What Businesses need to know about ChatOps

June 6, 2019
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Get the best of The Daily Bundle in your inbox every week

Made popular by Github, ChatOps is a collaborative powerhouse of transparency and open discussions among teams working toward a common goal. The software tool uses chatbots to track the latest updates regarding tasks and works in progress. Staff members log into conversation-driven DevOps to view assignments and deadlines while sharing common concerns and solutions in a centralized location.

ChatOps is also known as conversation-driven DevOps, powered within an environment of development operations, that creates a more efficient workspace by bringing multidisciplinary teams together and eliminating silos. ChatOps is an integrative tool for developers deploying code and information-management specialists looking to streamline the process of sharing information.

Digital workspaces are being transformed with ChatOps. While the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, we should consider both the benefits and possible drawbacks of the software.


ChatOps shortens feedback loops

Relaying information can be a timely process if feedback isn’t given directly to an intended recipient. ChatOps reduces the communication barriers that delay the responses and feedback from employees as they try to understand their expectations. The structure of ChatOps shortens feedback loops by displaying information immediately. Since everyone can see new information in real time, there is less delay when taking action.

ChatOps serves as a paradigm for efficiency. The shortened feedback loop ChatOps supports enhances productivity, saves company resources and builds customer loyalty, which is critical for business operations. As customers submit support tickets, queries can be addressed quickly by a specialist, or an entire department can contribute their ideas to come up with one comprehensive solution as the response.

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