What Can a Good Python Developer Do to Help Your Company?

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What do your developers offer to your company? If your business depends on customized software in your delivery pipeline, the answer to that question is probably something akin to “quite a lot.” In other words, your business might not be in business without those software engineers. 

Fortunately, you have a thriving development team, one that might create desktop applications for either your internal staff or maybe even to be sold to consumers. Or maybe those developers have created (and manage) an automated pipeline to ensure the delivery of products and services. For that, you might have developers that work in the C and C++ languages, or maybe the .NET framework. They might even use Javascript, Rust, Rails, or just about any given language to accomplish a task.

But do you have software developers that use Python? You should. Let’s find out why.

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What is Python?

Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language that is primarily used for web and application development. Because Python uses a very readable syntax, it’s one of the easier languages to learn. And since Python is a general purpose language, it can be used for nearly anything. 

Python is also an interpreted language. What does that mean? In simplest terms, it means the written code doesn’t have to be compiled before it can run. In other words, you write the code and you run the code. This makes it incredibly easy to both learn and use. And because Python was designed to be completely modular, code can be reused across any and/or all of your projects. Those modules can also be easily scaled to meet ever-growing demands. This makes for efficient development across your ecosystem. Your software engineers can create a Python module and integrate it into any portion of your business’ software chain that works with the language.

Above the simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use, one aspect of Python that can’t be overlooked is that the standard library and interpreter are available at no cost. That’s right, Python is an open source language that can be employed without taking a single penny from your software budget. 

All you have to do is pay the engineers to develop with the language. All those advantages have turned Python into a great development language, one used by the likes of Dropbox, Netflix, Facebook, Pinterest, and Spotify.

At this point, you might be sold on the language, but you might be curious as to how your business can benefit from the addition of one or more Python developers. Read on to find out.

Web Development

We must start this out on the web. Why? Because Python is an outstanding language, perfectly suited for developing web-based applications and services. But Python isn’t just capable of creating web-based or desktop applications. With the help of scripting, a Python developer can work with data by way of web scraping (extracting data from websites), analyze that data, and present it in an easily readable format. 

And, of course, Python developers are capable of very quickly developing outstanding web applications. Why quickly? Because Python developers can work with the Django and Flask frameworks, which make it possible to easily integrate protocols like HTTPS, FTP, and SSL as well as process JSON and XML content. With those same frameworks, Python developers can secure and scale those applications with the same level of efficiency as they did when writing the apps in the first place.

Data Analysis and Visualization

And speaking of web scraping, a Python developer has all the tools they need to work with that data. What business on the planet isn’t interested in working with data? By leveraging libraries such as Pandas and NumPy, a Python developer can extract all the information you’ll need from that collected data. So not only have you collected the data with Python, you’ve analyzed and visualized it. 

Game Development

Your company might be in the business of creating games. Just because Python is an interpretive language, doesn’t mean it’s incapable of being used for game development. In fact, a Python developer can easily create interactive games with the help of libraries such as PySoy (a 3D game engine) and PyGame (which provides the functionality and libraries necessary for game development in Python).

Games that have been developed with Python include the likes of:

  • Battlefield 2 and 2142
  • Unknown Horizons
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online
  • Sims 4
  • Eve Online
  • World Of Tanks
  • SolarWolf
  • Disney’s Toontown
  • Traitors Gate 2
  • Metin2
  • Severance: Blade of Darkness
  • Freedom Force

So if your company is looking to add game development to your business model, why not turn to a Python developer that can craft interactive, web-based games? 

Machine Learning and AI

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, you can’t avoid an application or service that doesn’t make use of machine learning or AI in some way. It’s in our phones, our IoT devices, driverless autos, robots, and the online services we use.

Believe it or not, Python is one of the most widely-used languages used for both machine learning and artificial intelligence. So if your company is looking to leverage either of these hot technologies, you’re going to want to hire Python developers.

Desktop Applications

Finally, a Python developer can make use of a number of built-in libraries and toolkits to create user-friendly desktop applications. Some of the most popular applications built with Python include:

  • Eclipse (Integrated Development Environment) 
  • BitTorrent (the original BitTorrent client)
  • Blender (3D art and animation)
  • Calibre (e-book management)
  • Dropbox (Dropbox desktop client)
  • Mercurial (distributed source management)
  • OpenShot Video Editor (video editor)
  • Ubuntu Software Center (app store for Ubuntu Linux)

And because of those pre-built libraries, Python can be used to develop desktop applications quickly.


If you’re looking to either expand your business offerings or make your internal process more refined and efficient, you owe it to yourself to add a Python developer (or a team of Python developers) to your company. To do this, you might want to turn to an outsourcing firm capable of delivering the best software engineers on the market, such as BairesDev.

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