AI and the Future of Education

The Increasing Presence of Technology in Students' Lives

In early 2020, a study of 509 higher education institutions commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by the IDC revealed that nearly all individuals and organizations in the education space believe artificial intelligence (AI) will be a huge player in the industry.

In fact, almost 100% — 99.4% — of respondents believe AI will play an enormous role in transforming higher education. What’s more – a majority of institutions in the United States said they have already begun experimenting with the technology.

AI is proving to be a critical tool in revolutionizing practically every industry. We know so because BairesDev is a leader in helping businesses incorporate this and other technologies. So, it’s no surprise that educational organizations are reaching to us with a recurring question: How can the education industry thrive thanks to AI?

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Time Savings

Using AI, David Kellermann of the University of New South Wales created a “question bot” that answers simple student questions or marks questions that require a teaching assistant’s intervention. Thanks to the magic of machine learning, the tool continues to improve as it learns new information. 

This is only one example of the many ways that AI can save educators time. And, as technology becomes more sophisticated, it will be able to address more complex questions and issues.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is an important tool used to identify students’ knowledge and what they have learned previously. This is helpful for placement in courses and personalization. Because AI identifies patterns, it can be enormously beneficial in recognizing what students have and haven’t learned and what they do and don’t know.

One example of education platforms that have embraced AI in diagnostic testing is Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Space (ALEKS). This web-based assessment tool leverages adaptive questioning to determine knowledge and knowledge gaps, before pinpointing the topics a student is prepared to learn. It also adjusts according to how students’ learning is progressing.

Customization and Individualized Learning

Customization is the name of the game for many different industries. In education, it must be a priority, given the many types of abilities and needs of learners in both K-12 and higher education. AI enables instructors and organizations to adapt their platforms, lessons, and teaching to differentiate delivery methods based on these qualities.

AI can recognize when students are struggling and need extra attention or when they’re beyond the curriculum. It can alter lesson plans according to various skill levels, too.

Take Century Tech, for example. Blending learning science, neuroscience, and AI, the platform identifies knowledge gaps, facilitates teacher interventions, and makes recommendations for personalized study plans and more. Additionally, it provides resources to save teachers time.

Better Access

Accessibility is an enormous concern for all facets of the learning arena. Edtech (educational technology) does seek to address many of these issues, and AI is instrumental in making it happen.

For example, for many learners, even students who attend school in the United States, English isn’t their first language. AI can translate texts, such as by adding translated subtitles to films and recordings, through platforms like Google and YouTube. This can also be useful for people who have hearing impairments.

Students with visual impairments also have solutions, such as Seeing AI, an app that translates the visual world into sounds. The app incorporates voiceover technology to narrate short texts, documents, products, handwriting, colors, currencies, images, and even people’s faces. Educators can easily leverage this app in the classroom to help students understand the visual components of their lessons — even if they can’t actually see them.

Smart Textbooks

Smart textbooks and other forms of smart educational content are the logical next step in edtech. Several years ago, many institutions began transitioning heavy physical books to e-book formats. Now, publishers are working to deliver content that is more interactive and engaging than the static pages of yesterday.

Content Technologies, for instance, offers tools that break down content in textbooks into easily comprehensible study guides with chapter summaries and flashcards. Other smart content platform services include customizable digital learning interfaces, real-time feedback, on-the-fly assessments, practice tests, and much more.


Many students need support or supplemental instruction, whether they’re struggling with their coursework or just need to look at the material through a different lens. 

But students no longer need to turn to live, human tutors to help them navigate their learning. Today, there are many AI-powered tools to help them fill in the gaps in their learning. Take chatbots. This popular technology is used across a range of fields, from ecommerce to fintech. And edtech is embracing them as AI tutors, who can answer students’ questions no matter what time or day it is.

Wrapping Up

There’s also voice-assistance technology. Many people already have tools like Alexa and Siri at their fingertips, using them to order products, play their favorite songs, or check the weather. But these tools can also help in an educational context. Looking for a historical fact? They’ll comb the web to find the answer. Want the answer to a simple math problem? Your voice assistant has the solution.

There are also services that use AI to match you to live tutors based on your needs and the qualities you’re looking for in a teacher.

AI is an ideal tool fueling innovation in education and instruction. As it becomes more prevalent across every field, we’ll see organizations, institutions, teachers, and students find new ways to use it in the classroom and beyond.

Are you looking for edtech and e-learning solutions to incorporate into your repertoire? BairesDev is a premier outsourcing partner in the edtech and AI space. Contact us to learn more about our customized digital learning technologies.

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