A cloud-based platform for managing business processes

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides software as a service (SaaS) support for technical management. You can use ServiceNow to raise requests, incidents, and changes for issues and services. You can also set the level of incidents based on priority and access. 

ServiceNow was founded in 2004 around a tool for Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). ITSM still makes a major part of its revenue, but now ServiceNow offers many more services. In addition to ITSM, it’s now an integrated cloud solution that correlates all services and resources in a single record system. It has grown into 4 major services- ITSM, Security, HR Service Delivery, and operations.  

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How does ServiceNow work?

ServiceNow offers its clients the ability to achieve their issues management goals through unique instances for data isolation. You can list out information either for your team, your client, or your vendors. When the appropriate operator sees the ticket, a technician can be sent to diagnose and repair issues. This technique decreases dependency on spreadsheets and emails and provides autonomy to your team. This architecture also gives your IT leaders greater visibility into data and assets while reducing operational risks and downtime.


Through ServiceNow, you can create service models based on your SaaS requirements. These service models have all different product integrations (tasks, activities, and processes) that your business requires. You can customize the models according to your needs and confidentiality guidelines. Service models provide operational tracking and on-demand IT Service Management along with time analysis for tracking and monitoring. 

ServiceNow Applications in the Tech Industry

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    Process Automation
    The tech industry is rapidly changing. Tech companies must follow agile techniques to innovate their processes while managing their resources and services. ServiceNow helps tech companies automate business processes and have an end-to-end look at their tasks – allowing them to better visualize and manage enterprise workflows. This lets your team focus on innovation without worrying about repetitive tasks.
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    Machine Learning
    ServiceNow’s Intelligent Automation engine uses machine learning for leveraging company data for business decisions. Through this, you can prioritize and route tasks across businesses and use the gathered information for improving overall performance. The engine can also identify and predict problems that can cause extensive damage to your company, such as service outages. You can then develop contingencies to avoid its potential consequences.
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    HR Services
    Through ServiceNow, you can create a better onboarding experience for employees and manage them on a case-to-case basis. Automated tasks, checklists, and services can guide employees without the need for manual intervention. It improves employee performance visibility. In addition, you can use ServiceNow for offboarding and granting leave requests.
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    IT Security
    Through ServiceNow, you can identify potential security issues and alert your IT department. Through Security circles, you can quickly gather information from trusted sources and share it to rapidly accelerate the resolution process. This way, you get to adopt a collaborative approach to incidents without physically informing people.

Advantages of using ServiceNow

ServiceNow can define structures and automate workflow for the enterprise cloud. It streamlines service delivery and replaces manual intervention. Here are a few advantages of using ServiceNow for your company.

  • Simple

    Through ServiceNow, you can perform light-speed transactions and solve business issues without wasting time and resources. The time to configure a service is low, and you can easily get the system up and running with minimal effort.

    It means that you can immediately start tracking assets and working on change requests without worrying about setting variables and defaults into the platform.

  • Speed

    ServiceNow helps businesses operate faster by combining automation and process optimization. By using services to run activities and tasks, you can build rules to navigate your processes without working on the platform itself. The architecture is open, and you can use it on different systems. This saves a considerable amount of time when starting a new project.

  • Powerful Platform

    The ServiceNow platform is very powerful. You can define and deliver services, analyze incidents, and provide a service experience to your customers through it. ServiceNow’s workflow gives you access to resources along with the tools to secure systems and data. This improves the overall work performance and department efficiency.

  • Accessible

    Being a cloud-based platform, ServiceNow is very accessible. You don’t need to use a single computer to access the platform. You also don’t need to be dependent on a single database for your transactions.

    It can be accessed over different networks, and you can scale it as per customer requirements. And since it is a SaaS product, you can always customize it according to your business needs.

Modules of ServiceNow

Some of the most widely used ServiceNow products are: 

  • IT Service Management

    Tech Companies mainly use this product for smoothing out their ITIL practices. Through this, you can manage tickets, incidents, and changes. It also has analytics and insights that analysts can use to predict future issues and improve the overall company experience.

    Through ServiceNow, you can access different ITSM tools through a single system of action. You can also use AI-assisted recommendations to improve incident tracking and assignment. What’s more, you can proactively deliver high-quality service at scale by gaining knowledge through built-in dashboards and real-time analytics.

  • Security Operations

    Through ServiceNow’s Security Operations Tool, you can import data into a response engine that uses automation and AI to prioritize threats based on their potential impact.

    With ServiceNow Security Operations, you can identify and remedy vulnerabilities in your Now Platform. You can also secure data, organization assets, and software. Using this tool, vulnerability managers can automate their security software and work on Indicators of Compromise (IOC).

  • IT Asset management

    With ServiceNow, you can manage your hardware and software assets to optimize costs and increase efficiency. ServiceNow has many ITAM features, such as license management, warranty management, and advanced reports and insights.

    Through ServiceNow, you can scan assets and move them to different locations depending on your needs. You can also integrate ITAM with ITSM and optimize features such as software licenses and hardware tracking and managing cloud resources.

  • Finance operation management

    ServiceNow can manage all the activities for your company’s financial processes. It uses key applications and task orchestration to make your finance tasks easier.

    Using close finance automation, finance teams can streamline their operations, reduce risks from inefficiencies, monitor progress, and meet deadlines. You can manage task assignments across all functions. You can also use the platform for tracking employee salary and expenditures.

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