5 Benefits Of Outsourcing To Latin America

The Best Region to Outsource Software Development

Your business has probably reached the point where outsourcing might be the best option for success. Either a project has exceeded the capability of your in-house staff, or you’re looking to expand beyond the original intended purpose of your company. 

Whatever the reason, your options for outsourcing will probably seem limitless. There are thousands of companies out there, ready to accept your business. But where do you turn? What company is best suited to meet your needs? 

Better yet – what country or region is best suited to fulfill your outsourcing needs? One option that so many turn to is outsourcing to Latin America. You might be surprised at the benefits of opting to go this route. 

In fact, let’s explore some of those benefits.

outsourcing to latin america

The Types of Outsourcing

Before we actually get into the benefits of outsourcing to Latin America, let’s first take a look at the three different types of outsourcing.

  • Onshore

    If your company doesn't have the staff necessary to fulfill the needs of the current project, you may want to outsource to another company, but only one within the same country. So when a company in Chicago outsources to a company in Boston, they are using onshore outsourcing. The reason why you might choose this is that your project requires location-specific knowledge, or you'd prefer more face-to-face interaction (instead of emails, phone calls, and video conferencing).

  • Nearshore

    As the name implies, nearshore outsourcing is turning to a company in a neighboring country or to one with the same (or a very similar) time zone. One example of this would be when a company in Houston, Texas outsources its project to Argentina. This is a great option for companies looking to outsource and are looking to collaborate with a company that works during compatible business hours.

  • Offshore

    Finally, offshore outsourcing is when one country outsources to another country that isn't neighboring and it’s in a distant time zone. So a company in the US can outsource to a company in India. This option gives businesses the largest talent pool available.

Improve Project Collaboration

When you go with offshore outsourcing, you’ll probably save money up front. However, you’re going to find that communication issues arise that can cause delays. These problems can push deadlines back and cost your company money.

Although it’s not a popular issue to address, communication can be a problem. Language barriers do cause issues. Those engineers could be the most talented developers on the planet, but a poor grasp of the English language means they are going to be challenging to work with. Couple that with the fact that Asian developers will be working during the business hours for their country, and it can make for a serious barrier to success.

With Latin American outsourcing, you don’t have that problem. Not only do Latin American developers have an outstanding grasp on the English language, they typically are working on the same (or similar) time zone. 

Expand Your Talent Search

When you focus your talent search within your nation’s borders, you severely limit the talent pool you can pull from. Companies in the United States have invested their outsourcing in more than 100 Latin American startups, to bring more than $5.5 billion to the industry in the past decade.

That outsourcing is paying off for US businesses. How? Because companies like BairesDev work with the top 1% of IT talent in all of Latin America. So when your company is not only looking to expand their talent search but looking to hire the best of the best, Latin America has very quickly become one of the top spots in the world. 

One issue you might not have considered is the low unemployment rate for software developers. Because these works are in such high demand, the unemployment rate is around 1.9%. That means there might be a serious lack of prospects in your country (because they’re all already working). So to improve your chances of finding the right talent, you need to expand the search to include the best available in Latin America.

Accelerate the Software Development Lifecycle

Development projects tend to work at unheard-of speeds. This is especially so, given the incredible competition between businesses. Because of this, you need your staff up to speed as quickly as possible.

When your company needs to fill vacancies or positions for an expansion, the last thing you need is the delays caused by the standard hiring process. Because of hiring delays along, projects can fail to reach completion. 

When you opt to go the nearshore Latin America route, you’ll get developers, who are already up to speed on the necessary skills, added to your project immediately. And because those engineers are capable of seamless collaboration, the development lifecycle is accelerated. Your projects will not only start on time, they finish on time as well.

Maintain Long-Term Staff Flexibility

One benefit of using Latin America for your nearshore outsourcing is that you’ll gain serious flexibility to your staffing needs. How? Companies like BairesDev can cover a vast range of technology. No matter what programming language your project requires, Latin America outsourcing has the skills to meet and exceed your needs.

Because of this, you could augment your mobile app development staff with a team from BairesDev. While that project is underway, you might discover the need to integrate it with a database or server-side scripting. Once again, BairesDev has you covered.

That level of staff flexibility means no matter what your company needs, you won’t have to turn to another staffing source to cover the projects at hand.

Improve Software Security

According to Norton, the average data breach costs companies across the globe over $3.8 million USD. That’s the average, so you can imagine how high that number can reach for enterprise-level businesses. In fact, experts predict that the damages from cyberattacks could reach over $6 trillion USD by the end of 2021.

When you outsource to a nearshore company, they have a vested interest in ensuring the security of your project. If your company suffers a data breach, the fault could easily fall on the shoulders of that outsourced team. To that end, companies like BairesDev take security seriously. 

One thing to consider is that companies like BairesDev not only offer software engineers but software testing and QA. We’ve worked with companies like Rolls Royce, Google, Autodesk, and ABRA—all of which place security as one of the highest priorities. So the combination of hiring security-minded engineers and software and QA testing teams will bring to your project a level of security you might not be able to reach in house.


These aren’t the only reasons you might consider outsourcing to Latin America, but they certainly make for a compelling case. If this has convinced you that Latin America might be the ideal destination for your nearshore outsourcing needs, contact BairesDev now for more information. 

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