Virtual Reality Company for Your Business Projects

Benefits of Using VR Projects in Your Business

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, especially since the arrival of affordable VR devices and moving beyond just gaming applications. A virtual reality company offers alternative solutions that help other businesses become more appealing while improving their productivity and effectiveness.

It’s crucial for business owners to understand that VR tech is beneficial to businesses across all industries, as well as know what the core services of a virtual reality company are and how to find the right one while also understanding the basic VR development process and what it entails.

Virtual Reality Company for Your Business Projects 1

Enlisting the help of a virtual reality company is the first step toward modernizing a business. However, implementing VR technology into an existing company requires having a solid plan for its uses. Before investing in the necessary devices, it’s wise to do some research and figure out what VR tech can do for different business projects.

  • Training
    VR training allows employers to teach their staff any skills and procedures necessary for the job. This is applicable to all kinds of industries, whether employees need to learn about operating equipment and machinery or interact with different customers.
  • Designing, Developing, and Prototyping
    Manufacturing and production-based companies are able to take advantage of VR tech to deeply explore how a new product will fare even before reaching the production stage. Designers can give life to their ideas, virtually interact with them, and explore them from every angle.
  • Sales Tool
    Some companies decided that VR tech is way more effective in sales than the well-placed copy on their website. A few of them implemented VR interaction tools that allow potential customers to virtually interact and test a product before buying it. This is a great way to use VR as a marketing tool that results in high conversion rates.
  • Customer Care
    Some companies invest in virtual reality tech as a customer care solution, and its uses are endless. For instance, it can provide virtual tours to help potential clients explore a location they’re interested in buying or renting.

How To Find a Company That Meets the Requirements of Your VR Project

Before finding a virtual reality company that can help deliver the right solutions, business owners must stipulate their needs, goals, and requirements and be ready to communicate them as clearly as possible. Depending on the type and size of the project, business owners can decide between hiring VR freelancers or VR companies. 

Hiring VR freelancers is a good option for small and short-term projects. While they do require more effort than an established VR company (recruitment, work coordination, and overall management), they’re usually a lot more affordable.

A virtual reality company is the best solution for long-term client-focused business projects. They can assemble the right team for business in a few days, relieving a business from recruiting and onboarding processes. Besides, business owners can rest assured that they’re getting only the best professionals in the field, and with them come high-quality results.

Core Services of a Virtual Reality Company

A virtual reality company may have an assortment of different experts ready to work on different types of projects, depending on their clients’ needs. Some of the core services of a virtual reality company may include:

  • VR app development
  • VR game development
  • 3D modeling
  • Face/location-based AR experiences
  • Interactive mobile experiences
  • Image recognition
  • Computer vision
  • Healthcare-based VR app development
  • 3D rendering services

VR Development Process With BairesDev

The VR development process is sometimes lengthy and very detailed. There are many steps to take, from understanding a business’s needs and conceptualizing a product, to testing and deploying it. Here’s a quick oveview of each of the processes involved in developing VR technology products at BairesDev with an outsourcing team.

  • Brand Strategy

    The first step is to determine the needs of the business and figure out how a VR project will help them make strategic decisions. Research is very important at this stage. Companies need to have a clear idea of the different uses of VR and how they’re helping other businesses thrive.

  • Experience Design

    Next, VR experts help their clients determine what type of basic designs suit their ideas and the software itself. This step involves coming up with an overall visual design, ensuring text readability, proper motion flow, viewing angles, and optimizing the canvas size.

  • Asset Creation

    This is what will set the finished product apart and make users choose it over other available options. Here’s where concept development, 3D modeling, texturing, animation, and other visual effects occur.

  • VR Development

    The VR development stage of the process is where experts combine all previously mentioned steps and make the VR software come to life. This is also where the VR team creates simulations and even prototypes that will move on to the testing phases of the process.

  • Testing and Deployment

    Testing is usually divided into 3 phases that translate into 3 software versions. These are the alpha, beta, and final versions of the product. Alpha and beta versions are thoroughly tested and receive feedback that goes into creating the final optimized version of the product. This final version is then ready for deployment and use. Depending on the client’s needs, this might mean simply installing the VR software and hardware in their offices, for example, or it might require setting up a sales campaign if they’ve decided to create a commercial product.

BairesDev, the VR Solutions Company

From full outsourcing teams to staff augmentation per project, BairesDev helps companies make their virtual reality dreams into realities. 

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