What are the Two Types of Outsourcing?

Every Outsourcing Journey is Unique

Outsourcing has been a key element of business operations for a long, long time now. And if there’s one thing all vendors and clients can agree on is that no outsourcing journey is the same. Every company will have its own unique requirements, goals, and contexts. There’s just no “one-size-fits-all” solution in this industry. 

This, however, is one of the great perks of outsourcing. The level of customization that is required to deliver high-quality solutions has boosted creativity, innovation, and technology development in unmeasurable ways. It has also helped us build a more connected world, where people with completely different backgrounds and expertise can come together and create amazing things. 

IT Outsourcing has played a particular role in this context. Thanks to the powerful communication and collaboration tools today, outsourcing IT solutions are as accessible and cost-effective as they have ever been. And although millions of businesses have already jump-started projects through the many shapes and ways of this field, there are two types of IT outsourcing that have stand-out among the rest: IT Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Teams

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The Two Most-Popular Types of Outsourcing in Software Development

IT Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Teams are the two types of outsourcing that have revolutionized software development. Through them, businesses from all around the world have been able to quickly develop high-quality software solutions designed specifically to match their needs. Let’s take a quick look at what each means.

The Pros and Cons of IT Staffing


  • Access Top Talent

    IT Staffing allows you to quickly integrate top software engineers that instantly increase your team's capabilities and add value to your project in the short and long term.

  • Easy Hiring

    A Top IT Staffing company will find the best developers for you and deliver custom-built development teams designed to meet your goals. No need to worry about talent attraction or retention.

  • Instant Know-how

    An extended team brings valuable expertise and industry knowledge that helps smooth out the project’s trajectory. This also minimizes downtime and increases time to market.

  • Flexibility

    Staffing solutions offer on-demand talent, which lets you increase or decrease the size of your development workforce as needed. This way, you can always have what you need to achieve your goals.


  • Possible Ramp-ups

    Projects that require a high level of knowledge in company culture & context may create ramp-up times in which the extended team must learn and get accustomed to the circumstances.

  • Reliance on Internal Processes

    Extended teams work under the protocols of the in-house team. Flawed internal processes may extend some negative effects to outsourced staffing solutions.

  • Workflow Matching

    Not all companies are used to working with extended teams. It’s possible for the client and the vendor to have different workflows. Adapting to their rhythm may take some time.

The Pros and Cons of Dedicated Teams


  • Talent

    Just like IT Staffing, Dedicated Teams provide instant access to the best software developers available in an international framework. This prevents the need to rely on the availability of local talent pools.

  • Start Immediately

    Dedicated Teams are spun up incredibly quickly. They don’t take more than a couple of days, most of the time even less than that. Once built, project execution begins on Day 1.

  • Free Up Key Internal Resources

    Working with Dedicated teams lets you transfer heavy workloads to specialized engineers so your in-house team can focus its resources on other key growth drivers.

  • Focused Approach

    Dedicated Teams are, unsurprisingly, entirely dedicated to a single project or client. This focused approach drives high-quality results faster and more cost-efficiently than other solutions.


  • Possible Ambiguity

    As the project evolves, your Dedicated Team might also need to evolve into a different expertise composition. A top IT partner should always look one step ahead and prepare for scalability.

  • Communication Issues

    Time zone, languages, and even cultural differences can get in the way. Teaming up with an IT Outsourcing company that can avoid these issues is often recommended.

  • Relationship difficulties

    Just like anything else in business, working with a Dedicated Team requires a strong relationship between the client and the vendor. This will depend a lot on the protocols and similarities between both parties.

IT Outsourcing is Driven by Talent

As we’ve seen, both IT Staff Augmentation and Dedicated teams play a crucial role in software development. For many businesses, partnering up with the right IT outsourcing company will be the key to boost the efficiency of their operational processes and the quality of their end results. But, no matter the size and complexity of the project, it’s clear that all high-quality results will always be driven by talent. 

That is why at BairesDev we hire only the Top 1% IT Talent. This allows us to guarantee high-quality software delivery for our clients, every time. When you hire software developers through BairesDev, be it via IT Staff Augmentation or Dedicated services, you get immediate access to the best there is. Talk to one of our outsourcing consultants and learn how to add value to your project today.

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