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Getting into the mobile apps world seems like something you have to do. Everyone is rushing to develop their apps to try to engage with the millions and millions of devices in today’s world. However, without a sound customized strategy, those attempts are bound to fail – and cost a lot. If you truly want to conquer modern users with your mobile app, then you need to really plan ahead. And that plan begins during the early stages of the custom application development process.

If you are looking to hire software developers for your mobile app, BairesDev is the right choice. Our developers can help you in every step of the way of your custom application development. From helping make sense out of your idea to create a coherent design to testing your app once it’s done to helping to maintain it, our developers have the necessary software expertise to give you precisely the quality you need to stand out from the crowd. 

We can build custom mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as create cross-platform applications for virtually any business or industry you are working in. We offer a wide range of custom app development services that go from a full mobile app development process with a UI/UX design phase to consulting. The best thing about it all is that we have enough experience developing mobile apps, so we can tackle any project you might have in mind.

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Our Mobile App Development Services

The BairesDev team has the skills and experience to develop all sorts of mobile solutions, depending on your requirements, target audience, and objectives. We carefully plan the entire custom software development process to come up with quality applications that can better serve your purposes and provide your customers with superior user experience. We do so through a comprehensive set of mobile services that cover the entire spectrum of needs you might have regarding the mobile world.

Thus, we offer all kinds of services, including:

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    Android and iOS Mobile Apps
    Our custom mobile app development services work with the biggest mobile OSs out there and put you in the app store you want. On one hand, we are capable of creating quality apps for the Android app store, from smartphones and tablets to gear and Android TVs. Of course, our mobile development services wouldn’t be complete without the ability to build apps for all kinds of iOS-powered devices. Thus, we can design your mobile software for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs, all while in compliance with high standards for its iOS app store. That’s not all – we can even create cross-platform applications too!
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    Hybrid Apps
    At BairesDev, we can offer a unique service and develop your app so it can easily run in any OS. To ensure that, our app developers program your applications in such a way that we don’t have to rework the code to make it work in different environments. That’s possible thanks to hybrid apps, a blend of native and web apps. With hybrid apps, we use web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a core that’s then encapsulated in a native tool. By doing that, we only have to change the wrapping to migrate it to different systems. In that way, you can enjoy the same solution on multiple platforms all while looking native without extra effort and cost.
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    Enterprise Mobility
    If you want to fully embrace a mobile mentality in your company, then our enterprise mobility service is for you. We can take your business processes and streamline them so you and your employees can carry them out through interactive enterprise apps. By doing that, we provide you with some powerful means to scale up your productivity. Since all processes vary from business to business, we fully customize your enterprise mobility solution from the ground up. We design a complete strategy right from the start and the work phase after phase by following data security and communication protocols, using robust architectures, and ensuring the integration with the rest of your digital system.
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    Legacy Application Updating
    Given the speed at which the mobile development world is moving, chances are you got stuck with legacy software that needs to be updated for modern devices and to fit new requirements. That might sound like an easy job – except it isn’t. Updating old software needs attention to detail and knowledge about the requirements of the different app stores. That’s why you need BairesDev app developers. We have experience in modernizing all sorts of apps to fit with the new experiences. We can add new features, redesign interfaces or the entire UX, sophisticate your security and privacy, and even redefine the scope.
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    Custom Wearable Apps
    Wearable devices are all the rage now so, if you’re offering one of them in your product catalog, rest assured that our app developers can help you create the best possible software to go with it. It doesn’t matter if your wearable has health purposes, it’s targeted to gamers, or it’s more a luxury thing – we can devise and design the perfect software. To do that, we make sure that our app developers fully understand your product and plan for the features and UX you will need. Then, we don’t just build the application itself but make sure that the integration with the wearable device is flawless, as to ensure the superior performance you surely want for your product.
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    UI/UX Design
    Modern users don’t just want something that works – they want something that brings them pleasure every time they use it. That’s why you can’t ignore our UI and UX services, both of which ensure that your users will be happy with your application. On one hand, our expert app developers can design a dashing interface that fits with the aesthetics of both your company and the OS in which the tool will run. Then, they’ll also take care of the whole experience to guarantee that it is easily understandable, has smooth performance, and surprises your user with little touches such as nudges, vibrations, and sounds.
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    Mobile Technologies Consulting
    The mobile development field can be dizzying, especially if you’re new to the whole deal. That’s why we offer our thorough consulting services that go well beyond the creation. With our consultants, you’ll have access to expert advice to create a high-quality strategy that tends to your target audience while taking your business objectives into consideration. You can consult with us on anything mobile-related, from the data architecture you have to use to the UX design that better suits your industry or particular company. We can also offer you recommendations and help you in developing a monetization strategy that doesn’t only generate an extra revenue but that can become a business of its own.

Our Mobile Experience

BairesDev has an experienced roster of app developers that have a solid background in creating the best mobile solutions around. That’s mainly due to two important reasons. First, our app developers have worked in countless mobile projects for all kinds of companies, including:

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    Startup Apps
    Some of the most interesting ideas have come from startups, so it’s only natural for us to work at their side to turn them into a reality. Of course, our mobile development services wouldn’t be complete without the ability to build apps for all kinds of iOS-powered devices. Thus, we can design your mobile software for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs, all while in compliance with high standards for its iOS app store. That’s not all – we can even create cross-platform applications too!
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    Enterprise Apps
    From developing apps to streamline long-standing internal processes to create applications for new business opportunities, the BairesDev team has worked with renowned companies to aid them with their first steps into the mobile landscape. With hybrid apps, we use web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a core that’s then encapsulated in a native tool. By doing that, we only have to change the wrapping to migrate it to different systems. In that way, you can enjoy the same solution on multiple platforms all while looking native without extra effort and cost.

Mobile Partnerships

Digital agencies, consultants, and providers that need the talent to complement their services have the right partner in BairesDev. We can fit in any requirements and we are flexible enough to meet all kinds of working models. 

Not only our app developers have worked with companies of all sizes across numerous industries, but they also have a proven record with clients in specific fields, including:

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    We can develop health apps that work as portals to medical platforms, health tools to improve the daily practice, patient apps for better followup and treatment, and backend apps to support administrative tasks.
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    Banking and Finance
    Our team has worked with numerous clients to create payment gateways and POS, home banking apps, loan and credit card apps, and many other solutions for the fintech industry.
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    The retail industry can benefit from BairesDev’s experience in developing rich mobile experiences. With our mobile apps, you can create new in-store opportunities to push new marketing strategies, create a more straightforward purchasing experience, or even design an online store that can live in your customers’ pockets.
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    The manufacturing industry can use apps to enhance their internal processes, boosting productivity and reducing costs. With our help, you can enjoy mobile solutions for tracking and reporting items and products in the supply and assembly lines, record essential data about customers and providers, and help with warehousing and logistics – just to name a few!

Our Mobile Tech Background

Though our extensive experience is a major proof of our capabilities, at BairesDev we also boast a deep technical knowledge that can support and enhance all the projects we tackle. With this tech background, our app developers can provide you the comprehensive services you need to make a dent in the mobile world.

Thus, we can integrate cloud and backend technologies with frontend frameworks to power up your application. We can also integrate your new product to your existing digital ecosystem for data exchange in real-time. That’s possible thanks to our knowledge of cloud-hosted platforms, API integrations, server-side technologies, frameworks, and components. 

So, it doesn’t matter if your application calls for use of Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, needs to be written in Java or has to integrate with a PHP-based tool, or relies on microservices architecture – we know how to do it.

Our Approach to Custom Mobile Development

Pretty much every custom application development company out there promises to build whatever you’re imagining. However, not that many are able to truly deliver. That’s not the case with BairesDev. Thanks to our custom development services, we can create experiences that will satisfy your needs and dazzle your users. 

We can do that thanks to one of our primary objectives – to achieve operational excellence in all of the projects we tackle. How can we get there? By working with the best team around, a group of mobile developers that includes the Top 1% of Tech Talent. Our strict selection process guarantees that all our engineers are the best in their fields, so you can rest assured that you’ll be working with senior developers that can bring your ideas to fruition.

Our company also offers you 3 different development services to better accommodate your needs, depending on your existing infrastructure, your budget, and your overall business objectives. Thus, you can use one of the following BairesDev models:

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    Dedicated Teams
    Our dedicated teams are here to help you with your mobile application development while you keep working on the key tasks that drive value for your business. These teams are autonomous and independently-managed that will be working on your vision in one of the most cost-efficient models available.
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    Staff Augmentation
    You might have an IT team that can work on your mobile app development but, what happens if you find a roadblock down the line they can’t overcome? That’s why our staff augmentation services exist! With them, you can access any professional you’re lacking so you can fill any role you’re missing. Just tell us what talent you need and let us provide you with the right candidate ASAP!
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    Software Outsourcing
    You don’t have to put aside your mobile idea if you don’t have an IT team or the one you have doesn’t have the expertise or the time to work on it. With our software outsourcing services, we can take care of the full development cycle of your application. You’ll have the opportunity to regularly check on the progress and provide feedback, but the bulk of the development will fall in our hands.

One of the Best Custom App Companies in Business

You can’t afford to ignore your mobile needs anymore. But that doesn’t mean you have to rush into this very competitive landscape without a sound strategy. That’s why you need to have BairesDev at your side. We can be the mobile partner you are looking for to create a successful mobile strategy that can conquer your target market’s hearts.

Our experience and expertise allow us to provide you with a wide range of services that can cover any need you might have. We can create a solution for your customers, create a customized mobile platform for your internal process, or advise you on your overall mobile plans. We have worked with all kinds of companies both big and small across industries, so we can help you regardless of your field.

So, if you’re looking for a trusted mobile company, look no further. BairesDev has a proven track record, the right talent, and the perfect approach to lead you to success. Write to us and tell us how we can help you!

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