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Get a tech-driven competitive advantage with BairesDev’s real estate software development services. As your Nearshore Software Development Partner, we are fully committed to helping your company get the most out of its digital transformation. Our tailored-fit software solutions are designed to cover any need through technology: from management software and mobile apps to MLS/IDX platform design and all-in-one software integration solutions.

BairesDev’s real estate developers are hand-picked from the Top 1% of Tech Talent. Using the right strategy and technology stack, our team will create high-quality software products that drive prospects and sales generation. We will help you make the most out of technology so your business can make data-driven decisions and bring more value to potential buyers.

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Tailored-fit Solutions for Real Estate Companies

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    Custom Real Estate Development Solutions
    We know that real estate businesses have very particular needs in comparison to other industries. That’s why we offer fully customizable real estate software development solutions that focus on helping you achieve your business goals. Our top-performing engineers will provide high-quality and feature-rich software solutions ideal for commercial and residential purposes. If you have an idea, we will help you turn it into reality.
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    Property Management Apps
    Keep a close eye on your properties with our custom design property management mobile apps. Our team will develop a unique property management system so you can easily access all the data and monitor all the details you need to run your business the smart way. We will help you implement high-end features like video surveillance, role-access security, and key control systems. You will be able to do anything from monitoring the status of a lease to supervising the progress of a construction project, all from a single management application.
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    CRM and ERP Platform Development
    Streamlined processes are great for enhancing profitability, especially when it comes to real estate platforms. We will develop custom CRM and ERP management solutions from scratch or enhance your existing application so you can speed up any current process and start making data-driven decisions. Having a custom CRM or ERP is especially useful for managers of multiple properties since it facilitates integration and makes it a lot easier to closely monitor and compare different projects at the same time.
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    Cloud-based Database Solutions
    Having perpetual systems connectivity is a must for today’s standards. We offer cloud-based real estate software solutions to revolutionize the way your business operates. Our unique approach to innovation, communication technology, and data integration architecture is the best way for your company to get a cost-efficient solution in a very short time.
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    Team Management Apps
    Manage the performance of your team and real estate agents from a single all-purpose platform. Communicate more efficiently, manage interest buyers in real-time, and automate daily tasks that speed up your workflow. We can also help you set up HOA software solutions that allow you to automate workflows, streamline data reporting, and optimize your accounting books. This software uses cloud-based features and next-level data processing to augment the work of real estate agents.
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    Mobile & Web Development
    Mobile and web application development are at the core of our real estate software services. We have over 10 years of experience manufacturing multiple types of applications with full integration capabilities. Our talented engineering team recognizes that achieving success in the modern world of website and mobile app development requires strategy, design, and advanced technology crafting skills. As IT providers, our web and mobile development services for the real estate industry are designed to drive outcomes that enhance user experiences and quickly engage potential buyers.
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    MLS Development
    Our MLS (Multiple Listing Service) platforms are designed to maximize the generation of opportunities. We support advanced MLS logic searches through search engines and spreadsheets using custom APIs. This way, both real estate agents and buyers can use MLS to get real-time alerts on relevant events like price drops, new listings, and open houses. Our MLS solutions cover all the features of our web and mobile app development services.
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    IDX Technologies
    Our IDX (Internet Data Exchange) integration solutions lead the management and improvement of any application or CRM. We will help you reveal key insights while optimizing your app or website with IDX-driven listing content. We use top-of-the-line IDX techniques like search engine reporting, content automation, and registration prompts. We are also able to develop custom mobile technology solutions by creating IDX components from scratch.

Implement Cutting-Edge Technology into your project

AI and Machine Learning

Every real estate business has a before and after with artificial intelligence. An AI algorithm will quickly reveal and document insights that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. Learn customer patterns and trends, automate content personalization, program dynamic pricing protocols, and create tracking algorithms based on modern marketing tactics that make your customers fall in love with your company.


AR and VR

Augmented and virtual reality are increasingly taking over the real estate market. Buyers often look for features that let them come as close as possible to the details of the property from a digital standpoint. 3D renderings, virtual tours, and interactive floor plans are a must for competitiveness. Our developers will help you create custom AR and VR solutions that let buyers easily visualize what they want to see, saving time and money for both parties.



Technology has gone far beyond the mobile frontier. Using IoT applications, Real Estate businesses can tackle the ever-increasing demands of tenants. BairesDev’s engineers will create powerful IoT solutions that turn any property into a smart building. Using smart sensors and real-time system monitoring, we will also handle any failures before they occur, and drastically increase the energy efficiency and customer experience within your property.


Data Science

Information is perhaps the most powerful and useful resource for real estate businesses. Our team will set up a custom data analytics software and integrate it with your daily workflow. This way, you will be able to process accurate information on market insights, investments, and any other relevant information within your monthly planning. These systems are fully scalable and are built to auto-update with the latest statistics. Using predictive analytics, it is also great for building precise reports, providing real-time results, and expressing business projections.


Dedicated Top 1% Talent for your Real Estate Development Project

Unlike other software development companies, BairesDev works exclusively with the Top 1% Software Engineers. Each year, over 1.2 million candidates apply to work with us. After several strict interviewing and evaluation instances, we hire the top 1% of them—these are the best performing and most talented IT specialists that work at BairesDev. By partnering with us, your company will have access to the most talented people in the industry, allowing you to quickly create high-quality and cost-efficient solutions. 

Furthermore, our real estate software development services cover your needs from start to end. We will develop, implement, conduct regular maintenance, and carry out any processes your company may need. Our goal is to help you use technology to make data-driven decisions and gain an edge over your competition. Contact us and jumpstart your project today.

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