff can help you with keeping your technology up to date.

    You may also know that even the best maintained platforms out there will find unexpected hiccups and performance issues here and there. Fortunately, when that happens to your SaaS application, you can count on our SaaS support team to come to the rescue. We can remediate performance troubles whenever they happen and develop fixes to prevent them from happening again.

We can Help You Design and Develop Your Ideal SaaS Product

Your search for the perfect SaaS product development company ends here. We have the development services, experience, and expertise to build your SaaS applications while considering all the important aspects of the project – performance, security, and scalability. So, if you need to design and develop a SaaS application, then tell us your needs, technology requirements and objectives today!

Our Approach to Creating
Top SaaS Solutions

You might be wondering why you should choose BairesDev as the custom SaaS application development company for your SaaS application, given the number of startups and enterprise-level names offering SaaS development. Though we believe that our SaaS services are perfect to convince anyone trying to get the most out of Software as a Service solutions, we have other reasons for you to see us as the right application development partner. 

First and foremost, we can work with a wide range of technologies to build a SaaS application, from ASP.NET, PHP, and Python, to RoR, Django, AWS, and Google Cloud. Any technology you might have in mind, we can manage it.

We also put the security of our customers at the top of the priority list. We do so through a two-step approach to security. First, we have a strong development process that complies with common security requirements across many industries and fields. And second, we work those security measures into your SaaS product to boost its protection for the data coming from you and your customers. We have solid testing practices to be sure of that!

Our process uses enterprise development and coding practices such as Continuous Integration and Deployment that, combined with an Agile methodology, guarantee the delivery of your SaaS application in time and according to your deadlines. 

But that’s not all. BairesDev also boasts a team of developers that are part of the top 1% of the IT talent available in the market. How can we be sure? Because we’ve developed a strict selection process to ensure that our collaborators have the level of expertise our customers need for their projects. We analyze more than 240,000 resumes per year and after a thorough technology-driven analysis, we’re able to hire only the best candidates. 

Our Services

At BairesDev, we offer 3 distinctive software outsourcing services to provide the
SaaS development and exceed your expectations.

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    Dedicated Teams
    These are autonomously-managed teams that allow you to focus on your core activities while we take care of the application development process. The teams can scale up your capabilities and work in sprints in your SaaS product development in the timeframe of your choice and with minimal oversight on your part.
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    IT Staff Augmentation
    If you already have an in-house IT team but are lacking a couple of key SaaS developers, then our IT Staffing Services are the perfect choice for you. With this model, you’ll be able to scale your team up with the talent you’re lacking. It doesn’t matter if it’s a developer, a UX designer, or a SaaS web expert – we can help you with what you need and provide the professionals you’re looking for in no time.
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    Software Outsourcing
    What happens if you really need a SaaS application but don’t have the IT talent nor the time to devote yourself to creating it? Then you hire BairesDev and use our full software outsourcing model. By doing it, you task us with the whole SaaS development process, from design to testing. You’ll only have to worry about meeting with us between sprints to check on the project’s progress.

From Outsourcing to Outpacing: How SaaS Companies Succeed

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    Rapid and enhanced growth

Software companies face particularly challenging barriers to success. One of the most pressing challenges is the rate at which they must grow to prosper.

Company growth depends on a variety of external factors, including market penetration, product adoption, and engagement. It also depends on a variety of internal factors, like product development and cost analysis. For most companies, an annual growth of 20% would certainly be an exciting achievement, but if a software company only grows 20% annually, it has a 92% chance of failing in just a few short years.

Many factors play into a software company’s failure to evolve quickly, including startup costs and failed marketing campaigns. Another factor that negatively affects growth, potentially underestimated, is employee motivation and satisfaction. Before that, finding qualified employees is a challenge. For SaaS companies, it can be difficult to determine whether or not a full-time employee is necessary for the project. That mistake can be costly. If a company hires and trains an employee only to not need them months later, both the cost to fire them and the cost to keep them on are quite high.

SasS companies often hire local talent to perform certain tasks, but those employees soon find themselves performing other duties that take them away from their core responsibilities. As time goes on, and when pressure for growth and development mounts, employee motivation to complete those peripheral job functions eventually decreases. When employee motivation deteriorates, so does progress.

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