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BairesDev works on the Pinterest Ad Manager with the biggest
dataset of ideas ever assembled.
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Enhancing Ad Monetization Platforms in Social Media

Headquartered in San Francisco, Pinterest’s mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. It’s the biggest dataset of ideas ever assembled, with over 100 billion recipes, home hacks, style inspiration, and other ideas to try. More than 400 million people worldwide use Pinterest every month to dream about, plan, and prepare for things they want to do in life.

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BairesDev’s distributed team model provides full-stack engineers who can work together with the Pinterest ads team.

Their Needs

Pinterest needed assistance with their Pinterest Ads Manager, the platform that allows the ideal product and content placement for the fittest audience, as they search, browse, and discover on Pinterest. They were having a hard time finding the right talent for this work as there is a high competition for qualified software engineers in Silicon Valley, and the best professionals are hard to secure.

Our Expert Solutions

BairesDev’s distributed team model provides full-stack engineers who can hit the ground running to work together with the Pinterest ads team, focusing on developing enhancements for the ad monetization platform. Our teams are specialized in technologies like DBA, machine learning, data science, Python, Java, React, DevOps, QA automation, and also participate in development for other areas like Product, Growth, Security, and Infrastructure.

Technologies Involved in this Project


What sets us Apart

With our Staff Augmentation service, you can access the largest applicant pool in the industry with over 1.2 million software engineers, from which we only hire the Top 1%. We build solid engineering teams that are always aligned with your time zone, powered by technology and driven by highly experienced talent.


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