Best Locations for Offshore Web Development Outsourcing

Where to Turn for Your Web Development Needs? 

Having a digital presence is mandatory in today’s business world. Today, many organizations are seeking the support of offshore providers — development firms based in other countries — to help them create web apps and websites, among other technologies. Using an offshore company has a number of benefits, including lower costs and top talent. Many regions have emerged as global web development capitals. So, which one is right for you?

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Why Outsource Offshore Web Development?

Outsourcing offshore web development comes with many benefits.

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    If you’re based in North America, Western Europe, or Australia, using providers from developing countries is often significantly less expensive than relying on onshore talent. Outsourcing, in general, saves money, since outside teams have their own infrastructure and resources and pay their developers full-time salaries and benefits — so you don’t have to.
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    It can be difficult to find web developers with the specific skills you need right next door. When you expand your recruiting effort to encompass the entire world, you won’t have any trouble. Many offshore developers have a specialized skill set perfect for your needs. BairesDev, for example, is based in Argentina and employs only the Top 1% of IT Talent. Clutch, a business ratings and reviews organization, named the firm a top web development company, comparing it with other leading technology providers.
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    Risk Reduction
    When you contract an outside provider, you’re not taking on the burden of the project and meeting various requirements by yourself. Your outsourcing partner will also share the risk and responsibility, helping you not only achieve satisfactory results but also enabling you to meet global compliance regulations.
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    An offshore web development company can also offer you an outsider perspective on your project. As experts, they can lend insight and valuable experience. You’ll also have the added bonus of getting a take from a culture that’s not your own.

Latin America, the Best Region for Outsourcing Web Development

In recent years, Latin America has proven itself as a technology hotspot. Businesses from the U.S., in particular, appreciate not only the talent in the region but also the ability to communicate with outsourcing providers who are in the same or a similar time zone, geographically close by, and culturally similar. 

Investment in education — particularly that related to technology — and a high level of English proficiency also make Latin America a popular choice for your web development needs. Consider destinations such as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

Asia, the Region Offering the Lowest Rates

Asia in general – and India in particular — is often the first place that comes to mind for many people when they think of offshore web development. As one of the earliest technology outsourcing destinations, it’s full of talented developers. This is also where you’re likely to find the lowest rates, so if cost is an issue, it’s a good place to consider.

Bear in mind that cultural compatibility can sometimes be an issue when outsourcing web development to Asia. Language barriers, geographical proximity — or lack thereof — and other incompatibilities can lead to miscommunication and delayed timelines, so it’s important to have very clear terms and ensure that the development partner is a good fit before you begin working together.

Top countries in Asia for web development include China, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Eastern Europe, an Expanding Pool of IT Specialists

Eastern Europe is another important destination for web development outsourcing. Many countries in the region have a high level of English proficiency, and the area is convenient for businesses in Western Europe in particular. Rates are lower than in Western Europe, too, although still generally higher than those in Asia. The expanding pool of IT specialists in many of its countries, such as Poland, make it an ideal place to turn to for web development.

Some of the best countries for web development in Eastern Europe include Croatia, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.

Tips for Offshore Outsourcing Success

Follow these tips to make the most out of your outsourcing journey.

  • Research Outsourcing Companies

    In most cases, you won’t be able to meet with an offshore web development provider face-to-face, so you’ll need to do as much research about your prospective partner as possible. This includes reviewing a portfolio of previous web apps and websites they’ve built, as well as checking references and reviews. Resources for rankings and reviews include Clutch, Upwork, and Guru.

  • Clarify Requirements

    Clearly outline the requirements for your project, including goals, benchmarks, and others. You’ll also want to establish a timeframe to ensure that the provider is able to deliver your project within it. Put the requirements into writing to reduce any miscommunications.

  • Outline a Communication Plan

    In any outsourcing partnership, communication is a critical component of keeping the project running smoothly. Just because you’re operating in different parts of the world doesn’t mean you can’t touch base — in fact, that’s all the more crucial.

    Discuss details of how your partner will keep you up to date on the project’s process and resolve any issues that arise. You might regularly communicate on Slack or Whatsapp, for example, as well as have regular, longer meetings on Skype. You might also consider using project management tools like Trello to stay apprised of how various tasks and components of your project are coming along.

    Remember that your outsourcing team is probably not composed of native English speakers, so you need to make sure both partners understand and agree to the terms you’ve outlined. This is something to consider when selecting an offshore partner, to begin with — it will be extremely helpful if your point people have strong English skills. BairesDev’s staff is bilingual, so you can feel rest assured that you’ll have sound communication and avoid miscommunications.

    There are plenty of regions around the globe with talented web developers who can bring your project to life. If you’re looking for top talent at a competitive price, consider BairesDev for your offshore web app or website needs. We can complete your project independently or provide professionals to work with your staff and fill in the gaps. To learn more about our services, simply contact us.

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