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The Challenge

An ever-growing market

Each month, over 400 million users visit Pinterest, the visual discovery engine, to “pin” ideas, share images and inspire the world.

In 2020, user traffic was growing rapidly. Pinterest, needed highly experienced,  Top IT Talent and it needed it fast.

Staff Augmentation in a Flash

To help meet the growing demand, it set out to improve the Pinterest Ads Manager, a robust ad platform designed to introduce even more products and content to users on the biggest dataset of ideas ever assembled. But Pinterest had struggled in the past to recruit full-stack engineering talent in the competitive employment market near its San Francisco headquarters. That’s where BairesDev comes in.

Pinterest growth BairesDev

The Solution

Pinning Down Top IT Talent

To find the Top 1% of IT talent ideally suited to the Ads Manager project, BairesDev tapped Staffing Hero™, its next level AI solution. This proprietary tool leverages complex algorithms and machine learning to match the right engineers to the specific skills and qualifications required for the project. Staffing Hero™ not only identified the best engineers to the project goals and unique technological needs but onboarded them in time to meet tight production timelines. In less than two weeks the BairesDev team was fully integrated to the Pinterest project.

What We Delivered

Pinterest 2

Rebuilding the Pinterest Ads Manager in record time

Along the way, the team served in many influential positions from “the driving force of the Metrics Migration,” a stack spanning across the UI, API, and data jobs, to the “sole owner of the internal admin tool” that controls administrator access.

They also played a critical role in Quality Assurance (QA). BairesDev’s meticulous QA process uncovers more than hidden errors and weaknesses; it highlights valuable insights on performance and user experience for future improvements.

As they do on all client projects, our Developers created quality control for their own code to stay fully accountable for their contribution to Pinterest.

Technologies Used

BairesDev engineers are the soul of the team. They’re able to identify dependencies and figure out solutions quickly. They strongly exceeded my expectations.

Engineering Manager at Pinterest

The Outcome

416 Million Users, 1 Trusted Tech Partner

The Pinterest Ads Manager project not only launched on time but exceeded client outcomes. Thanks to Staffing Hero™, BairesDev augmented the Pinterest team with laser precision, onboarding exceptionally talented
technology professionals ideally matched to the project needs.

Pinterest 3

BairesDev engineers have been a consistent, steady hand throughout the metrics migration. Whether working on targeting breakdowns or
transitioning to UI-centric work, the team has shown an ability to be versatile and get stuff done. They’ve shown that they will sync with
other engineers and other teams to collect information as needed.

Engineering Manager at Pinterest

Looking Forward

An Ongoing Partnership

Pinterest 4

With Pinterest’s rapid growth comes an increased need for fast, efficient technology solutions. The convenience and excellent results of the Pinterest Ads Manager project launched a trusted partnership between BairesDev and Pinterest.

Today Pinterest entrusts BairesDev to build exceptional teams for multiple tech projects across the company. By consistently delivering superior tech solutions time and again, BairesDev developers and engineers earned their place as fully integrated, dependable members of Pinterest’s thriving technology team.

BairesDev also augments 11 different Pinterest initiatives with Top IT Talent from designing and building mobile apps, security, and network traffic, to next-generation algorithms with machine learning and automating tests.

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