10 Tips for Using SharePoint at Your Organization

Making SharePoint Work for You as Your Company Grows

As far as collaborative business systems go, SharePoint has proven itself to be a standout. Organizations of all types are turning to the tool to streamline and consolidate their efforts, disseminate information, and ensure their employees can work together successfully.

BairesDev is a premier SharePoint development services company, employing only the Top 1% of IT Talent to build and customize your projects. As you grow your business and search for ways of managing your workflow, teams, and efforts, this tool should certainly be on your radar — and you should learn how to take advantage of all of its features.

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What Is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a vast system and platform that is designed to help teams work more collaboratively together. Often customized, you can choose which applications are best for you and your team’s workflow. The Microsoft tool is ideal for businesses of all sizes — you can share files, store and give access to documents, and set security permissions. You can also collaborate remotely, no matter where your team members are working.

SharePoint is user-friendly. One important feature is that the platform allows you to create web pages and sites, intranets, extranets, and more, which can be helpful to share information with employees. 

Provide Training

While SharePoint is an accessible platform, some people might need time to adjust to the new system. Provide training in how to use the software and leverage various applications and tools within it to ensure your team is making the most of it. Your colleagues may well find that it will make their work lives considerably easier.

Training can also increase buy-in and morale, encouraging people to get on board with the platform. It’s a good idea to bring in an expert consultancy like BairesDev to train your employees on how to tap into the many features of the software.

Offer Resources

SharePoint is an excellent means of sharing resources, from discussion forums to project management tools. You can also store and give access to documents, templates, libraries, calendars, and more. The platform enables you to share information and materials internally, streamlining collaboration and communication.

Use Alerts

SharePoint allows you to create alerts to practically anything that happens via the platform. Establish alerts for when users receive messages or when updates to various files or libraries — including shared ones — occur. SharePoint alerts are delivered by email, and you decide what kinds you’d like to receive, such as when particular types of files are created or deleted or a calendar is updated.

Make Your Files Searchable — and Filterable

As you may already know, SharePoint’s search function is the ideal way to locate specific files and documents. To ensure that it does its best work for you, tag your content properly, making it easy to find.

Only want to see particular data or information? Adjust your views to only look at the specific content you’re looking for. This will filter out the noise and allow you to focus on what’s important to you.

Label It

Just like tagging documents and files, labels will help you keep everything organized. You can title documents, of course, and you can also label other assets and group them by type into libraries with individual names. Organize them into folders to further ensure that your content is manageable and easy to find.

Encourage Employees to Create Their Own Resources

As a leader, you’ll be providing plenty of resources to your employees via SharePoint. But you can also have your team members create their own resources, such as an internal website and pages, databases, documents, and applications. This will facilitate stronger collaboration, efficiency, and productivity and empower people at all levels and in all different departments to work together and create the materials they need.


Ultimately, SharePoint is all about collaboration, and there are many features that foster your teamwork efforts. For example, you can work together on documents and make edits in conjunction with one another, having multiple people contribute to them at once. You can even do this simultaneously, allowing changes to happen in real-time and avoiding having multiple versions of the same document circulating at once.

Consider Add-Ins

There are many different applications you can add to make your SharePoint experience even better. You can choose the ones that are most appropriate for your organization, from timesheets to directories to alerts. Some examples include:

  • Travel Request System
  • DocuSign
  • Time-Off Manager
  • Bulk Edit
  • Kanban Board
  • ShortURL
  • Forms Designer
  • My Sticky Notes

Leverage Employee Feedback and Knowledge

Your employees may well have experience using SharePoint and ideas about ways you can best utilize the platform in your organization. Talk to different departments — not just leaders but also those who work most closely with SharePoint — to brainstorm on what you can do with it throughout the business. Your employees could have thoughts that will benefit the whole company.


SharePoint is meant to be customized. From the tools you use to the things you create, no two businesses’ platforms will look exactly the same in SharePoint. By customizing it, you’ll be able to make sure the tool suits your organization’s specific needs. 

It’s a good idea to have an expert like BairesDev handle your SharePoint customization. An outsourcing team will have experience leveraging the best tools, applications, and add-ins to best take advantage of the platform. They can implement the features that are important to you and design it so it is suited to your organization.

Time to Get the Ball Rolling

These 10 tips are only the beginning of how SharePoint can allow you to streamline workflows, increase efficiency and productivity, and collaborate with your colleagues.

Looking for an expert provider to help you make the most of SharePoint and customize it for your particular purposes and needs? BairesDev can help you maximize the potential of the platform at your organization. Contact us to learn more about how we can work with you to implement a tailor-made solution.

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