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At BairesDev, we pride ourselves on being partners with leading global brands and on helping them with their digital acceleration processes through custom software development services. We build, power, and support their digital technology solutions and deliver innovative, scalable, and competitive products that provide them with value from the get-go. 

Of course, none of this would be possible without the main pillar in BairesDev’s success: talent. We are capable of providing our highly demanding clients with sophisticated solutions that meet their needs and requirements because we work with the Top 1% of IT talent. The best and most highly qualified software engineers in the industry are instrumental to the success of each and every one of the projects we tackle.

But how do we make sure we are always working with the best? How do we ensure that quality consistency, especially considering that more than 1 million people apply to work at BairesDev each year? We rely on a tried-and-trusted process powered by Staffing Hero™, our own AI-driven staffing suite, which allows us to select the very best under strict scrutiny.

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Why Machine Learning for Recruitment?

Machine learning, a technology that uses complex algorithms to analyze data, acts on that analysis, and improves automatically every time it does so, is the hottest trend right now. That’s because it has the potential to revolutionize any industry under the sun. In fact, machine learning has been applied to nearly anything you can imagine, from websites to cars. It’s only natural, then, that we at BairesDev saw it as a way to boost our recruiting efforts.

How come? Because traditional recruitment processes posed major challenges for us:

• Having to sift through more than 1.2 million applicants per year.
• Testing and interviewing potential candidates under our strict methods.
• Finding professionals that matched our clients’ specific requirements.
• Doing everything in the shortest amount of time possible.

In our continuous effort to provide better IT staffing services for our clients, we turned to machine learning to help us overcome these challenges. We knew that machine learning would help us automate and sophisticate our recruitment processes, especially given how powerful and efficient they’ve become. That’s how Staffing Hero™ was born.

What is Staffing Hero™?

Staffing Hero

Staffing Hero™ is our proprietary staffing suite. It uses complex AI-based algorithms to match the Top 1% of Talent from our vast talent pool to a particular client’s project. Staffing Hero™ uses machine learning to quickly assess more than a million applicants following a strict set of criteria, including seniority, tech experience, specific skills, and past client reviews.

Naturally, the search is informed by the client and the project’s own requirements and goals. Thus, Staffing Hero cross-references defining factors to source the best talent in just a matter of days.

Here’s what our ML-driven platform can do:

  • Processes new project requirements in a flash.
  • Scours the biggest applicant pool in the market in search of the most suitable candidates for the open roles.
  • Analyzes the client’s past history and candidate selections.
  • Provides a list of optimal candidates for all positions.

Following those steps, Staffing Hero™ assists us when searching for professionals of any IT-related field, be them a single engineer with an extremely specific skill or a whole software development team. 

Why Staffing Hero™ Is Perfect for All Development Needs

Finding the perfect candidate for any development project is a huge challenge – even for an IT staffing company like ourselves. There are many aspects to keep in mind when making the search and time is always of the essence. Plus, experienced tech roles are scarce. That’s why Staffing Hero™ is such a great aid for us and all of our clients – because we get to enjoy these benefits:

  • Identifies highly experienced IT candidates with specific skills

  • Reduces search times regardless of role complexity or team size

  • Makes customized selections tailored to each client and project

  • Adds new candidates on a regular basis

  • Proactively offers new candidates for open roles

hire software developers

The Power Behind Our Services

hire software developers

Staffing Hero™ is the powerful assistant that makes it possible for us to source and provide you with the Top 1% of IT Talent on a consistent basis. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for or what kind of development you are trying to build – with the help of BairesDev and our recruitment process smartly driven by Staffing Hero™, you’ll always get what you’re searching for. 

The best part about it is that you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of working with Staffing Hero™ in any of our services. Its AI algorithms assist us when building our delivery teams, looking for professionals for IT staffing, and even when gathering a team to take care of an entire project through end-to-end development. 

Leverage the Machine Learning Revolution Right Now

Machine learning is already reshaping entire industries across the world. Of course, the IT sector is one of the most impacted by it, mainly because machine learning thrives in digital environments. That’s why machine learning was such a perfect fit for BairesDev as an IT staffing company. And that’s the main reason why Staffing Hero™ works so well – because it plays to ML’s strengths and combines them with a human approach for ultimate efficiency.

You don’t have to take our word for it. You can talk to us and tell us about any upcoming development project you may have and we’ll explain how Staffing Hero™ will be the perfect ally to find the talent you need for such a project to succeed. 

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