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The most successful PHP Development projects are powered by one crucial element: Talented PHP Developers. At BairesDev, we work exclusively with the Top 1% of IT Talent to guarantee high-quality delivery for our clients, every time.

We offer end-to-end & fully customizable PHP outsourcing services. Our meticulous hiring process allows us to build tailored-fit development teams that match the needs of your project and integrate seamlessly with your in-house team.

Our Top 1% Talent PHP Developers have worked on projects of all sizes, from startup MVPs to large-scale enterprise implementations. Talk to one of our PHP consultants and learn how to add value to your project today.

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What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source, server-side, and widely popular scripting language that is commonly used for developing dynamic web applications. In fact, world-class brands such as Wikipedia, Slack, and Facebook include PHP in their tech stacks. It is considered easy-to-use and friendly, since it can be embedded in HTML code and works smoothly with MySQL, Oracle, and other software databases.

At BairesDev, we offer customized PHP solutions that are specifically designed to follow your business objectives and organizational structure. Our Top 1% Talent PHP developers have vast experience in creating interactive and scalable web solutions, ranging from simple web projects to complex business-level applications.

How to Hire PHP Developers through BairesDev

From fully managed teams to individual expert Engineers, we offer tailored-fit PHP solutions that match your particular context and goals. 


Tell Us About You

Tell us about your company, your project, or the goals you want to achieve. Our senior PHP consultants will talk it out with you.

Meet Your Custom Team

We will assign a dedicated PHP development team to your project within days, giving you immediate access to the Top 1% IT Talent.

Project Start

Your custom team of PHP developers will integrate seamlessly with your in-house operations and jump-start your project right way.

What is PHP Used For?

Here’s a quick look at what you can do with PHP code. 

Web services and applications

PHP backend development tools not only create solid machine-to-machine, HTTP(S) based data exchange systems, but also enhance the performance of cutting-edge front-end technology.


Server-Side Code

PHP is by far the most used language for server-side development—in fact, it was specifically created for this task. Its robust backends and strong business logic are perfect for web, mobile, IoT, and any application with a focus on system scalability.


Real-time Apps

From monitoring systems and intranets to chats and social networks, PHP is a great ally for developing real-time applications. Its local backend functionalities enhance workflow automation and productivity.



PHP supports a very long list of database systems and makes it easy to implement secure SQL statements through escaping and prepared statements. In addition, using a PDO extension allows you to build robust and secure SQL code.


Security Solutions

If you value software security, chances are you will be interested in implementing multiple-step verification systems. PHP is the perfect solution to create custom authentication processes for users, passwords, and cookies by generating random tokens and storing them on a secure database.


Data analysis

Data-driven BI provides you with powerful tools for information management and monitoring. Efficiently analyzed data leads you to make better and more informed business decisions, which as a result could produce an increase in profit and cut unnecessary costs.


The Most Used PHP Frameworks and Tools

PHP frameworks are used every day to create powerful applications. 

Yii PHP framework Logo



The Yes It Is (Yii) framework is as simple as it is revolutionary. It’s known for its high-performance, component-based design, which is mainly used for developing modern web applications.

Laravel PHP Framework Logo



Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that handles complex web applications securely and at a faster pace than other frameworks.

It eases the development process by simplifying common tasks like routing, sessions, caching, and authentication.




Zend is a fully object-oriented and extendable framework that makes use of interface and inheritance features.

It’s designed for high-quality enterprise applications. Zend is also highly customizable and allows PHP developers to add project-specific functionalities.

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Simple and elegant, just like any good cake. CakePHP is a toolkit focused on creating feature-loaded and visually impressive websites.

It is also one of the easiest frameworks to learn, due to its Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) approach.

Symfony PHP Framework Logo



As one of the first PHP frameworks, Symfony has built up into a reliable and mature platform.

Its extensive MVC framework helps it follow PHP and web standards flawlessly and to every degree.

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Code Igniter

Code Igniter

Weighing just 2MB, the small footprint of Code Igniter makes it suitable for creating dynamic websites.

Its numerous pre-designed modules help with creating and organizing sturdy and reusable components.

The Benefits of using PHP

PHP development comes with a bunch of perks.

  • Control

    PHP makes the best use of scripts by making code easier to write, read, and execute. This gives PHP developers maximum control over software, resulting in smooth and powerful workflows.

  • Fast Development

    PHP developers have to deal with fewer interdependencies, which leads to enhanced performance with faster wireframing stages. By using its own memory, the language also reduces server-side workload and increases processing speed.

  • All-terrain

    PHP is supported by all major web browsers, operating systems, and servers, making it a perfect choice for practically every type of application. Its market dominance comes with broad community support and possibilities.

  • Cost-efficiency

    As the most popular open-source scripting language, PHP requires no license spending or expensive web hosting. Its development workflow structure also reduces cost over every development stage, including support and maintenance.

  • Reliability

    PHP’s infrastructure is secure and robust, thanks to its security layer that protects software from any threats. People all over the world continuously test its security capabilities, which brings higher protection to all products developed with it.

Outsourcing PHP Development

Incorporating the full potential of PHP into your projects requires an experienced team of PHP developers with specific skills. Today, thousands of businesses choose to outsource PHP development services in order to work with the Top IT Talent. The technological and industry know-how of outsourcing companies guarantees higher-quality products and reduced product launch time.

Software outsourcing companies remotely develop part or complete software products according to their client´s requirements and project schedule. This translates into customized solutions that work for your particular business and environment.

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