Why and How do we Hire Only the Top Talent?

We hire the Top 1% IT Talent in Latin America to guarantee high-quality software delivery in all of our projects.

April 2, 2018
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Top Talent Software Development

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BairesDev is driven by talent. Since our very beginnings in 2009, our company has always put talent at the core of everything. Guided by a Design Thinking mentality, each and every one of our custom software development teams has all the expertise and industry know-how required to maximize the quality of the projects they work on—regardless of size or complexity.

Simply put, we hire the Top 1% IT Talent to guarantee high-quality software delivery, every time.

With the largest applicants reach in Latin America, BairesDev receives more than 750,000 applications each year. After a very strict interviewing and evaluation process, we hire less than 1% of those applicants – these are the very best who will go on to work on the challenging and innovative projects we carry out for our clients.

Staffing Hero™, our proprietary staffing suite, allows us to provide qualified candidates and staff open positions in a matter of days, regardless of the team size or role complexity.


Our Hiring Process, step by step

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1. Job Applications (145K / year)

We receive over 145,000 applicants each year. After assessing their profile, and using a unique set of algorithms, we assign each candidate to the most appropriate open positions that we have or may have in the near future. This step marks the beginning of our rigorous hiring process, which only the Top 1% of candidates will make it through.


2. Online Tests

Once the applicants have been tracked for a position, our system automatically assigns them the pertinent set of 8 to 12 online tests aligned with his/her specific skills along with mandatory English and IQ exams. We have more than 80 different tests that we use depending on the applicant’s desired role and relevant experience. For example, a Java Developer will have to go through (at least) Java, Object-Oriented Programming, SQL, Algorithms, Front End, Back End, Advanced IQ, English, and other tests depending on the position.


3. HR Interview

If the candidate passes the exams, our HR team conducts a set of interviews with the applicant to evaluate not only their experience but also whether their communication skills, commitment, personality will be a good fit for BairesDev and our clients.


4. Written Tests

For those that successfully pass the HR Interview, a set of more specific written tests are assigned. The written tests are meant to assess both technological savvy and the candidate’s whole approach to tackling creative projects.


5. Technical Interview

The final step before being hired is exhaustively conducted by our expert Technical Interviewers. At this stage, very specific questions related to the potential projects in which the candidate might participate are asked, including real-time problem-solving. Those that perform well in this interview are hired and are the Top 1% Software Engineers that will be working with our clients.


6. Staffing Hero™

When a new project is requested by our clients or a new set of Software Engineers are needed for an existing project, our Staffing Hero™ system will suggest the most suitable employees to staff and execute those projects. Our Staffing Hero™ combines complex algorithms that include not only technological and profile matches for the projects but past performance, current availability, and clients’ characteristics.


7. DONE! Project Execution

Congratulations! Your team is ready to go, and your project is on its way to successful completion. Your team will be interacting with BairesDev’s team daily: conducting video conferences, having meetings, receiving progress updates, and working in your same time-zone.


Working with the Best Software Development Teams

In the IT industry, talent is the core driver of high-quality software. Our development teams are always ready to drive meaningful change with a strategic vision for the future. Our entire range of services is led by the top talents who work with the latest technologies and best practices.

From fully autonomous dedicated teams to individual engineers, we have built a track record of Success Stories helping Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes to succeed in building digital solutions that make an impact.

At BairesDev, we take a lot of pride in how we hire. Whether it comes to custom software development, implementing cutting-edge technologies, or any type of managed services, it is thanks to our Top 1% IT Talent team that we are able to deliver high-quality solutions for all of our clients.

Contact us to jump-start your digital transformation journey today.

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3 months ago

Thank you for this informative post. It gives a clear timeline to potential candidates to be able to understand your recruitment process. It could be useful to have some information regarding remote workers based globally.

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