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BairesDev IT consultants - What do our IT consultants do?

Our IT consultants are highly skilled and experienced professionals that support your tech projects across all stages. With our guidance, you can make better IT-related decisions, hone your IT strategy, implement new technologies smoothly, and take advantage of new digital solutions available in the market.

BairesDev IT consultants can offer advice on your existing technology use or suggest improved paths to enhance your operations via tech. We can also provide you with software development consulting services to further boost your processes through custom applications or via existing tools and platforms. 

Our IT consultants can do all that by thoroughly assessing your business and pinpointing tech-related weaknesses and opportunities. By understanding how you operate, we can identify where you can implement tech improvements that will end up making a difference in how you and your team work.

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Types of IT consultants

Our IT consulting services have an ample scope, providing you with support for all your tech-related needs and goals.

  • Information security IT consultants
    The number of digital threats is increasing and attacks are becoming more sophisticated with each passing year. That’s why cybersecurity is one of the biggest priorities in any business today. And that’s why you need to trust in our IT security consultants to help you. Our expert team of security professionals can analyze your entire digital ecosystem in search for vulnerabilities to then offer potential solutions according to your needs. BairesDev security consultants won’t just assess your software but also your hardware to make sure your infrastructure is rock solid.
  • IT transformation consultants
    Staying at the forefront of innovation pushes businesses to constantly reinvent themselves. The current dynamic of the business world needs flexible companies that can adapt to disruptions and new scenarios in no time. Doing so isn’t easy, because you need to change your operations, implement strategic shifts, and adopt new technologies. Fortunately, BairesDev IT consultants are here to aid you. Our IT consultants can provide you with an insightful big picture of your organization and develop new strategies for continuous improvement. Our consulting team will analyze your entire workflow and provide you with recommendations on how to inject flexible practices into your operations that will increase your resilience and help you transform your organization at the proper time.
  • IT audit consultants
    Businesses today need to comply with numerous industry standards and tech-related regulations. Doing so requires them to be constantly updated on regulatory frameworks and laws and to make sure that all operations are aligned with those regulations. That can be a challenging task, especially considering data management and technology use. That’s why you need our IT audit consulting services. Our IT audit consultants will review your tech infrastructure to make sure that it complies with applicable regulations. Not only will our team reveal problematic implementations but it will also propose and even implement improvements to deal with them. What’s more, we can suggest new approaches and ways to keep up with ever changing regulations.
  • IT strategy consultants
    Virtually all companies today rely on technology to boost their operational efficiency. That’s why they are always trying to improve their tech infrastructure, implementing new digital solutions or improving the ones they already have. Unfortunately, many of them do so without a proper plan in place. That leads to reduced ROIs, increased costs, operational deficiencies, and workflow disruptions. You can trust BairesDev’s IT strategy consultants to prevent that from happening to you. Our IT experts have the know-how to help you come up with a strategic plan for your tech implementations. With our help, you can develop a strategy that potentiates your existing technologies while also providing you with on-point suggestions on which tech you should be investing in.
  • Decentralized assets and infrastructures are becoming a new standard in today’s business landscape. That’s because blockchain technology provides increased security, superior privacy, and boosted agility. However, implementing a new blockchain in a private setting is a demanding endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The BairesDev blockchain consulting services offer you everything you’ll need to tackle any blockchain-related project you might have. Be it mounting your own private network, developing a decentralized asset, or just analyzing how this technology can benefit your business, our blockchain consultants can support you every step of the way.
  • IT project management consultants
    Tackling a tech project isn’t precisely easy. There’s a lot of moving parts, many people involved, tight deadlines, and new developments every day. You need an experienced project manager to keep the entire process running smoothly and, even if you have them, you may still have some problems. That’s especially true if you’re working on a complex project that requires more than just a competent manager. To avoid delays, risks, and pitfalls, the best choice is to have highly skilled IT project management experts by your side, like our project consultants. BairesDev professionals can quickly help you plan a strategy to better tackle a new project or aid you in getting a derailed project back on track. It doesn’t matter the type of IT project, we have cross-industry experience with multiple digital projects of all kinds and sizes. Which software development consulting services are right for your project? The best way to find out is analyzing your current situation, your needs and requirements as well as your business goals and objectives. Here’s a complete guide on how you can define which consulting service is best for you.

How do BairesDev IT consulting services work?

When you hire our IT consultants, you’re accessing decades of combined experience, deep know-how, and a highly robust and streamlined process that provides value every step of the way. In fact, bringing together the Top 1% of IT professionals in the industry with our proven process is the key to our outstanding results.

Here’s how that process looks like:

  • Assessment

    We review your business to understand your workflow, issues, risks, and opportunities. We conduct thorough interviews and take a deep dive into your methodologies to understand what’s working and what’s not.

  • Planning

    Here, we take all the information gathered in the assessment phase and start developing a strategic plan to improve your company. We outline the issues we found, suggest potential improvements, detail opportunities, and define a potential roadmap.

  • Implementation

    After you approve the plan, we lead and guide you through the implementation phase. This can mean helping you integrate new technologies, develop solutions for you, overhaul your tech processes, and even train your staff.

  • Optimization

    When the implementation is done, we review all of the work to test its quality and fit. We make sure that everything is working as intended and use the revamped process as a starting point for further improvements and suggestions.

Qualifications an IT consultant must have

Being an IT consultant requires several qualifications and skills. For starters, many of our experts have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or other related fields. Additionally, some of them hold renowned certifications in IT, including CISM, CISSP, CCIE, and CCNP, among others.

Consultants should also have strong knowledge of the fundamentals of programming, networks, hardware, security, cloud computing, and databases. Naturally, IT consultants tend to specialize in one area, so not all of these are mandatory. However, having a basic knowledge of most of them is extremely useful for the job.

As for the skills, the nature of the consulting roles require these professionals to have technical skills depending on their area of expertise. Additionally, they also need soft skills, such as problem-solving, strong communication, relationship building and management, business development, and leadership. All of these skills converge in any consulting project and they are a must to better analyze and solve the many IT issues professionals face. 

Work with the top IT consultants - BairesDev

A successful consulting relationship looks more like a partnership than a one-off endeavor. That’s because there’s always room for improvement when working with technology. That’s why you need to rely on the best IT talent you can find—and you’ll find that right here at BairesDev.

Our IT consultants have vast experience collaborating with multiple companies of all sizes and across industries. We have helped identify and solve countless IT-related issues and challenges, be it through the development of strategic plans, the detection of new opportunities, or even leading tech implementations ourselves. Additionally, our IT consulting process has been tested multiple times, providing excellent results and value each and every time.

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