Articles by Paul Azorin

Software Developer Using JavaScript Frameworks

The 6 Best Javascript Frameworks Today


Data Science and the Outsourcing Advantage

Software developer working on cyber security

Cybersecurity: The Role of Software Outsourcing

Female developer looking at chat bot mobile application

A Look at Chatbot Software Outsourcing Trends

Development team working on competitive strategies

5 Ways to Help Development Teams Remain Competitive

Group of people working with a Site Reliability Engineer

Does Your site need a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)?

Software developer using smart phone to work on decentralized apps

Why Businesses Should Care About Decentralized Apps

Developer using code to build working software

Top Testing Techniques and Tools to Build Software

Software developer using micro applications on mobile

Are micro applications right for your business?

Developer using management platforms on a laptop and drinking coffee

8 Management Platforms to Collaborate With Your Outsourced Team

Top Talent Software Development

Why and How do we Hire Only the Top Talent?

Development team with male and female engineers at the office

5 Tips for Smooth Collaboration With Your Development Team

Software developer working on Rapid Mobile App Development

Pros and Cons of Rapid Mobile App Development for businesses

Female software developer ensuring code quality

Ways to Ensure Code Quality in Outsourced Software Development

Developer working on mobile app development

App Development: Security Considerations to Keep in Mind

knowledge transfer methods

Best knowledge Transfer Methods for Development teams

Female developer using VR headset for Software development innovation

How Software Development Innovation can Boost your Business Game

Male and female software testers working at BairesDev office

Top 7 Traits of Highly Effective Software Testers

Male and Female developers defining their product vision

5 Steps on how to Define your Product Vision

Developer planning UX design on a white board

Good UX Design can Help you Increase your ROI

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