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What is Ruby On Rails?

Most commonly known as RoR or just “Rails”, Ruby On Rails is an open-source Model View Controller (MVC) framework used for web application development. Unsurprisingly enough, it is written in Ruby, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Since its introduction in 2004, RoR has stood out for being an extremely powerful object-oriented framework, and for facilitating data safety, tool integration, and innovative designs. 

Ruby On Rails is great for building:

  • Complex SaaS Systems
  • Custom Platforms and Portals
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Social Networking Projects
  • Custom API Development
  • Payment Gateways

Rails Developers Hiring Guide

  • How to choose the best
  • Interview questions
  • Job Description

RoR Solutions

Custom solutions designed to fit your needs.

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    Custom Application Development
    Ever had an incredible idea for a software application on Rails? Let’s work together and make it a reality. Custom application development is at the core of all our software development services. We will design tailored-fit solutions that match your workflow, vision, and business goals. Our Top 1% IT Talent team always delivers max quality results.
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    Custom Application RoR Consulting
    You don’t have to be an expert on Rails to develop a successful application with it. Our RoR Consulting team is composed of the most talented and experienced RoR engineers in the industry. We will help you understand what you need, what you want, and how to get there. This is the most straightforward solution to business acceleration!
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    Enterprise Solutions
    Large-scale projects are our favorites. We have a proven track record of complex project execution for world-class companies. Using Agile Methodologies, we will develop powerful solutions that tackle multiple areas of your enterprise and design solutions that match your highest expectations. Scalability and flexibility are no strangers to us.
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    Audits and Code Modernization
    Take your existing Rails application to the next level with our Audit and Modernization services. In 2020, code written in Ruby On Rails is substantially more powerful than a couple of years back. If you haven’t looked at your application’s code in a while or it is starting to seem less efficient every day, it is time to perform an audit and get it working to its best.
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    Project Rescue
    Have you reached a point where it seems like your Ruby On Rails application is not making any progress? Worry no more, because our Top 1% IT Talent team is ready to make sense of everything and get you back on rails. We will take a look at everything you need to be looked at and give you the smartest recommendations for a successful product.
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    Ecommerce Development
    There is a reason why Ruby On Rails is one of the most used platforms for Ecommerce Development. This is the year for online purchasing and next year it will only be more important to get in the game. We will create high-performance, stable, and smart marketplaces that attract customers and generate conversions on the spot.
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    Support and Maintenance
    Get a Dedicated Team of RoR developers and support engineers that perform 24/7 monitoring on your application. We offer immediate issue remediation to keep your business running at maximum efficiency at all times. Our continuous risk analysis and security support will also protect you from unexpected malicious attacks and hackers.

What’s so Great about Ruby On Rails Development?

Well, it’s great that you asked! With so many programming languages and frameworks on the market today, it is hard to choose the one that matches your purpose. Here are 5 reasons why Ruby On Rails Development is still going strong after almost two decades.

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    Fast and Cost-effective
    RoR is based on open-source software, which has a tremendous impact on the speed of application development. Its extremely comprehensive ecosystem also makes it easier to build solutions from the ground up. This all results in fewer hours worked, which means less time paid—without any quality compromises.
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    Outstanding Code Quality
    Did we already mention there are no quality compromises? Well, it is worth mentioning again. Paired with Agile Methodologies, Ruby On Rails is a great platform to create organized and coherent code. At BairesDev, we follow the most strict coding standards to guarantee all of our processes reach the highest level of code quality—every time.
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    Robust Architecture
    RoR developers work in a dynamic ecosystem where implementing features is fast, easy, and secure. Being an object-oriented framework, Ruby On Rails allows for fast application deployment, as well as infrastructure management and script configuration. This makes it easier to significantly improve existing programs and create new ones from scratch.
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    Scalable Software
    No matter your business model or industry, growth is always something every business leader needs to keep in mind. The architecture of RoR allows for the creation of highly scalable applications. Even running applications can be rapidly converted into distributed systems that are service-oriented and prepared for the future.
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    Cybersecurity Compliance
    All of the features above make way for Cybersecurity compliance. RoR’s cost-effectiveness, code quality, robustness, and scalability make it perfect for rapidly implementing the latest cybersecurity measures, keeping software secure and running at all times. Our engineers are experts at building hack-proof RoR applications that prevent all types of attacks.

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