Articles by Luis Paiva

Code inspector

Why Does Your Company Need a Code Inspector?

cloud computing trends

4 Cloud Computing Trends You Need To Pay Attention to in 2021

How Technology Will Be Used to Change the Workplace During and After COVID-19

Linux developers

Why You Should Be Hiring Developers That Use Linux

Hybrid Project Management: The Best of Agile and Traditional Methods

Python Software Development

How Python Has Become a Go-to Language

Remote QA Testing During COVID-19

Overcoming the New Challenges of Telecommunications Software Development through IT Staffing

inclusivity in Android app development

Guidelines for Inclusivity in Android App Development

Laravel Development Basics

Avoid a disconnect

How to Avoid a Disconnect Between You and your Web Developer

The Best Project Management Methodology for Software Development

Male Software Developer Working on Javascript Frameworks on a Laptop and PC

The Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks of 2019

Nearshore Outsourcing and Mobile Development

The High Demand for JavaScript in Website Development

How a Developer Engineer in Test Can Boost a Development Project

Developer working on outsource UX design

Five Reasons To Outsource UX Design

Men Choosing Software Outsourcing Company

How to Choose a Software Outsourcing Company That Fits Your Company

Development team working on transparency

How Development Teams Can Create Transparency with Clients

Male Software PHP and Java Developer Looking at computer screen

Demand for Developer Talent is Exploding: What You Need to Know

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