How to Find Cost-Effective Web Development

Getting Your Money's Worth In Web Development

Websites, web applications, content management systems, databases — all of these are vital to your organization’s growth and survival. Your online presence gives customers and would-be customers insight into what your brand is all about.

But web development can be pricey. Still, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for a low price tag. This is, after all, the very face of your brand and business, and delivering a great user experience via these web platforms must be created with care and diligence.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cost-effective solutions for creating user-friendly, functional, and visually-appealing web products. From hiring an outsourcing team like BairesDev to doing the legwork yourself, here’s how you can develop a dynamic web page or application on a budget.

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General Advice to Follow

Let’s get over the basics.

Assess Your Needs

What are you looking to build? Do you need a full-stack development team to create a website or web app from start-to-finish? Or perhaps your project is a little less involved — maybe just sprucing up a web page?

Before you start searching for a web developer for your project, think about what you really need. Perhaps you’re not actually looking for something as involved and complicated as you originally thought. Less complicated usually means less expensive. Take a moment to really take stock of your goals and objectives so that you can budget accordingly.


Research Market Rates

It’s important to know what’s realistic before you dive in. That’s why you should always research the typical price range for the project at hand. You don’t want to be wildly off-base when negotiating a fair cost. 

By the same token, if a web developer offers you a price that is considerably lower than the going rates for the market, be wary. You may be dealing with a provider who lacks experience, won’t deliver a quality product, or will hit you with hidden fees later on.


Do Your Homework

Thoroughly research any developer or development team with whom you’re considering working. While the cost matters, what you’re getting for that cost matters just as much, if not more. 

You also want to make sure there won’t be any surprises that surface because you haven’t done your homework. Look for well-reviewed and highly-ranked providers like BairesDev, which was named a top web development firm by the business ratings platform Clutch.


Options for Affordable Web Development

Here’s what you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • Look Around

    It’s possible that you’ll be able to find a local web developer or development team that’s affordable for your business. This will take some digging, though — prices for onshore web development tend to be higher than those in other countries if you’re based in North America or much of Western Europe. If you do secure a cost-effective, reliable provider nearby, though, you may find that there are advantages to working with them.

    However, it’s equally likely that any onshore provider will far exceed your budget if they’re worth their salt. In order to find a decent option, try networking a bit to see what your peers have done.

  • Outsource It to Nearshore or Offshore Provider

    You may well have better luck outsourcing your project to nearshore or offshore location, where prices are low and talent is abundant. There are plenty of high-quality web development teams all over the world, and because the economies are developing in many of these regions, the price will be lower than in a country like the U.S. Some of the best locations for outsourcing web development are Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

    BairesDev, for example, has taken advantage of the talent in Argentina, a rising tech capital, as well as of the best professionals across LatAm. And while you’re likely to find affordable web development in all of these regions, you should also consider the advantages of working with a nearshore provider.

    For the U.S., this means Latin America. They’ll be in a similar time zone, for one, which means that you’ll be able to communicate in real-time, and many of these teams are fluent in English and have cultural similarities to their U.S. counterparts.

    Cultural barriers and other problems can lead to steeper prices. For instance, if there is a miscommunication, it could lead to complications in your project, and the price tag might go up if the developer has to redo the work. There is much less of a risk of this when working with a nearshore team. ​

  • Consider Building Your Website Yourself

    Yes, it may sound intimidating — but building your own website isn’t as complicated as it once was, and it’s probably the most cost-effective option. Of course, if you’re not a professional web developer, it won’t be as elaborate or have as many bells and whistles as it would if you hired a professional firm. But if you only need something fairly basic, then this could be the right option.

    WordPress is perhaps the best-known option for DIY website building, and it’s fairly simple to navigate. Squarespace is another popular choice. Both of these businesses offer multiple plans and features, allowing you to adjust according to your budget and needs. They also include web hosting in all of their plans, so you won’t be incurring additional expenses.

    The main problem with creating a website yourself is that it probably won’t look as professional as if it were built by, well, a professional. You may end up having to hire a web designer to tweak it and make it look and feel more appealing, and the cost could end up as much or higher than if you just outsourced web development in the first place. Also, if you do go this route, be wary about your choice of vendor. It’s important to go with someone with a positive reputation.

    Web development doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of solid, affordable options for creating web products that are functional and visually appealing.

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