The Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

IT staffing companies have become a valued resource for businesses interested in developing high-quality custom software.

This form of outsourcing involves supplementing an in-house software development team with experts who only work as-needed. Many businesses opt to use their in-house engineers for software development while bringing in specialists such as testers, user design experts, data privacy consultants, and more to handle the most difficult tasks.

One of the benefits of IT staff augmentation is that it helps businesses find the best talent for their development needs. They also help clients maintain a lean in-house staff and remain flexible for the future. Finally, these outsourcing partners also improve the quality of software and enhance data privacy efforts.

In brief, IT staff augmentation services will help companies:

  • Hire the best talent on an as-needed basis.
  • Ensure long-term staff flexibility.
  • Improve software security and ensure data privacy.

These IT staff augmentation companies are especially valued by overburdened tech executives who need to focus on their core business and future growth. In addition, in-house staff loves this arrangement as well. That’s because these augmented employees ease their work burden, improve the quality of the final software, and do not threaten their position within the company.

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The struggle to find qualified tech workers is one of the biggest challenges facing tech executives. That’s why recent research has identified hiring and retaining the right talent as the single biggest concern for American CEOs in 2019.

One of the reasons for this crisis is the incredibly low unemployment rate for software developers. These in-demand specialists have a historically low unemployment rate of just 1.9%. This places candidates in the driver’s seat—allowing them to shop for the best employer and to demand higher compensation.

In addition, traditional hiring processes are a poor fit for the fast-moving tech industry of today. Experts have found that it takes more than a month and a half to hire a single candidate, and the length of time continues to increase every year. This puts companies at a disadvantage since many software development projects are time-sensitive and must be started quickly in order to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

IT staff augmentation companies help their clients start projects immediately. They can accomplish this feat because they maintain a list of talented software engineers and IT specialists ready to begin a project on-cue.

They’ll also help their clients expand their candidate search beyond the ultra-competitive American job market. Companies like BairesDev source the top 1% of talent in their region. They ensure that their contractors are well-educated, fluent in English, and capable of performing as well or better than their in-house colleagues.



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One of the most difficult aspects of any software development lifecycle is the sheer amount of talent needed for success. Companies need to hire software engineers, testers, security experts, user design specialists, and more to build high-quality custom software.

This process is made even more difficult since much of this expertise is simply not needed outside of limited stages in the software development cycle.

Hiring these workers on a full-time basis would leave a company saddled with unnecessary salaries. In addition, these businesses will be unable to quickly transform their in-house engineering team for a new development project with different requirements.

IT staff augmentation services help businesses maintain a small core technical team by providing their clients with costly specialists as-needed.

Once the software development project is complete managers can quickly pivot and rearrange their in-house IT staff to launch a new development project using the right talent for that particular job.


Software security may be the most important threat facing American businesses today. The number of hacker attacks continues to increase every year—with two of the biggest data breaches of all time occurring in 2018.

Experts predict that the total annual damage from cyberattacks will reach an incredible $6 trillion by 2021.

One of the main reasons behind software vulnerability is human error. That’s because programmers make, on average, “about 15-50 errors per 1000 lines of delivered code.” Each coding error is a potential vulnerability that hackers will seek to exploit each day.

Many businesses have partnered with IT staff augmentation companies in order to hire the most talented security experts and testers as-needed. Security experts will test for vulnerabilities and help the in-house team build software using one of the industry’s trusted security methodologies.

In addition, testers will manually go through software to find coding errors and other problems that hackers could exploit.

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In summary, an IT staff augmentation partner should:
  • Find the best talent for their client’s needs

    The best outsourcing partners will have access to the best candidates in their region, thoroughly test contractors for competence, and provide hard-to-find experts on-demand.

  • Help businesses stay lean

    The technology market continues to change at a rapid pace. The best outsourcing companies help their clients maintain a minimalist staff and remain ready to pivot to their next project.

  • Improve software security

    The rising number of data breaches means that software security must be a priority for all tech executives. Staff augmentation partners should have an established approach to data privacy and work with experienced security experts.

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