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We don’t just hire software developers. We hire the Top 1% of IT Talent.

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At BairesDev, we offer fully customizable technology solutions for companies of all sizes. We work exclusively with the Top 1% of IT Talent to guarantee high-quality delivery for our clients, every time.

Having the largest applicants reach in Latin America, we receive more than 1.2 million job applicants each year. After a very strict interviewing and evaluation process, less than 1% of applicants are hired — these are the top engineers, architects, and IT consultants that become part of our team and drive the digital acceleration of our clients.

Staffing Hero™, our own AI team-building and machine learning-powered algorithm, allows us to provide qualified candidates and staff open positions in a matter of days, regardless of the team size or role complexity.

How We Hire Only the Top 1% of Software Engineers

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Our Hiring Process

Take a closer look at the 7 rigorous stages that every candidate needs to go through before working at BairesDev. 

Job Applications (1.2M / Year)

We receive over 1.2 million applicants each year. After assessing their profile, and using a unique set of algorithms, we assign each candidate to the most appropriate open positions that we have or may have in the near future. This step marks the beginning of our rigorous hiring process, which only the Top 1% of candidates will be able to pass.


Online Tests

Once the applicant engineers have been tracked for a position, our system automatically assigns them a pertinent set of 8 to 12 online tests aligned with their specific skills along with mandatory English and IQ exams. We have more than 80 different tests available we use depending on the applicant’s desired role and relevant experience. For example, Java Developers will have to go through (at least) Java, Object Oriented Programming, SQL, Algorithms, Front End, Back End, Advanced IQ, English and other tests depending on the position.


HR Interview

If the candidate passes the exams, our HR team conducts a set of interviews with them to evaluate not only their experience but also whether their communication skills, commitment, and personality will be a good fit for BairesDev and our clients.


Written Tests

For those who successfully pass the HR interview, a set of more specific written tests are assigned. The written tests are meant to assess their technological savviness and their approach to tackling creative projects.


Technical Interview

The final step before being hired is exhaustively conducted by our expert Technical Interviewers. At this stage, they ask very specific questions related to the potential projects in which the candidate might participate, including real-time problem-solving. Those that perform well in this interview are hired and are the Top 1% of Software Engineers that will be working with our clients.


Staffing Hero™

When our clients request help with a new project or need a new set of Software Engineers for an existing project, our Staffing Hero™ system will suggest the most suitable employees to staff and execute those projects. Our proprietary staffing suite combines complex algorithms that include not only technological and profile matches for the projects but past performance, current availability, and clients’ characteristics.


Done! Project Execution

Congratulations! Your team is ready to go, and your project is on its way to a successful completion. Your team will be interacting with BairesDev’s team daily: conducting video conferences, having meetings, receiving progress updates, and working in your same time zone.


What Sets Our Selection Process Apart?

Hiring only the Top 1% of IT Talent in Latin America comes with a comprehensive and tuned up process.

What Sets Our Selection Process Apart?

Hiring only the Top 1% of IT Talent in Latin America comes with a comprehensive and tuned up process. Watch to learn more!

The Benefits of Hiring Developers through Software Outsourcing

Access and work with the top software engineers in the IT industry.
Improve your project’s productivity and performance from Day 1.
Work with a flexible business partner that offers custom solutions.
Reduce inherent project risks and avoid the high costs of an in-house team.
Boost your product’s security with the considerable industry expertise of our senior engineers.
Start your project immediately and quickly get an edge over the competition.

We Work With The Best Engineers In The Industry

At BairesDev, we hire the Top 1% of IT Talent to build Autonomous Delivery Teams of expert engineers. This is how we get it done.

How to Hire Software Developers Through BairesDev

Our goal is to provide custom technology solutions that match your needs.


Tell Us About You

Tell us about your company, your project, or the goals you want to achieve. Our senior software consultants will talk it out with you.

Meet Your Custom Team

We will assign a custom-built development team to your project within days, giving you immediate access to the Top 1% IT Talent.

Project Start

Your new software development team will integrate seamlessly with your in-house team and jump-start your project from Day 1. 


Great! You’re now working with the best IT experts in the market. Get ready to embrace a whole new world of technology!

Working with the Top 1% of
IT Talent

Check out how our top software engineers developed impactful solutions for industry-leading clients around the world.

Associated Press Case Study BairesDev

Associated Press

BairesDev carries out the maintenance and improvement of Associated Press’s internal and external web applications, guaranteeing top-quality results.

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Kinesso partnered with BairesDev to overhaul its data processing systems and accelerate innovation in martech. The BairesDevteam designed, developed, and implemented a series of custom applications and platforms built to escalate Kinesso’s services.

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Kapsch partnered with BairesDev to jumpstart a diverse array of projects involving Fintech, traffic solutions, and e-commerce programs.

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Avigilon Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev supports Avigilon a Motorola Solutions Company by providing trusted security solutions through the maintenance of a system that configures and monitors security camera’s outputs.

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SiriusXM Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev built a custom team of expert engineers to work on the Identity Management (IDM), DevOps, and Integration Service Broker (ISB) or SiriusXM’s apps.

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IQVIA Case Study BairesDev


BairesDev provides IQVIA with highly-skilled engineering capacity in front-end interface design and Salesforce development.

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What to Look for in Your
Software Development Partner

  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Top Talented Teams
    One of the greatest benefits related to outsourcing is the possibility to access global top talent, regardless of the engineer’s geographic location. Before deciding on your next partner, make sure to ask about their hiring process and how they guarantee to work only with highly skilled candidates.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Efficient Communication Skills
    To achieve a successful software development project, communication should be clear and fluent, with no margin for errors. Working with software development companies in Latin America allows managers to hire high-quality, English-speaking engineers easily that establish seamless feedback cycles that will certainly boost the development process.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Industry Expertise
    The company’s past accomplishments are a great indicator of their prospect performance. Managers should find out about previous clients, project scopes, and about how the outsourcing company contributed to adding value to that particular project.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    High-Security Standards
    Complying with strict cybersecurity standards is crucial. Security should be integrated into the risk management process and include comprehensive QA services, software testing, and pre-certification and compliance testing.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    High English Proficiency
    According to the EF English Proficiency Index, some Latin American countries have overtaken India and China in language proficiency and all of them are climbing in their level of English, with Argentina at the region’s top. Your company can take advantage of bilingual engineers and project managers to establish clear feedback cycles.
  • 1_soak_BDev_SRP_Numeros
    Time Difference
    Outsourcing hubs like India have a significant time difference with North America, making it difficult to work on real-time projects. In Latin America, there is just a small 1-3 hours difference (ET), so briefings and project management are much faster and efficient.

How Talent is Defining the
Software Development Industry

The IT talent shortage is a significant issue faced by the industry, and thus a major problem for business. Indeed, there are a lot of companies competing for every engineer available, and qualified applicants are scarce. The crisis is such that 1 million computer programming jobs in the US are expected to go unfilled by 2020.

In the US, software engineers have been leading the hardest-to-fill jobs list for the last nine years.

The most important skill gaps are related to big data, analytics, and data management.

In this context, many businesses choose to hire developers or development teams from outsourcing companies to help their HR departments face this reality.

Hiring Freelance Software Developers vs. Hiring Through BairesDev

The search to hire software developers will surely present you two paths (aside from hiring them to join your in-house team). One of them is hiring freelancers. The other is hiring a software development company like BairesDev. Here’s why you should consider hiring BairesDev for your software development when compared to freelancers.

• With BairesDev, you access the Top 1% of IT Talent in the Americas. We can guarantee you’ll always work with the most suitable professionals for your projects with the necessary expertise and industry knowledge to provide you with value from the get-go. We are so certain about it because we have a strict hiring process that’s aided by Staffing Hero, our AI-driven proprietary recruitment solution, that ensures we only work with the best. With freelancers, you have to work extra to have that same level of certainty.

• BairesDev’s software engineers are constantly trained on the latest technologies and development methodologies. This means that they’ll always bring the best practices to your projects, ensuring you get a competitive advantage over other businesses. Freelancers, on the other hand, don’t have that kind of support, so they are on their own with their training (with some of them lagging behind).

• When you hire our software engineers, you can be sure that they’ll focus exclusively on your projects, always aiming to meet the predefined development schedule. With freelance software developers, you can’t really be sure about that exclusivity, as there’s no monitoring structure that can control whether they are working solely on your project or not.

• BairesDev ensures that all of its software developers have access to the best possible infrastructure, comprising the best and latest hardware and software to tackle the projects at hand. Certain freelancers do their best to do the same but, in general, they aren’t as updated as developers working for a company like ours.

• We have a proven workflow that minimizes the risks inherent in software development. That means our software developers are contained within standardized processes that mitigate security vulnerabilities, maximize productivity, and increase regulatory compliance. On the other hand, each freelance developer has their own development method and approaches, so you’d have to work double to find someone capable of providing a workflow as solid as BairesDev’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ on Python Development Services!

Hiring software developers isn’t necessarily a difficult task. Hiring a good software engineer, though, can be a challenge because you must search through multiple candidates to find the right professional, one who balances expertise, seniority, and soft skills such as problem-solving and communication.

Though there isn’t a flawless recipe to find that perfect candidate, there are certain things you can do to ensure your chances of getting them are highly increased. Those things include the following:

  • Have a detailed understanding of your project (scope, estimated timeline, available resources, necessary technologies).
  • Create a clear and straightforward job posting and spread it through multiple channels.
  • Define a strict interview process that contemplates tough questions and innovative talent challenges. Go beyond the typical resumé-based interview.
  • Explore their past work but don’t settle for the examples the candidates provide you.

Besides knowing the necessary steps to hire a good software developer (see answer above), there are a couple of things you need to be clear about before starting the candidate hunt. Those include:

  • Have a clear understanding of the goal you’re trying to achieve and the problem you’re trying to solve through the digital project the developer will be working on.
  • Learn about the different development options available. You can always hire a freelance software engineer or use one of the many software development companies available through the 3 outsourcing models: onshore, offshore, and nearshore. Each has its own pros and cons, so be sure to know everything before going on your search.
  • Remember to balance costs with quality. Though you might be tempted to choose the cheapest engineer you can find, you should always consider how that option might impact the quality of the job. You don’t have to go with the most expensive option, either – it’s all about striking the right balance between skills and affordability.
  • The best developers bring more than just technical expertise and experience. Soft skills are just as important as tech skills, as they are essential for teamwork and value creation. Focus on finding candidates that have solid communication skills, team working abilities, and problem-solving capabilities.

Contact us to learn more!

Looking for the developers implies going beyond their expertise and experience, even when those aspects are essential for the role. You’ll also need to look for soft skills that can boost the developers’ work and enhance the development team. That’s not all. To find the right match for your projects, you need developers that are aligned with your core values, that have experience working in your industry (or, at least, on similar projects), and that can add a fresh perspective to your team.

In short, these are the traits you should be looking for in a developer:

  • Technical expertise, especially with technologies that fall within the scope of your digital projects.
  • Soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.
  • Development experience, especially in your industry or in projects similar to the ones you tackle regularly.
  • A diverse background that ensures new perspectives.
  • Shared core values with your company.

There are certain things we all have come to expect from software developers that are now considered essential for the job. Those include:

  • Technical skills, expertise, and industry-related experience
  • Leadership, motivation, and innovation
  • Dedication
  • Team working skills.

On top of that, there are other factors that are becoming increasingly important for developers that separate the really good software engineers from the rest. Some of them include:

  • Sound knowledge of cloud computing, platforms, and technologies.
  • Comprehensive understanding of big data, especially of data handling and analysis.
  • Dominion of different coding languages, especially of popular options like Python and C#.
  • Solid experience with open-source projects and the latest trends (especially containers)
  • A diverse portfolio that covers multiple types of applications and projects.

Following an established process like the one described here will get you closer to hiring the best software engineers for your projects. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do other things to improve your chances of success. Some tips for that include the following:

  • Make sure you ask relevant questions while avoiding technical trivialities. Assessing technical knowledge is important, but don’t focus too much on minutia or obscure features. You want a developer who can tackle your everyday tasks and challenges. Obsessing over a developer who has deep technical knowledge with virtually no practical application can only harm your search.
  • Try to arrange a trial period. Some companies (and some developers as well) don’t like trial periods because they see them as a waste of time/money. But they can be mutually beneficial. You can check whether the candidate that looks good on paper is actually a good fit in practice. For the developer, it’s a good moment to see how the team works and if they are comfortable with the company at a general level.
  • Explore as many options as possible. Maybe you have good references for a particular platform or company before you decide to focus your hiring efforts on them. That’s all fine but maybe, by pursuing limited options, you miss out on really good alternatives you haven’t heard of. For instance, depending solely on freelance platforms might have you neglect software development outsourcing that could provide equally good talent with added benefits. So, unless you have a lot of experience hiring software developers and know where to go, don’t limit your options.

BairesDev Is a Leading Development Company
In the World

We lead the digital transformation of companies worldwide. Our team is driven by the Top 1% IT Talent, from fully managed teams to individual expert Engineers.



The team at BairesDev has become a significant part of the client’s team. Their skilled expertise complemented their professional management style. They’re thoughtful and responsive as well.
BairesDev rapidly fills positions with top-notch resources. Their selection process yields consistently talented individuals who integrate well with the post requirements and existing team. Their responsiveness and level of organization stand out.
The team at BairesDev continues providing their development expertise. Their customer service approach led to a high-quality product. They’re talented and hardworking. They’re also receptive to feedback.

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