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A robust programming language used for iOS development

Swift is a robust open-source programming language used for iOS app development. It’s a multi-paradigm and compiled programming language created by Apple in 2014. It’s block-structured and works on Apache License 2.0.

Swift has many interesting features that make it a rapidly growing programming language. It uses Type interference to ensure that the app doesn’t throw runtime exceptions. It supports multiple iOS-powered devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch) and has dynamic libraries that boost performance. Even though Swift uses safe coding patterns which may feel restrictive to developers, its safe writing ensures that the final module is readable and bug-free.


It also works with existing Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks that provide the runtime environment for iOS and OS X apps. All these features make Swift one of the most in-demand programming languages in mobile development.

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Swift Development Services

  • Text/Chat applications

    Swift finds extensive use in chat application development. Many apps including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use Swift for their messaging code. Swift promises unmatched scalability and ease of development, which is useful when you’re trying to build large-scale applications.

  • Mobile applications

    One of the most important uses of Swift is in iOS mobile app development. There are currently almost 2 million apps in the Apple App Store. Most businesses have now realized that the convenience of using mobile apps is the key to success.

    From a development point of view, Swift allows for quick development while maintaining a clean and manageable syntax. It also requires fewer lines of code for implementing functionality.

  • System Programming

    Software engineers widely use Swift for their system programming requirements. Swift generates readable and accessible code, is highly compatible with C, C++, and Objective-C, and offers interoperability. It uses dynamic dispatch for runtime operations, and you can dynamically check protocol compliance. The strongly typed code also reduces system crashes.

  • Cloud Services

    Engineers can easily deploy Swift apps, and they can be easily quickly recovered in case of failure. That's why it’s so popular in cloud development. Swift provides high-quality customer analytics when implemented with a cloud backend service. It can also easily create cloud-based APIs since Swift requires less code, uses less memory, and delivers high performance.

    You can also develop mobile applications for cloud platforms using Swift to back apps and create a dynamic backend. Many developers use it to optimize security, service, and performance through the cloud.

Advantages of Using Swift for your development

  • Speed

    Swift is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C and 8.4 times faster than Python. It has one of the fastest algorithm calculation metrics, and it allows for extensive code sharing and reuse. It also has faster code execution and uses dynamic libraries for increasing speed.

  • Highly secure

    One of the significant advantages of Swift is that it’s a type-safe and memory-safe language. Its code structure is well-defined and makes sure that the modules are clean and consistent. It automatically removes unsafe classes.

    Swift also informs developers about the errors and bugs in the application. The nil pointer parameter checks the code and helps detect developer oversights. Other features like arithmetic overflow checking and array bound checking also allow developers to create safe and secure applications.

  • Memory management

    Swift has ARC, i.e, Automatic Reference Counting. This feature handles memory management to optimize available storage for all applications without human interference. It also helps engineers decrease development time by automatically freeing up the memory and constantly tracking variables, constants, and properties. Its thread-safe reference counting property ensures no resource waste.

  • Ease of Coding

    Swift is easy-to-grasp. The interactive coding layouts and simple syntax make Swift easy to work with. The inclusion of Objective-C Runtime Library or RTL has made Swift highly interoperable.

Is Swift still worth learning?

Yes, learning Swift is highly useful. Swift is one of the most reliable and fastest development programming languages and has great potential. It works seamlessly on iOS, macOS, OS X, iPadOS, and Linux. Expansion to Windows is underway.

Swift is a very fast programming language and can potentially bring radical change in game development and system management. It has Objective C support which allows it access to features such as name parameters and Cocoa. 

It’s open-source and has playground features, i.e., you can test your algorithm without creating an app. This is particularly helpful when you are in a rush to bring your product to market. As per the PYPL popularity chart, Swift is the 9th most popular language in the world.

Top 4 Swift Frameworks


Quick is a behavior-driven unit testing framework for iOS. It helps you write tests quickly for iOS and OS X. You can also use it to set up tests in XCTest in your Xcode project. 

The logic behind this framework is that testing should only be done if the application behaves differently. Also, tests should check what the code does, not how it does it.


Kitura is an open-source web framework that can write server-side applications. It provides an interactive framework and HTTP server for server-side scripting. It has many backend features such as static file servicing, and SSL support. 


Zip is based on the minizip framework and helps in zipping/unzipping files. You can implement the zip() method with quick functions. Through it, you can create custom zip files and work with password-protected zips.


Postal is a very renowned Swift framework that assists in access to email providers. The postal framework is a swift wrapper over libetpan and can add email functionality for OS X 10.1+, iOS 8.0+, and Xcode 10 applications. This framework can also handle edge cases if the developer defines specifications.

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