Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Enterprise Software Development Company in 2020

Enterprise Software Development has Changed the Business World

If 2020 has proven anything, that has to be that businesses need to be on tip-top shape when it comes to technology. With the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, those companies that had strong tech foundations were the ones that better faced the challenges brought by the crisis. Those who didn’t have them had to struggle to bring their operations up to date.

No one escaped from that fact, from small local businesses and thriving startups to big enterprises with branches all over the world. That’s why you need to acknowledge that fact and start looking into your tech infrastructure to identify its weaknesses and address them. Maybe you have an outdated CRM. Perhaps you have multiple areas that are siloed. Or perhaps you still haven’t developed a good tech infrastructure at all.

For all of that, there’s a solution – enterprise software development. Through it, you can get custom software that aims to satisfy your organization’s needs rather than individual requirements. Thus, enterprise software development is the key to increased productivity, enhanced workflows, and better business performance overall.

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What’s Enterprise Software Development?

You might argue that enterprise software development sounds a little bit too much like standard software development. Though, in essence, they are processes that lead to the creation of new digital products, enterprise software is different in a couple of ways, namely:

• Interconnectivity: virtually all enterprise software must work and seamlessly integrate with other business tools already in use. Thus, enterprise software is like a piece that has to fit with a bigger ecosystem rather than being an individual product.

• Scope: as it should serve your entire organization rather than individual users, enterprise software focuses on company-wide processes rather than departmental tasks. The main goal is to provide logic to the overall workflow and ensure its functionality.

With that in mind, enterprise software often offers performance, scalability, and robustness, characteristics that ensure the two goals mentioned above. Examples of enterprise software include order processing applications, CRM platforms, and accounting tools, among others. In that way, enterprise software development is the process that designs and builds such software. 

What Should You Have in Mind when Hiring an Enterprise Software Development Company?

Maybe after reading what enterprise software is and what it can offer you, you realize that it can be very beneficial to your company. So, it’s time for you to go out and hire an enterprise software development company to create the custom solutions your business needs to thrive. Naturally, that’s easier said than done. There are plenty of software development companies out there, so finding a good fit can be challenging. Here are some of the things you should have in mind when assessing potential candidates.

  • Experience

    You could think that the first thing you’ll need to look for in an enterprise software development partner is their tech expertise. While that’s understandable, the first thing you should pay attention to is expertise. Given that you’ll be tackling a custom development project whose result has to interconnect with a wider digital environment, having an experienced developer by your side can make things far more straightforward.

    A partner that has experience working with enterprises surely has deep insights and knowledge that can offer you value right off the bat. Such an experience can translate into suggestions in the design phase, shorter sprints during development, and a tighter performance after deployment.

  • Reputation

    The chances are that if an enterprise development company has been around for some years, they have a good reputation that allows it to close new business opportunities. However, that’s not always the case, so you’d better look through your candidates’ past work and check their references. There’s plenty of things you can do in this regard.

    First, be sure to browse through your candidates’ websites to see their portfolios and case studies. In case they don’t have them online, ask your potential partners if they can provide you with some samples of past work. If they can’t, move on - you need to see the quality of their work by yourself. Finally, you can always read reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Clutch and see what their past clients think about them.

  • Services offered

    Each project has different requirements, and each company has its own needs, so it’s only natural for you to partner up with a development company that can align with both of them. That means a couple of things. First, that you need to look for an enterprise development partner that has the necessary skills to tackle your project, be it a mobile or web app, an AI-powered platform, or a private blockchain.

    Then, you need to check that the work model they use fits your particular needs. Perhaps you need someone to take care of the entire software development. Maybe you only need a couple of experts to help your in-house team with the aspects of the project they can’t tackle. Or perhaps you need a consultant to advise you on your approach. A top enterprise software development should offer you these alternatives and be flexible enough to accommodate any other requirements you might have.

  • Development methodologies

    There are many development approaches, techniques, and methodologies, as well as tools, languages, and frameworks. You need to know which specific kind your potential candidates would use. Depending on their picks, they’ll be better suited to tackle your own needs - or not. There’s a couple of things worth mentioning here. On the one hand, try to partner up with an agile-led company like BairesDev.

    Why? Because agile ensures project flexibility and better management overall, which, in turn, increases the efficiency of the development. On the other hand, you need to go with a company that has an established development process. Only a partner with a predefined workflow can comply with deadlines, adjust to potential changes during development, and communicate effectively with you.

  • Location

    This might feel inconsequential to some, but the location of an enterprise development company can have a considerable impact on your project. Thus, you need to take the place where your potential partner is based and understand the pros and cons of it. It’s helpful if you consider it through the three outsourcing development types: onshore, nearshore, and offshore development.

    Onshore development: a company that’s located in the same country as you. There are no cultural nor language barriers, and you can meet them face-to-face any time you want. The cost of hiring an onshore company can be very high, though.

    Nearshore development: a company based in a neighboring country or in one that shares a similar time zone with yours. Cultural or language barriers are minimal, you can work on the same hours, and you can access a wider pool of talent. However, face-to-face meetings aren’t as frequent, and, while more affordable than onshore development, it might not be an alternative for the budget-conscious.

    Offshore development: a company that is overseas or located in a faraway country or region. They can provide talent for any role and are the most affordable option most of the time. However, their quality is often lacking, and the working hours are very inconvenient, as time zones with you are widely different.

  • Cost

    Last but not least, you should check how much your potential candidates will charge you for your specific project. Many companies are tempted to pick an enterprise software development partner that offers the cheapest services among all candidates. However, that can quickly backfire, as affordable development services often mean the teams are skimping somewhere in the process (usually they don’t test the quality of what they are developing, which leads to buggy products).

    Instead, try to pay a little more for more quality services. Many development companies can offer you a team of great professionals at a reasonable price. Naturally, you’ll factor in the cost in your considerations when making your choice, but you should never make your pick based on cost alone. That’s especially true with enterprise development, which needs all of its pieces to work correctly to ensure the robustness and performance of your entire digital environment.

Don’t Look for a Provider - Search for a Partner

As you can see, there are many things you have to consider before committing with an enterprise development company. That means that you should take your time to do due diligence and research all your potential candidates as thoroughly as possible. That’s crucial to the success of your project because whatever the development team will be working on will be just a part of a broader ecosystem that needs to work perfectly. One lousy piece and the entire workflow gets disrupted, so you need to aim for the best partnership possible.

Notice that we’ve been talking about development partners a lot. That’s no coincidence. Though many people talk about software development providers, it’s better to look for a partner than a provider. The reason is simple: a partner can provide you with the help you need well beyond deployment. A partner will be still involved in maintenance and upgrades and can even help you develop further projects. A provider closes the deal once the project is in your hands. 

Finally, be sure to pick a partner that behaves professionally throughout your entire screening process. The companies that are ready to show you their past work, share references with you, explain how they’d tackle the development process as a whole, and that go out of their way to help you even in these preliminary stages are the partners you need. Don’t know what that looks like? Then contact BairesDev and see it for yourself. 

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