VMware Consulting Services

VMware Consulting Services

Does Your Project Need VMware Consulting?

VMware is powerful virtualization and cloud computing software that enables multiple operating systems (OS) to run on a single computer simultaneously. Users have the ability to run multiple virtual machines (VMs) on one physical machine, allowing them to test and deploy projects more efficiently. The VMware Workstation transforms the way professionals work and ensures maximum resource utilization.

However, setting up VMware and maintaining it is a bit tricky, especially if a business doesn’t have any independent VMware engineers on the team. Business owners, managers, and decision-makers need to know how to address these issues to help their company succeed by hiring a VMware consultant. Outsourcing providers, such as BairesDev, make great partners who help set companies up for success and assist them as needed with their VMware technology and projects.

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VMware transforms business and provides endless opportunities to improve projects. It also transforms how teams and employees work while ensuring full utilization of resources for development teams and managers alike. However, this is also true for a company’s competitors. They, too, can harness the power of VMware and improve their projects efficiently.

This makes it absolutely essential to hire a VMware consultant who can use their technical knowledge to make projects as efficient as possible. VMware consultants are experts in their field, and instead of spending time on setting up the environment and troubleshooting simple issues, in-house or existing teams then have the time and brain power available to focus on the project itself. 

There are also several compatibility issues in different operating systems that an expert consultant or consultant team can help companies overcome throughout the implementation process. For companies looking to succeed in a project with VMware having never done so previously, hiring a consultant is generally a good idea to get the job done.

Benefits of Hiring a VMware Consultant

There are many benefits that come with hiring a VMware consultant. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Setting up the virtual environment
    Different projects may require deployment and testing in different environments, which is typically expensive and time-consuming to set up. A VMware consultant helps ease the process for in-house development teams by setting up a virtual environment where developers and testers have the ability to work without worrying about any compatibility issues. Some environments may also require troubleshooting, which sometimes proves difficult to set up without the expertise provided by a professional VMware consultant.
  • Reducing risk when implementing new technology

Implementing new technology is always risky and challenging, especially when a company already has existing systems, software, and hardware to integrate with. There are many things that teams would have to consider before even starting to try to implement the new VMware technology, which takes up unnecessary time, creates extended project timelines, and costs quite a bit.

Thankfully, hiring a VMware consultant helps ease the process by reducing risks thanks to their extensive knowledge base during the implementation and integration process, if applicable. These consultants do require a bit of the project budget. However, they accomplish implementations faster and with more precision than an in-house team attempting to do so on their own.

  • Minimizing disruption
    Sudden disruptions are detrimental to the life cycle of a project —especially in software development. A major disruption sets back the time to market for software projects by extending timelines and costing companies and/or clients more money. One major benefit of hiring VMware consultants is the reduction of disruptions so that the in-house team has to worry less about the environment and can instead focus their time and attention on the project itself.
  • Predictable and proven outcomes
    Predictability is the main benefit of having a VMware consultant on the team, even if only for a short period of time. With a proven skill set, a VMware consultant takes care of any developing emergencies a business faces with their VM technology and provides predictable outcomes, which is essential for any sustainable, successful business.

Our VMware Consulting Services

Some of the pros of hiring an outsourcing team or staff augmentation as a VMware consultant include:

  • Outsourcing providers are cost-effective
    Compared to full-time employees, outsourcing providers and outsourced teams cost significantly less money. Full-time employees are also subject to benefits, insurance, hardware and software, vacation time, and retirement packages, which are rather costly for the employer. The VMware consultant’s outsourcing company covers these costs for the outsourced consultant, thus helping to keep costs down in the long run.
  • No-hassle recruiting and keeping new employees
    Recruiting new employees is quite a hassle for any company. In addition to the cost of advertising a job posting, there are skill tests, background checks, and training, all of which take unnecessary time when a project has a tight deadline. However, outsourcing providers take care of these processes and make it significantly easy to hire VMware consultants for a business or simply on a per-project basis.
  • Predictable payments
    Hiring a part-time person or freelancer is sometimes economically friendly at the beginning, but the skill level of freelancers isn’t always up to par. Part-time employees or freelancers also create unpredictable costs versus salaried employees. Outsourcing providers offer companies a fixed rate, whether hourly or on a retainer basis, so that employers know what they’ll end up paying to help better allocate resources.

Why Start a VMware Project With an Outsourcing Provider?

Companies lacking VMware in their current employees’ wheelhouse of skills don’t need to worry about recruiting and hiring a new permanent employee to complete a project. Instead, working with an outsourcing provider to hire a VMware consultant helps save companies time, effort, and budget while gaining higher skill levels and more experienced teams of developers.  

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