The Dos and Don’ts for Successful Development Outsourcing

Why Choose Outsourcing?

A business’s digital infrastructure is now more important than ever. However, most companies simply don’t have the resources or time available to keep up with their digital needs in real-time. This includes everything from digital marketing to websites, applications, and more. Thankfully, the choice to outsource software development is a great way to save time, money, and stress for long-term success.

Choosing to partner with a company specializing in outsourced IT and software development is a great way to help companies take care of their technology needs without calling for a lengthy, stressful, and costly process of hiring a development team in-house.

With that said, some people find the task of searching, vetting, hiring, and eventually managing a team that isn’t located under the same roof to be a bit overwhelming. It’s only natural for them to have questions or doubts when outsourcing for the first time.

However, there is no perfect choice or single answer to the question of what is the best way to go about outsourcing in the long term. There are, thankfully, many solid “dos and don’ts” that every company should follow if they want to be successful from day one of an outsourcing partnership.

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The Dos of Software Development and IT Outsourcing

  • DO put processes in place from the very start of the business relationship. - Clear, concise organization is the ideal way to begin a new project or relationship with an outsourcing company. Every aspect of a project must have clear processes and procedures so that every team member, both in-house and external, understands what it means for a step to be completed.

    This includes everything from making sure that both parties sign off on things like mockups, ensuring that the requirements for each and every stage of the project are clearly outlined and agreed to by everyone involved, and creating a reasonable timeline for due dates. Nothing truly dooms a project like a lack of preparation and understanding of the requirements by everyone involved.

  • DO make communication the top priority for everyone. - Communication is the absolute backbone of any solid and successful long-term outsourcing partnership. Without clear, constant, and effective communication from the very beginning of a relationship or project, companies set themselves up for failure.

    While preparing all project requirements ahead of working with an outsourced team is always helpful, simply handing over a project explanation or outline and having a few meetings here and there isn’t enough. Daily communication between the outsourcing team and in-house project managers and/or developers is important to keep things on track.

  • DO think about the future of the partnership. - Even if a company only requires assistance with a single project, it’s important to think about the future as well. If the first project is successful and the in-house and outsourced teams work well together, the company may consider doing so again in the near future.

    This is always great advice for companies looking to initially choose their outsourcing provider: look for a team that has the potential to work together again in the future should the need arise. When keeping this in mind while searching for an outsourcing provider, companies set themselves up for success in the future while saving time looking for someone else to work on another project.

The Don’ts of Outsourcing

  • DON'T just go with the cheapest option. - Outsourcing is already a much more cost-effective alternative solution to hiring full-time in-house staff members. While an outsourcing relationship definitely saves companies money in the long run, it’s important that companies not just go with the cheapest option available. In many cases, the price is truly too good to be true.

    Instead, managers and business owners must remember that quality work comes at a fair price. Although one of the main points of outsourcing is often to cut costs and there are definitely great, inexpensive options available on the market, any company offering significantly lower costs may reflect subpar work as well.

  • DON’T forget that outsourcing is a partnership that requires effort from both sides. - Although the internal developers and project managers aren’t the ones actually building the product, projects still require input from the in-house team. This is their product after all which means that their reputation and business are the ones at stake. Communication is certainly the way to ensure that this doesn’t become a problem.

    On the flip side, in-house team members must also try not to micromanage the outsourced devs. Both parties have a vested interest in the ultimate success of the project and should be treated as such.

  • DON’T just go for the generic approach. - Every development company adds its own nuances, methods, and quirks to the software development life cycle to make it work better for its team members.

    Instead of insisting upon working with a generic approach to a project, work with an outsourced team who will think outside of the box when a task calls for it instead of sticking to a single methodology to produce the same tech over and over again. In order to stay competitive in the ever-changing digital market, companies must strive to set themselves apart with their products and their procedures.

Outsourcing is a highly beneficial practice for busy companies looking to expand their internal services, accomplish their goals, or work long-term on product releases. When companies remember these albeit basic but helpful dos and don’ts when searching for an outsourcing provider and building a relationship with them, they set both the in-house employees and outsourced team up for success.

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