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BairesDev is a trusted partner of banks, trading companies, accounting agencies, and other financial institutions. There’s a reason why – we are providers of high-quality custom banking software development that empowers the fintech industry through the latest technologies and tools.

Our fintech outsourcing services focus on offering platforms and systems to boost the potential of financial technology. These technology solutions drive growth and create value for financial companies, which is why some of the biggest names in the industry trust BairesDev with their needs, be them building a mobile payments application, testing a web-based CRM platform for a bank, or designing an artificial intelligence analytics algorithm.

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Powerful Software Systems for Financial Companies

BairesDev has vast expertise in the banking and financial industries. We’ve worked with institutions of all sizes in projects in compliance with the strict regulatory requirements of the field. We have aided with the design, creation, testing, analysis, implementation, and maintenance of complex financial systems through our wide range of services—from app development to Blockchain consulting.

Some of the things we’ve designed for the industry include:

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    Banking Software Development
    Our expert developers have the industry knowledge and experience to tackle any custom banking software development projects our clients might have. Our teams can work with virtually any language, platform, application, and technology to build everything any business might need, from customer acquisition analysis algorithms and gateways for payments to web-based CRM platforms.
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    Trading Systems
    We can develop trading systems with automation capabilities to ensure maximum profit across transactions while offering compliance tracking in every one of them. Our trade systems can provide a competitive edge through almost real-time calculations that provide more accurate and beneficial transactions.
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    Loan and Credit Solutions
    Credit and loan management is easier than ever before thanks to powerful back-end systems like the ones we can tailor-made for any business. These platforms allow for a streamlined workflow that provides the necessary features covering all credit and loan management needs. From assessing loan web applications and servicing to know your customer features, BairesDev teams can build a comprehensive solution for more optimized loan and credit processes.
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    Financial Mobile Apps
    BairesDev offers a wide range of fintech solutions covering a vast array of mobile services. We can work on an investment app, create a mobile portal to make trades or exchange accounting information, or build a fully-fledged mobile banking app for end-users with a polished UX design and a strong focus on security.
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    Banking Cloud Technologies
    The industry lives now in the cloud, which is why we provide businesses in the field with advanced cloud-based solutions. From online CRM portals to back-end products for automated tasks, our banking software development capabilities can extend the possibilities of any institution by leveraging the power of the cloud and its integration with tailor-made systems.
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    Data Management and Analytic Services
    Fintech institutions can manage vast volumes of data and bring out extensive value from a database through analytics. BairesDev makes this a reality by creating data management and analytic tools that can examine high data volumes almost in real-time. These applications can then offer deep insights from any database and offer information about customers, revenue optimization, marketing decisions, and even provide forecasts for better decision making.
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    API Development
    Connecting with other partners to create a complex digital infrastructure is a must for fintech enterprises. This allows for improved experiences and more efficient processes that drive value. We can guarantee the integration across the entire environment through our API services, which offer businesses the seamless implementation of other apps designed for monitoring and reporting as well as to detect fraud and suspicious activities.
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    Marketing Tools
    Fintech brands also need marketing technologies in their infrastructure to grow their customer base. That’s why BairesDev has teams with marketing expertise to work on CRMs and BPMs that can optimize core marketing activities, such as customer segmentation, automated communication, and client acquisition all in the same application and with advanced automation features.

Benefits of our Custom Platform Development Services

BairesDev offers tailored solutions for any fintech firm in the field regardless of its project requirements. That’s a benefit in and by itself, as the products that come out of the process are tailor-made to suit our customers’ specific resources, strategy, and vision. But that’s far from being the only benefit.

Our services help change our clients’ ways of doing business, with palpable advantages for the short, mid, and long term, including:

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    Optimized Workflow
    Our banking software development process empowers our customers with feature-rich platforms that cover their entire workflows. Thus, they can improve the experience of both customers and employees by streamlining the entire process. The design of our products has everything needed to handle tasks more easily and efficiently, from acquiring new clients to reporting on investment movements, all with an easy-to-make integration.
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    Improved Risk Management
    Financial institutions need to take special care of the information they manage and the associated risk. That’s why we put our focus on providing extra security. This means that we are in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards when developing our apps and technology. It also means that we took our QA processes very seriously, as we include thorough tests to detect and patch up any vulnerabilities. The result is more robust products with increased security.
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    Ease of Use
    All of our applications are easy to use. The idea is that users with varying degrees of tech-savviness make the most out of it without a steep learning curve. That’s why we work with experts in UI and UX design that make sure all our finance products are simple, engaging, and satisfying – without having to sacrifice complexity or features in the process.
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    Increased Growth
    Technology is the best way to propel any business’ growth. But it’s not a matter of developing any application for finance – it’s a matter of creating a program that drives value for every specific company. That is why working with BairesDev is so beneficial – because our banking software development approach and process makes it easier for our clients to access a solution that makes a difference in our clients’ key metrics.

A Sound Choice for Banking Management

With all the custom banking software development companies out there, it’s easy to wonder if BairesDev is the right fit. We believe that we are the perfect partner for banks, traders, fintech startups, and enterprises of any kind based on our development method, our teams’ capabilities, and our knowledge of the current technological landscape.

Our unbreakable commitment to operational excellence and efficiency in all of the projects we tackle is one of our differentiators. That means that we put our efforts into providing high-end solutions to meet our clients’ requirements and goals. To do that, we work with Agile and Scrum teams that have the technical expertise as well as deep knowledge of the trends and regulations to ensure our software’s compliance with them.

Then, there’s our technological background and talent. At BairesDev, we only work with the Top 1% of Engineering Talent that goes through a strict selection procedure to ensure we work with only the very best. That doesn’t just mean that we work with developers that know everything about tasks and technologies from QA testing and system maintenance to cloud and artificial intelligence. That means that we collaborate with teams that have more than 10 years of field experience that can step up and provide world-class tools to meet the highest standards of our clients.

Finally, there are our flexible development models that can suit the needs of any business.

Join The New Age of Banking

BairesDev is the partner you need to usher into the new age of banking and financing. We have the technical knowledge and the operational expertise to deliver high-quality technology solutions that power your performance. It doesn’t matter what your requirements are or your current resources – we can accommodate your needs as you see fit.

By trusting BairesDev, you’ll be partnering up with a digital company with a proven record in the finance sector. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 brands, big banks, and financial enterprises across the world. 

Most importantly, we are always looking for new ways to improve and new challenges to tackle, which is why the financial field is such a natural fit for us – because it is a field that relies on innovation. And that’s precisely what BairesDev can provide you.

Connect with us and tell us about your bank or company and your digital ideas. We can make your project a reality and help you boost your business in no time.

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